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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Conversations

Submitted: November 25, 2017

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Submitted: November 25, 2017



“Oh… you’re here… and not looking after the Falls.”

“I only get paid to be a barista and pastry chef. You humans are on your own, tonight.” Zay smiled at the busty woman before returning to her drink. The half-Asian woman smirked and was about to go to the bar until she took in what Zay said.

“Wait. Something’s wrong.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You usually have some smutty comment about my tits and I’ll admit, it’s throwing me off a bit that you’ve said nothing.”

“Oh, sorry. If it makes you feel better, I’m thinking of them…”

“Yay…?” the woman sat down across from the alien. “Alright, talk. What’s going on?” Angelica asked and Zay sighed as she took another sip. Like Uak, earth alcohol had zero effects on Zay but there were a few drinks that she enjoyed the taste of. She shrugged at the woman.

“I ever tell you why I’m exiled here?”

“You told Uak and you know he’s a fortress of secrets. Oh, I get to finally find out?” the blonde smiled widely and Zay laughed a bit.

“Sure” she took another sip and went into her story. Angelica listened to every word as Zay retold the story of the reason behind her exile. How everything seemed ideal as she laid in Princess Hejix’s bed, elated that the royal Erulsan confessed her love. The woman had made it known that she didn’t like the sneaking around and seriously thought about denouncing her title just to be with the merchant.

Zay had to take a breather when she got to the part where King Zinnarl himself burst into his daughter’s room and pulled the woman out of bed by her hair. She was dragged through the manor, kicking and screaming and placed in the royal prison until the day of her trial, which was surprisingly two days later: Zay reiterated that it usually was a week at least before the Elders would pass judgment on someone imprisoned.

“Wow. So, they’re really pissy about same-sex relationships?”

“Only when it comes to the royal families. They have to produce heirs. I mean, I know I’m awesome but I can’t impregnate. Do you know how many kids I would have if I could…?”

“You’re such a whore…”

“I don’t know what that is but by the smile on your face, I’ll take that as a compliment…” Zay smirked and finished her drink.

“So, what: you’re depressed about being exiled?”

“You’re the only one who knows this… well, maybe Uak because he loves to do that mind-reading shit. But, I felt really… betrayed by the whole thing. At first, I was shocked: I’d never heard of anyone exiled over something… so small. I got into a scuffle with one of the royal guards and got off with less time. Messing with the guards usually lands you in some really hot water. So, I thought it was only because the king always had something against me or something. But then, he said something that’s irked me since day one. The princess… was nowhere to be found during my trial. She didn’t even visit me while I was waiting for my trial.”

“Wow, that’s… fucked up.”

“At first, I thought that Zinnarl forbad it. But when he pointed out that she wasn’t there to defend me… it started to sink in.”

“So, you hate her? I would.”

“I… yes. But­­-”

“What do you mean, ‘but’? No buts. That bitch betrayed you. She didn’t care about you because if she did, she would’ve fought for you.”

“Damnit… I know that. It’s just that…” Zay took in a deep breath and looked dead at Angelica. “That girl who tried to kill herself that I saved?”


“She looks like the princess. And I mean, just like her: she could pass for her twin.” She mumbled. Angelica studied Zay with wide eyes.

“Oh… shit. And, you’re falling for her.”

“I don’t need to do that. When I look at her, I see Hejix.”

“Understandable. Does she act like the princess?” she asked and Zay leaned back into her seat.

“No. This human is so stubborn, it irks me at times. She doesn’t value life, which is why I feel the need to watch over her.”

“Zay… I want to tell you something. I don’t know the actual statistic but let’s just say a lot of people commit suicide every day. Why do you feel the need to protect her?” Angelica asked and made Zay think. She eventually blushed at the thought but got up and went to the bar. “Hey! That wasn’t a rhetorical question you get to ignore.” Angelica got up and followed the alien.

“I wasn’t ignoring it. I need another drink if you expect me to answer that. Want a margarita?”

“Are you planning to get me drunk?”

“Only if it guarantees me between your legs… or you suffocating me with those jigs…”


“Whatever. There: I noticed them.”

“See? Talking about your problems make you yourself, again. And now the balance of the world is right…”


The talk with Angelica helped Zay, she had to admit. She realized that it was possibly okay to have feelings for Cassandra, no matter how or who she looked like. She shouldn’t compare her to the woman who broke her heart by saying nothing. Her true problem was getting Cassandra to fall for her.

Cassandra didn’t know to feel about anything. A few weeks ago, she was adamant about ending her life. She was a useless waste of space, with no friends to miss her if she ended it all. When the idiotic super heroine swooped in and saved her, Cassandra was outraged. It took her a while to realize exactly why. It wasn’t because Karma saved her life: it was simply because she ruined a plan.

She realized that there were quite a few things to live for. She actually did like her job at the Harlow Press: she enjoyed photography and felt she was pretty decent at it. Although her parents were gone, Cassandra still had her brother and sister who loved her dearly (she needed to call them more often and told herself that she would). Even the free muffins she guiltily enjoyed from that quaint coffeeshop the woman who bugged her to no end: they were even worth living for.

Or… is it something else behind that?

Cassandra shook the idea out of her head. The alien was a lesbian, not her. She didn’t mind to point out that Tzayzeh was a gorgeous woman: only someone jealous of her would deny that fact. She was the type that men went crazy over, unlike herself. But, for some strange reason, her interests laid elsewhere, and Cassandra would be blind to not realize she was the main apple of the alien’s eye. She just wondered why. Of the millions of women in the world, the thousands in Perdition Falls, why did Zay have eyes for her? Of course, she seemed to flirt with every woman who glanced her way but none received free blueberry muffins. Or, were saved twice.

Cassandra Benson was nothing special. A photographer who could barely afford her rent. Even if one was to argue that she had a remotely cute face, that was probably it. She was a bit overweight, dealing with slight depression and the after effects of being pregnant for the short time she was. She was socially awkward so a lot of interactions made her nervous for the most part (she had no idea why it was easy for her to be snarky with the super heroine). There really weren’t a lot of attractive qualities to the woman.

Cassandra held in her grumble as the masked woman appeared too close up for her comfort in her lens. She put her camera down and sighed.


“Why are you bothering me?”

“Was in the neighborhood.”

“You’re an awful superhero, you know that? There could be a fire somewhere or something.”

“I’m actually late for work and I just saved people from a burning building.”

“Wait… really?”

“Hell, no. I just wanted to see that look on your face. I am late for work, though.” Zay smiled and Cassandra huffed.

“That secret alien agency is going to relocate you to another planet…” she began to pack up her materials.

“Nah. I called in. I seriously was saving lives: there was something that happened in the subway with one of the cars. It should be online, now.”

“You serious…?” Cassandra half-whined as she pulled her phone out. Sure enough, as she searched, there were numerous Tweets about how Karma prevented two subway cars from colliding with one another. “Huh, there’s no articles yet.”

“Want an exclusive?”

“I’m not a reporter.”

“You know them. Go grab one from the Press.”

“And then what? We go back to the scene and recreate it?” she slowly narrowed her eyes at the tall alien. Zay pursed her lips and nodded.

“Hmm. Yeah, that would sound a bit too… what’s the word I’m looking for, Cass?”

“Cocky. Full of yourself. Presumptuous. Wait… stop calling me that!” she grumbled and walked away.

“I think it’s cute. So, okay… maybe not an exclusive on that but maybe I can offer to give your paper an exclusive interview with me.”

“That’s been done, already.”

“No. I would remember someone interviewing me. Well?” she asked and Cassandra thought about the situation. While she didn’t think about advancing in the company, she knew of a few reporters and writers who would jump at the opportunity.

And what better way than to land an exclusive with Perdition Falls’ own super heroine?

Just because she became irked in her presence didn’t mean that others would be. Cassandra knew that Karma was a godsend to the city, even though they were in no dire need of her or any others that vaguely appeared (Ashhaven was a different story: that city needed as much help as possible).

“I guess. When you want this to happen?”

“Hmm. I have to go to work now so that’s out. Wait! Get someone who you know wouldn’t, um, meela ray teetee…”

“The hell did you just say to me?”

“I told you, I’m still learning! Someone who wouldn’t… tell the world who I am?”

“Were you trying to say ‘spill the beans’?”

“Yes! That phrase! Please tell me you know someone like that. I have an idea.”

“Oh. Um… I guess I could find a writer like that. I mean, the publisher would love to know exactly who you are so finding that out would mean automatic promotion.” Cassandra nodded.

“Huh. And yet, you haven’t said a word.”

“Why would I? What is he going to promote me to, head photographer? It doesn’t work that way. I’d get a higher pay for quality pictures. Maybe be up for a few awards but… that’s it.”

“So, you’re like me, then. No matter how much I keep this city crime-free, doesn’t change the pay. Only the recognition.”

“But… you get paid to be a superhero?”

“I fucking wish! Only those agents do. Phil has some deep pockets for an alien.”

“So… what’s your idea?”

“Oh! The three of us could get a meal somewhere. I’ll get off work on time, do a little patrolling and then meet the two of you as Karma. Show the change and yeah: dinner.” She explained with a wide smile. Cassandra eyed her.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. What is with you and not eating?”

“What? I never rejected the dinner part, I’m more worried about the whole revealing your true identity part to a stranger.”

“Oh. Well, it’s not like I’m some hot shot reporter or billionaire in disguise or something like that. I run a small coffeeshop/pastry thing. Hell, it’s not even a known chain.”

“I guess. It’s your call. I have to get to the office. And you have to get to work…”

“Yes, dear,” Zay smiled wider as Cassandra grimaced before the two parted ways.


She was glad that the day was slow: she got to enjoy the paper. Zay usually didn’t care much for the Harlow Press paper but it was the one where her interview would be printed. She smiled at the photo of herself sitting on the ledge of one of the buildings downtown: it took a lot of coaxing from Cassandra to get her up there. Zay was prouder of the picture than she was of the article.

She read the article and felt giddy over the show of flowery words that described her and her deeds. Zay knew she hadn’t done much for Perdition Falls but she wasn’t going to complain about the slights in the article. She was glad her identity was concealed, something she was worried about.

At the dinner, Zay realized her slight mistake but talked around the reason why she was exiled. The look from Cassandra didn’t help her heart but she wasn’t ready to let the woman know the real reason. Zay did relish that it was the second time the two ate dinner together and that thought cemented the fact Zay was definitely in love.

… I really am in love with that human…

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