Quirk of fate

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Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



QUIRK OF FATE and you are once again entangled

Yes it is … so difficult to keep yourself handled!

Nothing works, no one helps let you get out

No one cares even if you silently weep or shout!


Feeling of sadness buries a melancholic grave

Somewhere DEEP in your soul it resembles a cave!

The scars in your heart are so intense to be vanished

When you think that he, from your life can never be banished!


QUIRK OF FATE and once again your eyes are wet

Tears are hot and they taste even sweeter I bet!

The time when you need nothing but a dim corner to sit

That no one can see you parking yourself in low-spirited pit!


Feeling of rejection for the thing that was never yours

Deep down in your body it shouts, screeches and roars!

The blank in your life can never be filled

If your love is one-sided; how can a home be built?


QUIRK OF FATE and once again your heart skips a beat

When he laughs and says, ‘Yes you’re insane but too sweet!

The little smile and love and care and you think

He loves you too but your joys fade in a blink!


Feeling of being nothing but a loser overwhelms your heart

When he says he’s not looking for anything serious, please get apart!

If it is only YOU dying to love

I’m sorry but it’s not just enough!


QUIRK OF FATE and once again you are on your knees

Mind of heart and heart of heart forget to please!

The time when winter hurts and summer craves

For he to be the coverlet, this author engraves!


Feeling of jealousy would be the only sensation left

When he would say NO; when your paths would be cleft!

The day when he is gone and adrift and lost are you

By whom would you be said, ‘Darling I love you too?’


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