The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost

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"Thank you..... for everything. For saving her... for saving me... I'll remember you.... always. You... you were always one of the toughest guys I knew."

Note: Italic text means flashback

Anikan's POV

In the distance, the sun hid itself behind the clouds, bringing a gloomy sky for miles to come. The grey cloud filled sky was all I had seen for days, and the sun had still yet to come out. Despite our little home set up in the warm state of Mexico, it looked more like a gloomy and destroyed winter forest.

After that night at the campfire, the remainder of us decided we may as well set up a little residence. We didn't have enough manpower to clear and manage an entire outpost, so we stopped at a simple little trailerpark on the edge of the road. Adam helped me move them all, and we made a wall around the mobile home that we parked in the center. It was enough to keep us safe from a swarm as long as we didn't make any noise.

But it wasn't permanent, nor was it liveable. We barely had enough food from the get go, and there wasn't anything salvegable here either. Stale chips, rotten fruit. Nothing canned that wasn't already taken. All we had now was the food that Devin brought back from hunting, and the wild dogs and baby rabbits were barely giving us enough to survive.

I stared out onto the distance, more specifically a sign on the road. It was covered in spraypaint, but I could still read it. There was a town ahead, hopefully one with food. Andrew, Marcus, Devin, Rose and Axel went ahead to clear it out and bring back something for tonight, but I doubt they'd find anything that'd last more then a few days. 

I heard the sound of the ladder and turned around, staring at the figure climbing on top of the mobile home to join me. It was Kate, wearing a brown vest over her grey t-shirt. A knife was strapped to her belt and her brass knuckles were sticking out of her pocket. Always armed, just in case.

"Hey Ani. What's up?" she asked quietly as she sat down beside me.

"Nothing. Just thinking," I told her, scooting away from the girl a bit.

"It's cold... why aren't you wearing your jacket?" she asked me, referring to the brown jacket I had been wearing the past few months.

"Don't want to," I lied. The day we raided this place I tossed the brown jacket to the side, and its been lying under my bed ever since. I pair of black cargo pants and a black stealth jacket were the only thing left in the closet of one of the trailers, and I had been wearing this old black thing ever since.

The others had taken notice of it, but nobody bothered to say anything. It was getting colder after all, and the winds were picking up. It was somewhere in the middle of October, and soon it would be Winter. If I knew one thing, it was that we wouldn't last that long. Winter would come, and we would all perish.

"AWiiGii's taking care of Lilitha... you wanna come hang with all of us?" Kate asked in an attempt to cheer me up.

"I'm good... If they come back I'd prefer to be up here to spot them," I told her simply. 

"Oh... alright then. I'll be down here," Kate said with a frown before she turned around and climbed back down the ladder.

I stared down at my holster, and slowly unclipped it and removed the weapon. A revolver similar to my old one, but gold instead of silver and with black markings over it. A scope was also attached to the top, which would help me aim instead of firing randomly like I did before.

Then at my other side was the bloody hatchet I hadn't bothered to clean. The blood had dried over the blade, and more blood joined it whenever a few Zions approached the walls and I took them out with the weapon. I didn't bother to wash the weapon, despite everyone else cleaning their knives on a daily basis.

I sighed and laid down on the top of the mobile home, dropping both my weapons from my hands. What had this group of aspiring hope become? Unlike the group of eight we had been back in Tazader City, we were out of luck, hope, and food. I stared up at the sky and the same thought that had been running through my mind appeared again.

I was a failure.


Andrew's POV

Leaves crunched under our feet as we hiked through the woods, bundled up in coats and blankets and still feeling cold. I had my hoodie up to keep myself warm and Axel had a blanket covering his body. Rose was wearing a black hoodie over her white t-shirt and Marcus had on a camoflauge jacket, while Devin was seeming fine with just a long sleeve t-shirt and a jean vest over it.

Anikan had sent us out to find food, and while I wanted to argue that if he was so hungry he should come too, even I knew we didn't need anymore fighting. First we needed to take care of survival, then we could deal with beating each other up. Anikan said there was a town ahead, and that was our destination. Though the entire time I had to listen to the kids whispering to each other.

"You like it too?" 

"Yeah it's one of the shows I used to watch before the world went to shit."

"That's really cool. Okay what's your favorite candy?"

"Uhhhh I guess just a Twix. I'm simple."

"Me too!"

I sighed and walked ahead, leaving the kids in the back of the group. Rose seemed hostile from the moment we met her, but every day she seemed to be opening up more. Unlike Anikan, who seemed to be becoming more and more reclusive every day.

The two kids had started a little friendship, one I hoped would blossom before the flower of death did. Axel had a best friend in the form of Joel, and a girlfriend in the form of Julia. Now they were both gone, but at least Rose was here to cheer him up.

She was a peculiar child. Not only had a fifteen year old girl been leading Devin, AWiiGii and May, two of which who were three years older then her, but she seemed to have kept them all alive with no casualties. Her shooting was almost as good as mine, and I wanted to question where she learned all this.

I turned to Devin, who was walking beside me with his compound bow in hand. He had eight arrows, and if he reused them all he'd have enough to defend himself. Since arrows didn't make as much sound as guns, he'd be able to take out small groups of mutants from afar without being noticed.

"So you think we're gonna find something?" I asked him quietly from beneath my black hood.

"Maybe. If not I'm keeping my eyes open for anything in the wild. See I learned how to track from my dad and the two of us have gone hunting for the past few years. You want me to show you?" he asked me.

Before I could answer, he stopped the small group and Marcus and the kids stopped behind me. He knelt down and began pointing out small little paths in the grass. According to him it was to small to be an adult, but it could be a baby animal of some kind. He then pointed to several tracks left in a pile of mud ahead, and quickly concluded they were recent.

While the kids and Marcus watched, I just walked ahead and left them to follow. Tracking was nothing new to me. Coty knew how to do it, and Ryan knew the same. They were both gone, and I had picked up the bits and pieces from what they had said. 

"See this here is from a mutant. Note the degraded black leaves and the unique humanlike footprints in the ground. They're different from any other creature, and the only difference from a human is that they have claws on their toes," Devin explained to the three.

Devin then turned to look at me, and quickly put his hand out to try and stop me. I stopped at just the right moment and watched as a mutant stumbled out from behind a tree, waiting to ambush me. I drew my black dagger and stabbed it into its neck, and Devin finished it off with an arrow to the skull.

"You good?" he asked with his bow still drawn back and another arrow at the ready.

"Just get over here before I leave your sorry asses behind," I answered before walking ahead once again towards the town. Devin, Marcus and the kids followed, and soon enough we reached a fence coated in leaves. Marcus grabbed the wire cutter from his belt and quickly made us a way through, and Devin watched the kids to make sure nobody cut themselves on the sharp fence.

We came out to see a small town, if you could even call this place a town. The first two buildings was a small convenince store, and across the street was a collapsed gas station. The pumps were still intact, and if we were lucky we could siphon some extra gas from that.

"Split up. Marcus and I will get some food while Mr. crocodile hunter over there keeps a look out for any swarms," I said before turning around and walking off. Devin frowned and looked towards the kids while Marcus smirked and followed me inside.

Bodies were lying all across the line of registers and many of the shelves were knocked over, and food was knocked all over the floor. The freezers in the back which were usually lit up and filled with drinks were darkened, and some were shattered and boarded up with wooden planks. The only entrance inside were the two front doors, since the back entrance looked to have been boarded shut. Whatever defense these people tried to make, it didn't look to have worked out very well.

The ceiling didn't seem much better, and the lights hanging from the panels were all cracked and hanging by the wires. A body was hung from one of the wires, and he looked to have attempted to commit suicide that way. Though judging by the fact that his stomach was ripped open, a mutant seemed to have gotten to him soon after.

"I see happy ain't exactly your middle name. What's your problem with Devin?" Marcus asked as we walked stepped over the body of a dead cashier.

"Ain't no time to be joking. We're starving and this is our last chance for something to eat," I told him as I laid down and looked under a knocked over shelf to see if any cans were hidden under.

"Yeah but the guys just trying to teach the kids a little something to survive. If it wasn't for him that thing would've eaten you," Marcus said back as he kicked a shopping cart down the asile. It slammed into a cooler and fell over, a few ripped open cans of pasta falling out.

"I had it taken care of," I told him as I grabbed a few cans of beans out from under the aisle. I dropped them into the duffel bag before going for a fourth can, only to cut myself on a shatttered bottle of tequila. I cursed under my breath and kicked the glass away before dropping the can down into the bag.

"The independant type huh... don't like to be helped..." Marcus observed with a smile on his stupid face.

I glared at him, "are you gonna help me or what?"

He smirked, "alright alright. I'll see if their's any water bottles left in here."

Marcus grabbed the door to one of the coolers in the back and pulled it open, and that was his mistake. I looked up just in time to shout, and he jumped back as the shelf of drinks toppled over and a Zion emerged from behind the cooler. More and more flooded out, and we realized they had been sealed inside the back room. And we had just released them.

"Go for the door!" I shouted as we rushed towards the entrance. 

The mutants seemed to understand our plan in a way, and a group of four quickly blocked the exit. Marcus tried to make a run for the window, but a mutant peeked out from behind a counter and grabbed onto his arm. I drew my deagle and shot it in the face, and he quickly ran towards the bathrooms while I followed closely behind. He swung open the door and I ran inside, slamming it shut right after and falling onto the cold bathroom floor. The Zions banged on the other side, but it didn't seem like they could get inside.

"Alright... that was close," he said with fast breaths.

"Yeah... but now we're stuck."


Anikan's POV

The wind blew harder, and my soul fell faster. 

After awhile I began to realize I couldn't just sit up here. It had already been four hours, and none of them had returned. The walk there was only a little under an hour, and it shouldn't have taken them that long to come back. Something was wrong.

I sighed and got up, walking towards the ladder and climbing down the side of the mobile home. Adam, who was standing beside the fire feeding the last of his fruit snacks to Snackers, turned and smiled at my eventual return. I ignored him and walked inside of the mobile home, grabbing the P-90 sitting on the table.

Lilitha was lying on the bed, still recovering from the sickness she seemed to have caught. A few days after we arrived, she fell ill and has been bedridden ever since. She could walk and everything, but she couldn't get into a fight nor use a sniper rifle. Without Dr Evans or any of her medicine the most we could do was feed her the majority of our rations and hope for the best.

AWiiGii was beside her, humming to himself while he played on a GameBuddy. Like Spencer, he was a gaming kid, but the two would never meet. With Spencer gone, AWiiGii seemed to have taken up the role as dumb nerdy kid. But unlike Spencer, Andrew didn't pick on him. Probably because AWiiGii had decided to take care of Lilitha and her every need while Andrew helped me search for food for her.

Kate was sitting beside the two, spinning around Lilitha's butterfly knife. She looked at me, "finally gonna do something besides sulk around on the roof?"

"Not now Kate. You got any extra clips?" I asked her as I reloaded my last one into the rifle.

"Nope. Are you going somewhere?" she asked.

"To find the others. It's late and they haven't come back yet," I told her as I strapped the rifle to my back.

"Ani they've been gone longer. Just wait and they'll show up eventually," she told me before I walked out.

I walked out the doors and then over to one of the trailers, climbing up a ladder on top and then down the other one on the other side. Adam let me go, but Kate quickly followed with her glock in one hand and her brass knuckles around the other.

The wind pushed against my body, but I continued down the empty road while Kate followed behind me. She didn't shout at me, she didn't run after me, she didn't try to stop me. She just followed me, about ten feet behind.

About half a mile down the road, I got sick of the silence Before this, I couldn't sleep without some kind of background noise. Netflix on my phone, the sound of a movie playing on Spencer's TV, or even the sound of Space talking to me as we laid next to each other. I had learned to deal with the sound of silence, but now I was getting sick of it once again.

"Why are you following me?" I shouted to he as we walked.

"To tell you that you need to come back," she told me, "but obviously that's not working. Your so stubborn sometimes."

"If you wanna call being stubborn as not wanting to starve to death then do what you wish," I told her.

"Well Anikan I just think you should come back and wait for them," she told me with a frown.

"If you want me to do that then why don't you lead. You can tell us all what to do and you can keep me from running off to go die," I shouted at her over the strong winds blowing our wind.

"Ani it's not my job to lead people. You're our leader, so lead!" she shouted, stopping in her tracks.


She stopped completely, staring at me in fear. I looked up at her, beginning to tear up as the grip on my hatchet began to loosen.

"I CAN'T LEAD ANYMORE! THERE's NOWHERE TO GO AND NOTHING TO DO BUT DIE! IT'S THE END KATE... it's time for us to die," I told her through tears.

The strong sound of the winds combined with my shouting muted the sound of the mutant behind me. I dropped my weapon just as the mutant grabbed onto my arm, and before Kate and I could draw a weapon, its teeth were on my skin. I tried to push it away, but I couldn't stop it.


A knife stabbed into the head of the mutant and I turned, seeing a man standing behind it. He removed the bayonet on the end of his shotgun and the body fell, revealing a scarred Ryan standing behind me. He smiled, and I was unable to breath as Maddie and Spencer both walked out of the forest on the side of the road, revealing themselves to be alive.

"Ryan... you're... you're alive?" I asked in disblief.

"Not just me," he said with a smile.



Next Chapter.....

Ryan leads Anikan and Kate to the cabin where he and several other survivors have been holed up, bringing hope to the group. Meanwhile Andrew and Marcus plot to escape while Devin and the kids try to lead the mutants out of the store.

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