Ribboned Sonata

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One night Melodia is awakened in a dream world where someone is calling out to her.

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



“Where am I? Hello, is there anyone here?”

Melodia glanced around the desolate area, the ruins gave it the appearance of once being filled with life, yet it was now made of nothing but mist and cool air. She could have sworn that she had been in bed. This place almost had an aura of sadness about it, death and despair thick in the air, making her almost choke from negative energy dancing around her. She did not understand how she got there; she could not be home could she? Did something devastate her home as she slumbered?  Walking forward the cool air whipping the bottom of her silk nightgown around her legs, her eyes focused intently upon finding an exit…an escape…freedom from the devastation around her.

“My love,"

A voice, warm yet inviting echoed through the air. It sounded as if she heard the voice once before.  The feeling of meeting the person long ago flowed through her heart like a tide. She did not know why but she wanted to go forward to find the source of the sound, to find the person calling out to her.

“Who are you?” 

“My love, I’m here…”

“Please tell me where you are,” Melodia said as she looked around trying to find the source of the sound.

The voice became closer with each step she took. It was almost as if the person was coming closer.  The sound was almost hypnotic bringing Melodia towards the person calling out to her.  Echoing footsteps mixed with the pleading call became louder until a door with an almost ethereal glow to it came into view amongst the thick mist.

“A door, why is there a door here?”


“Hang on; I’m going to get you out. I will unlock this door to help you I promise.”

The voice behind the door choked out a scream. “Melodia, open the door, my love, we need to be together.” It became louder with each turn of the door’s knob. “Melodia…Melodia help me!”

Each turn of the knob and tug of the door made it difficult for Melodia to save the person calling out to her. She did not understand why it would not budge nor did she give up trying to pry the door open. She ignored the soreness in her hands, the trickle of blood flowing from her palms. It seemed that with each pull and tug of the door the knob would suddenly sprout sharp shards of glass from the metal and jam themselves in her hands. Melodia could not give up, the sake of this person’s life behind this door was more important than that of her own. She needed to save them from the hell that was behind this door. She refused to give up.

The door finally creaked open, bright light filled the desolate area like a million watt flood light as it burst forth.  Melodia had tumbled to the floor once the door blew open and saw the light a figure, standing alone amongst a large field of dead lilies and apple blossoms. His whole body scarred and worn from a hard-fought battle.  The sign of a battle that took place amongst the once beautiful flowers was evident. Bodies littered the ground and there were signs of tress marked with burns. She could barely make out the figures that lay at the feet of the figure. The outline of his broadsword glimmered in the light of the heated skies above.

She walked forward, her hand extended to reach out towards the mysterious figure that called to her. She ignored the feeling of the ground’s crunching sensation under her feet. She needed to find out just who the stranger calling out to her was.  Was it someone she met before? Was it someone that she had yet to meet outside her dreams?

“Who are---?”

Her voice faltered with each step, her hand came to rest upon his shoulder, and she could feel tenseness rush throughout his body with that one gesture. Unable to hold back anymore she swallowed and asked. “Who are you?”

“I love you more than you know,”

“You love me more than I know?” Melodia questioned, unable to understand why this person would say those words to her. She had never laid eyes on him before nor had she met him in reality. There was something wrong. She did not understand why he was speaking in Italian to her either nor did she know why she knew everything he was saying to her.

“Don’t you know? You are mine?”

He turned around and gave her a small yet sweet smile with a hint of an almost mystical aura of love. His brown eyes soft and warm; he sheathed his sword and took Melodia into his arms. His voice lowered slightly as he reiterated his words again strongly. “I love you more than you know.”

“Who are you?”

“I am…

He cleared his throat, as it seemed like something was preventing him from speaking his name. He smiled softly. “My name is--. “  He released his hold on Melodia and began coughing, a hand came to his throat as he tried to speak his name but to no avail.

“Yes, what is your name?” Melodia cried and knelt down in front of him, her hands came to rest upon his cheeks and brought his face up to stare deep into those enchanting autumn depths.  His name, someone had to say it and part of her seemed to want to call out the name that rested upon the tip of her tongue but she too was unable to speak it.

He shook his head and pushed her away as almost instantly darkness rose up around his body and he let out an anguished scream as the darkness began eating away at his flesh and bone. Through the small almost faint opening in the darkness, he saw Melodia staring up in horror. He finally found his voice and screamed out.“I will see you again my il mio amore destinata!”

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