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Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



I just sat down in my car. I had just gotten off work at Time square in New York. My door was still open to my car. I had just gotten my seatbelt on. When I hear what sounds like a gun. I turn around a man wearing a white mask was looking right at me and pointing his gun at me. 

"Two choices give me the car and no one gets hurt or well your Funeral is coming up." 

I looked at the man. He had a briefcase I assume he had just robbed a bank. "You don't have to do this nobody needs to get hurt.  

"You are absolutely right no one does just get out of the car and walk away." "I I can't do that I need this car it's mine. But it isn't too late for you toucan just drop the brief case and go away or turn yourself in."

"I just turned the safety off. I will kill you...
*Police sirens sound in the background.*
"Ok seems like your not giving me a choice instead you will give me a ride.

The man shuts the door and runs in front of the car and opens the Front seat and gets into the car and slams the door shut. "Drive." The man says pointing the gun to me. Please I can't I have to pick my kid up from school." "I don't care this is more important I am not going to jail. I can't I did nothing wrong." "Then why are we running away?" I ask. "The police won't believe me No one will. Something happened a blast from the past sort to say happened. Now drive or it won't end we for you!" "Fine I say". I start my car and start to drive away.

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