The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hello

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Submitted: November 06, 2017




"Thank you..... for everything. For saving her... for saving me... I'll remember you.... always. You... you were always one of the toughest guys I knew."

Note: Italic text means flashback

Anikan's POV

I stood in the room, ready to fight. I ripped off my brown jacket, throwing it onto the bed. Blood still stained the sleeve and I hadn't been able to get it out..... her blood. I didn't need the jacket anyways.... I wasn't who I used to be

I then unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans, grabbing my new outfit from the side. Instead of running shoes I now had boots. 

Outside the room people were moving. I quickly slipped on my black cargo pants and rebuckled my belt. Right after, I pulled on my stealth jacket and zipped it up before walking out of the room.

Andrew stood at the end of the mobile home, holding his KSG and pacing back and forth. His messy brown hair was hidden under the shadows of the hoodie and his black eyes were also hidden in the darkness.

"You sure we can do this?"

"Yeah, one more time. Then were done, for good."

Andrew smiled and pulled down his hood, grabbing the black shining combat knife from the table before running out of the door.

This some government conspiracy theory right!?"

Lilitha put his hand on his shoulder and he pointed it back down. "I'm kidding. Trust me i'm not even close to government. Well..... okay technically I was. My names Rose Alderan, former Detective and special forces agent in New York." she said, shaking my hand.

"Um, how old are you?"

"I'm 15." she said to me, keeping her hand on her gun. "So who are you guys?" she asked, pacing back and forth. "I'm Anikan, this is Andrew, Lilitha, Spencer and Jaxi. The rest of our group can introduce themselves i think."

"Well Anikan, Andrew. You lookin for a home?

Wolf's POV

We ran out of the mobile home, spotting the large factory nearby.

"So you're sure there's a GPS in here?"

"Yeah, it's the only way we're getting to our destination in peace."

I looked to the others, pulling out my revolver and shooting a lone Zion in the head.

"Alright Andrew you go with Ryan, Lili, Kate, Marcus and AWiiGii. Jaxi you take Brett, Kailey, Lucas, Rose, Space and Dr Evans. I'll take Spencer, Adam, May, Devin, Rey and Axel. Andrew go through the catwalk, Jaxi clear out the Zions and I'll take the alley. Stephanie you're in charge of a quick pickup in case we get caught.

Everyone split up, drawing their weapons. We were strong, the peak of our power. There were a lot of us, we had no chance of dying.

"What kind of home?"

"A sanctuary, a place that's truly safe."

"We had a place like that. It's gone now." said Kate as she crossed her arms sadly. "This place is better then any other place in America. It's in New York and the streets are blocked off so the slashers can't get through. Huge skyscraper full off apartments. Place is run by 4 or 5 different people."

You call the mutants slashers?" asked Kailey. "Yeah, same thing they did to my friend when we got there." Rose muttered sadly.

"You've been to the place?"

"Yeah, i lived there."

Firestarter's POV

We all ran up the stairs, holding our guns close.


Ryan kicked open the door and we ran in, looking down at the horrifying sight. Zions were stumbling around the factory, the majority of the room filled.

"Someone tell Anikan not to run in."

We then watched downstairs as Spencer charged through the door yelling at the top of his lungs, "FOR PRINCESS PEACHHHHHHHH!"

He then spotted the Zions, shot twice with his black revolver and dived out of the room before they could grab him. But one just managed to catch onto his pantleg with his claw.

We then watched as the catwalk began to shake and several Zions moved down on the opposite side. I drew my combat knife, slashing at them with the deadly blade. Two cuts through the neck and they were down...

More came, and I stepped back. Ryan stepped forward and eyed them with his remington 870.

"Aye crazy mutants! DIE!"

He fired his shotgun and the Zions all fell backwards, their face completely blown to pieces and completely unrecognizable. 

It was nothing new, just another dead body......

"You left?"

"Yeah, place was safe as it could be but. There were things there, one thing in particular that forced me to leave. I knew i would come back, but i couldn't stay there then. I left and went to Arizona where i met these three."

"I'm from Michigan. Red hair is from Canada and the blonde is from Illinios." said Devin as he bit down on the piece of chicken. "What was the problem?" asked Axel.

"It was just a person. Wasn't too bad."

There was something she wasn't telling us.

Wolf's POV

I stormed up to the door, holding my golden revolver in one hand while my hatchet sat in the other. My P-90 was strung over my back with a strap and my crossbow was over my shoulder as well.

"Alright.... get ready..."

Spencer ran past me screaming, completely ignoring the warning. He ran in and immediately ran back out, only to fall to the floor. I aimed and fired, killing the Zion that had latched onto him.

May aimed her rifle, gunning down several Zions near the door. We then ran in, looking at all the boxes and shipping crates.

"Search them all! Find the GPS systems and grab one!"

But before I could even touch a box a Zion fell from above, splattering on the floor in front of me. It's legs were completely destroyed, but it's upper half clawed at my feet.

I sighed, staring down at the weakened creature. I then stomped down on it's skull before looking back up at the others.

"You know unlike the walking dead, technically these are still living people! Just with fucked up brains and bodies! So we're all mass murderers!"

May walked past me and patted me on the head for the kill and walked over to the other side of the factory to take down a few more.

How'd you guys make it through all this?"

"Luck to be honest. Went from Califonia to Floria, then to Mexico. There was a huge group there, maybe 40... 50 people. We joined them and another group came. We fought against them and we won. But we lost people, to the mutants, and to others." i said to him.

"Murder? People killed other people?"

"Yeah. They hung our friend Joshua. They shot Andrew. They murdered Oscar and Monica. But after we won, we had to deal with the mutants. We lost a british man named Kane, a woman named Isabella, a little girl named Julia."

I could see a single tear fall from Andrew's face as he spoke the last name and hit the dirt below. They all looked at each other. "We can take you there, to New York."

Outside, I could see the others working things out. Zions were flooding between the alleyways and buildings towards us, but they had it secure.

Rose Pwincess's POV

I jumped into the air, swinging my sword and killing three with only a few quick slashes. Space then pulled out her silenced pistol, shooting several Zions over near a police car.

But when I hit the ground, one went for me. I was unable to recover fast enough and It grabbed onto my arm, attempting to dig it's claws deep into my skin....


Kailey pulled out her tomahawk and swung it downwards, cutting through the Zion's arm before Lucas came from behind her and shot the mutant in the face.


We all looked to the side to see one of the larger ones stomping down the street. I backed up and Brett ran forward, Dr Evans taking cover behind a car in case anyone needed medical help.

He began to gun it down, firing bullets through it's body. But it wouldn't do anything, not unless you got it's weak spot. With the larger Zions, you needed a headshot or else no death.

I ran forward, Kailey running next to me. She then jumped into the air and I launched her forward. In a single slash she cut into the Zions skull with her tomahawk before dropping her second one and switching to a pistol. She fired through it's skull and dropped, hitting the floor.

"You good?"

"Yeah... I think."

"The place is secure and it'll only around 2 or 3 weeks to get there. We're gonna have to make some stops for the night and to resupply."

"You think we can make it?"

"Only chance we got to live now. Best not to ignore it." said Brett. I was still looking over the revolver.

"Custom made, not one of those usual factory made ones. Just as good though, military grade scope, pristine top notch metal and 6 shots all ready."

"Why'd you give me this?" i asked her. "You seem like a man who'd like a six shooter. Maybe someday you'll meet it's twin. It used to belong to my brother and the twin belonged to me." said Rose as she pulled off her grey and white camouflaged shotgun. The light from the fire bounced off of it's smooth and shined surface, only with a few spots of blood and dirt on the side.

"Your brother used a revolver?"

"Yeah, he was a detective too."

Wolf's POV

From behind came a surprise, something I hadn't seen.

A Zion grabbed me by the neck from behind and my revolver dropped from my hand.



I watched as the hand stopped and the body dropped, a single arrow in the back of it's head. Devin was nearby, holding his bow.

"I am hawkeye now! Callin it!"

"No you're not," shouted Adam from across the room.

He growled and walked off, kicking over a few more boxes near May. I then watched as one box slid open, a small item falling out.


May and Rey went to it, but a Zion took down Rey before he could get close. Adam ran by and stared at the Zion as it struggled against Rey.


"Snackers, take care of it."

A large red snack slithered out of his hoodie and down his arm and staff, finally slithering across the ground. It then moved onto the Zion's body before squeezing around it's neck, biting down on it's jugular as well.


The Zion's neck cracked and the body became lifeless as the snake slithered back to Adam and Rey pushed it off of him.

Adam smiled as it stuck it's head out of his hoodie and he ripped open a small packet of fruit snacks. Snackers ate one from his hand before disappearing back into the hood...


We all looked up, seeing the fight escalating on the catwalk.


FireStarter's POV

A single slash from a Zion's claw cut right through the metal wire holding up the catwalk. We stumbled to the side a bit, the platform beginning to shake. 

"I got this."

Marcus then walked forward, pulling out his machete and cutting through two Zions before throwing their body off the edge. He just barely missed May, who would have been hit if she hadn't run to grab the GPS.

One of them grabbed him from behind and went for his neck, causing him to lunge back. He swung and cut through it, splattering blood everywhere.

Two more came from the other side and Marcus charged. He took one by the neck and threw it past him to us. It then knocked down Kate who struggled to fight it off until Lili stabbed it through the head with her butterfly knife.


He shoved his hand at it's chest, beginning to rip into the weakened skin. Blood dripped down his hand and the body as he fought into it's body until finally ripping out it's bloody heart.

"Fuck you.... you stupid... monster."

He dropped the body off the catwalk and it splattered onto the ground below. He then threw the heart of as well and May shrieked and ran upon seeing it.

"Let's get the hell outta here."

We all began to pack up the bags and leftovers. "We got 4 bedrooms, one bathroom and one other main room. 3 to a room, take whichever you like." Jaxi said.

"Me and red hair will stay in the main. Don't need bed to be comfy." said Devin as he opened his sports backpack and pulled out a pillow. He jumped up the steps and onto the mobile home floor, lying down his pillow and turning around. Jaxi walked towards her room with Space and Brett and Ryan walked towards another with Kailey dragging May behind her. Spencer walked towards the one on the leg with Stephanie and Dr Evans and the only one left was the one on the right.

I walked in to see one bed and a sleeping bag on the floor. I laid down in the sleeping bag and Rose and Axel laid down in the bed.

"Since when are you sleeping here?" asked Rose to Axel. "Since we're both kids and I was here first." said Axel as he laid down, not even bothering to put his hat on the nightstand.

I smiled and turned over, the light fading away and dreams of the future filling the void.




Next Chapter.....

After a week of searching Northern Texas for food and supplies, they are finally ready to drive straight to New York and never stop. Soon they will encounter their first challenge, each one more threatening as time goes on. AWiiGii has a plan in mind to speed up the process and get them there in hours, but someone will be waiting to stop them and so will the Zions, but not just any Zions.....



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