Slavic's Story

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Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



Slavic’s Story Pt 1



Slavic lived in Russia born to a world of bitter winters few jobs and hunger he lived in a small village called Belovo the town was originally names after a fugitive peasant called Fyodor Belov and like its name sake the current residents were no more honest. When Slavic was only twenty five he fell in with bad company he was struggling to survive having not worked for so long he had no money for the basics in life. When the offer of work came about he jumped at the chance even though he knew the work would take him out side the law.His job was a simple one or so they told him but in reality he had to kidnap the bank manager of the neighbouring town find out when his bank had the maximum amount of cash in its vault and what security the bank had.So the bank manager would take Slavic seriously one of the others in the group would be following the bank managers wife and children taking pictures and messaging them to Slavic’s phone the hope was once the bank manager saw these pictures he would cooperate and not speak of this to anyone in fear his family would be hurt.The day came when Slavic had to kidnap the bank manager as he drove to where he knew the bank manager would be he questioned himself,asking himself if struggling through life as he did was a good enough reason to break the law.By the time he came to an answer to his own question he realised he was already parked opposite the bank managers home he looked across at the house feeling nervous inside, he began to have second thoughts but he knew all to well if he pulled out now the others would not take his cowardliness lightly and more than likely hurt him for backing out at the last minute. Moments later he saw the bank manager walk into the street he stepped out of his car and walked across to him, before the bank manager could react Slavic grabbed his arm and told him not to move his families health depended on it. Hearing this the bank manager instantly had a worried look on his face and stopped dead in his tracks.

Slavic told the bank manager to follow him back to his car once their he explained to him what he needed to no. If he did not tell him his wife and children would be taken and hurt to prove this he slipped out his phone and shows the bank manager pictures of his family he had been sent.After sitting in the car for almost thirty minutes Slavic told the Bank manager to leave and go about his day like nothing had happened he wouldn't no when his bank would be hit but he knew the consequences if he informed anyone about it ahead of time. That night Slavic joined the others telling them the information they needed to no it was agreed they would hit the bank five days later it would be a Friday the streets around the bank were less busy at weeks end  also the security guard that usually worked at the bank took Friday and the weekends off and was replaced with a older slower man much easier to take down if he chose to resist.Each day before the bank job Slavic became more and more nervous by this time he knew he wanted to pull out but the consequences would be to severe he kept telling himself everything would go okay and he would soon have more money than he could hope for.Before he knew it Friday was up on them they each knew their part and set about putting everything into motion.Slavic’s part on the day was to go into the bank ahead of time, using his phone he was to call one of the others when the bank had as few people in their as possible, when their was only four customers Slavic called once of his comrades and minutes later the rest stormed the bank wielding hand guns.Telling everyone to take out there cell phones one of the robbers collected each one then told them all to get face down on the floor warning them if anyone looked up they would be shot in the head. Terrified the customers did as they were instructed as the robbers went into the vault to collect there money Slavic was left with gun in hand watching over the bank tellers and customers inside he was almost as scared as the customers but he just focused on the money he would receive after this ordeal was over.Moments later the rest rushed out from behind the counter Slavic knew by the way they were acting something bad had happened as they rushed past they told him to get moving as they ran out the bank the old security guard took his chance and took a shot his bullet clipped Slavic in his back instantly Slavic fell to the ground one of the others turned to see him fall Slavic thought they were going to leave him but to his surprise the one that saw him fall threw his bag of cash to one of the others and returned to help Slavic.By the time they all reach their car Slavic was coughing up blood they knew the bullet had hit his lung and unless Slavic was taken to a doctor he wouldn't make it till the next morning.Luckily the one that went back for him knew of a doctor he was no longer allowed to practice but he still had the skills to remove the bullet.Before the bank job they all agreed to go their separate ways after the job was done and wait three weeks before anyone contacted each other.One of them took all the cash to a pre arranged place and hid it away mean while Slavic’s companion persuaded the doctor to remove the bullet from Slavic he was told Slavic’s recovery would be a slow one but knowing they had nothing to do for weeks ahead he agreed to stick around to help Slavic recover.Slavic was in a bad way for a long time but as the days turned into weeks be began to gain his strength back and recover.

The day finally came when they agreed to meet and split the money between them all Slavic had thought about was receiving his share and making a better life for himself. He was a little worried something would go wrong but to his surprise everyone received their share without issue and each went their own way. The police was still in the town investigating the robbery Slavic new he would have to be patient and not buy anything out of the ordinary other wise he would draw attention to himself.The first thing he did after getting home with his loot was hide it he had a basement with an old dried up water well, he decided to attach a rope to the bag and drop it to the bottom of the well he attached the end of the rope to a old wooden beam just inside the opening of the well and covered the opening with an old upside down table.He had lived in the house for over five years and as far as he knew no one knew about the well so he was sure even if the police came to question him about the robbery they would not find the money.Slavic gave his future a lot of thought over the next few months he knew there was no future where he was he had always longed for the big city the hustle and bustle of city streets but more than that now he had the kind of money needed he longed for a woman in his life.Over the next few weeks he thought about where he wanted to move to he took a few short trips to different places until he finally found an apartment for rent it over looked the local market place after looking it over he found the land lord and came to terms on rent,once it was finalised he made his way back to the town of Fyodor Belov to collect his few belongings and of course his stolen money.He waited for the cover of night to leave for his new home, he put the money in the boot of his car along with the few items he chose to take with him and set off. As it was late into the night he didn’t expect to see anyone else on the roads but not ten miles into his journey he noticed a police car following him at a distance he immediately became nervous and began to drive erratically. As he looked in his rear view mirror he realised the police was gaining on him and within minutes he saw there blue light begin to flash at first he ignored it but then he heard the police officer speak through his loud speaker telling him to pull over reluctantly he did and then saw the police officer walking toward him.He was so nervous he could barley form his words the policeman asked him what he was doing out so late Slavic looked up nervously and said I am on my way to Novosibirsk to visit a friend for a few days the policeman said did you no both your tail lights are out Slavic instantly said no I’m sorry I didn’t when I get to Novosibirsk I will take the car to a garage and get them fixed but the policeman said I’m afraid I cant have you driving with no tail lights you will either have to try and fix them here or I will have to call a recovery truck.Knowing he had all the stolen money in the boot he was afraid to open the boot up with the police standing beside him but he had no choice okay he said I will see if there is a short,he popped the boot open then nervously got out and walked to the back of the car he opened the boot fully and played around with the wiring on both of the rear tail lights. He couldn’t fully get his hands in with his belongings stuffed in the boot the police officer saw this, not wanting to be out in the cold all night he said if you empty some of this onto the floor you will have better access.Before Slavic could reply the policeman reached in and grabbed the bag with all Slavic’s money in it, it wasn’t fully zipped up and the policeman could see some money being pushed out the gap in the zip what's this he said to Slavic, Slavic turned with a guilty look on his face and said O that's just my life's savings not believing him the policeman opened the bag fully and saw the cash inside was in bank bags it didn’t take him long to realise this was part of the loot stolen from the bank job.He grabbed Slavic’s arm and pushed him against the car realising what was happening Slavic pushed back knocking the policeman off balance Slavic reached into the boot of the car and grabbed a tyre iron without thinking he turned and swung the tyre iron hitting the policeman in the head the policeman fell to the ground Slavic looked down at him knowing if he was left to go back and report what had happened Slavic would be hunted down so Slavic raised his arm up and with much fury he hit the policeman again and again until his face was unrecognisable he quickly grabbed the policeman by his foot and dragged him to the side of the road pushing him into the undergrowth then he rushed toward the police car let off the hand break and pushed it off the edge of the road and down a the embankment with a load crash the car came to a stop.Slavic was so scared but he knew he had to get moving hoping no one else stopped him because of his tail lights.He reached his new home in the early hours of the morning he grabbed his money from the boot of the car leaving everything else and went in side his new apartment he pushed the bag of money far under his bed and laid his head down in the hope to get at least a couple hours sleep.The next morning he woke up to the sound of the market outside he walked to his window and stared out at all the people he never saw so many in one market place before he decided to freshen up and go outside, he walked up and down the market for over an hour looking at the stall owners taking in everything. He saw a cafe and decided to have a coffee he sat just inside the window, he could here the radio in the back ground to his horror he could here a report about the policeman he murdered the night before, the police report described Slavic’s car or at least the general make and model.

Slavic started to panic he stood up and turned bumping into the person next to him then he tripped over a chair making everyone turn and look at him.leaving the cafe he briskly walked back to his apartment looking all around as he did.He didn’t no what to do with no one to turn to for help he felt over whelmed with fear he knew if anyone realised he was involved he would never survive time in a Russian prison.The only person he thought he could trust was the gang member that helped him after getting shot they were not best friends but he helped him once maybe he will help him again even if he came at a cost. He still had the man’s phone number  from when they did the bank job he dialled it, to his surprise the man answered don’t hang up Slavic said I need help at first the man was going to hang up but having spent a lot of his own ill gotten gains he saw this as an opportunity he listened to Slavic then asked him where he was he told Slavic to stay in his apartment and not to speak to anyone until he got their.

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