The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Return

Submitted: November 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 22, 2017



The mobile home shook and I rolled off the side of the couch. I groaned as i hit the floor and got up to see AWiiGii sitting on the couch playing his gameboy. "Little help?" i asked. "Too busy, boss level." he muttered as beeps and sounds began emenating from the system. I groaned again and slowly got up. Kailey was sitting at the table playing some dirty card game with Jaxi, Spencer, Devin and Brett. "I like to think about..... okay Kailey gets this point." said Devin as he stared at her card.

I stumbled over towards the table and grabbed a walkie talkie from my bag. I clicked the button, "Andrew we've been driving for a day where are we now?" i asked him. The radio buzzed an he replied, "Uh gimme a second i'll check the map." 

Everything was silent for a second until someone spoke up. "You know you've hit rock bottom when you find yourself blank in a public restroom..... oh god." said Jaxi as she read the next card. The radio buzzed again. "Um..... were 4 miles from Owensboro." said Andrew. I heard the sound of a chair moving to the side and I looked to the side to see Jaxi standing up, her card fluttering to the table. "The bible is actually an allegory for.... when you put the butt..... okay not gonna read the rest." said Spencer as he flicked the card away after. Jaxi grabbed her sword from the side of the couch and looked out at the door. "Let's do this." she said quietly. I looked into her blank expression and saw something. Pain.

The mobile home stopped moving several minutes later and Andrew banged on the side of the door. Jaxi opened it quickly and jumped out. I followed with May, Rey, Devin, Stephanie, Ryan, AWiiGii, Adam, Space, Brett, Lilitha, Scarlett and Kailey followed and we all stood side by side as we stared at the remains of Owensboro. In the distance was the main part of town and buildings had been taken down and destroyed, most likely from the bombing. We were outside of the area, right in the middle of Jaxi's old neighbordhood. "I'll check the perimeter, make sure there ain't any special ones lurking around." said Adam and he took his bow staff from his back and ran off towards one of the houses.

Jaxi stood still for a second, staring at the remains of her destroyed hometown. She slowly walked towards a house which I instantly recognized as her old one. Brett ran after he and Jaxi collapsed in his arms, shedding some tears. But after a few seconds she stopped and looked back at the house. Her emotion had changed rapidly. "I guess we're staying here for the night." said said and we all walked into the house one by one. But after three or four steps I bumped into Stephanie and we looked past each other to Jaxi. She was staring at something, a large bloodstain on the floor. We had buried her families bodies the first time we came, but never took care of the bloodstain. "We have three bedrooms here. Whoever gets there first gets it, the rest stay in here with the couch." said Jaxi monotoniously. 

She walked down the hall towards her room with Brett and immediantly we all looked at each other. We began to shove each other out of the way as we dashed towards the last two rooms. Andrew managed to dive into the side of one of the doors, hitting his head and Space got the other after judo kicking AWiiGii into the wall. I threw my bag against the wall and sat down next to it. Kailey, Stephanie, Ryan, May, Devin and AWiiGii all sat down the couch and Kailey pulled the small box of cards they were using earlier out of her jacket. "Alright who's playing?" she asked and several of them raised their hands including Ryan, Rey, AWiiGii, Stephanie and Space who had exited her room. Lilitha was in her room that she shared with Andrew though Andrew was in the kitchen looking the cupboards.. "I won the last game so i'll sit this one out." said Devin and he grabbed his bow from the couch and walked towards the front door. 

Rose Pwincess's POV

While everybody else played, I mourned. The four graves sat outside under the japanese cherry tree my father had gotten while in Japan. The tree was bare and the leaves were scattered across the ground over my family's graves. My mother, my father, my sister and my brother, all dead. My sister was my least favorite of the family, though her death was the one I had to witness and she was the one I mourned the most. The graves were messily dug last time we were here, as not only had my family died but so did the original groups best friend Coty after sacrificing himself to the mutants to let everyone else escape. They had wanted to get out the town quickly and things had been tense between Spencer and Andrew during the time as well.

Brett stood behind me as I stared at their graves, thinking of the good times. We hadn't been a very rich family, we were very poor actually. We all had been forced to work jobs, my brother at Subway, my sister at a Gas Station and as a prostitute at some point (long story) and my mother had taken a job at the local Stuff-Mart and MoviesRUs on the weekends. My father was away a lot as he was in the military, but the times he was here he trained me in fighting styles he learned as he had traveled across the globe. He taught me how to flip people after coming back from Japan and taught me each of the different pressure points when he returned from South America.

A figure walked out into the backyard and stood next to me, looking at the graves as well. "Your sister..... right?" asked Scarlett. I nodded but didn't turn my head. "I'm sorry for your loss." she said to me, walking closer. "It was months ago, it's nothing more then a bad memory at this point." i said to her. Minutes passed and we stood there in the cold fall wind. "I hope we make it to the end. Wouldn't want to end up like your sister." she said as she walked away. Rage filled me but I quickly pushed it away. Next comment like that.... there'd be one less person in that mobile home. 

There was no time for mourning, at least not now. We had a mission, a mission to survive. We had to get to New York fast, before winter came otherwise we'd be trapped out here in the cold with no heat source but fires from Andrew's lighter. I walked towards the glass doors and strolled past the other group that were sitting at the couch and I watched as May and AWiiGii began chugging RedBull. I ignored it and walked into my my mothers room. I talked to Scarlett earlier and allowed her to take mine instead. I closed the door behind me and turned around to see a shirtless Brett sitting on the bed. "You okay?" he asked. "Yeah... yeah I guess.... so why no shirt?" i asked. "Why don't we make it even?" he said and I smiled. The last time I smiled before that..... It was at the farm for a few seconds after talking to Scarlett when the baby was born.

He got up and walked towards me, pulling my shirt over my head. "You wanna have some fun?" he asked as he pulled me close and put his hand on my body. "I never thought i'd ever lose it here after the apocalypse started.... guess I was wrong." I answered. He pulled me close and we fell backwards onto the bed and he began to strip me down. I kissed him and he held me in his arms, pulling down my shorts. I heard the soung of a door handle and I quickly reached for my sword and swung. The blade cut into the side of the wall and Rey's face turned red and he and walked off, closing the door behind him. "Guess we can try another time." 

Wolf's POV

The game lasted for hours until finally the clock struck 9. Ryan got four points, AWiiGii got two, Stephanie got 8, Rey got 7 and Space got 9. Space, the one who was the most innocent out of all of us, even AWiiGii who had taken the liberty of watching the "pirates of the carribean movie" from Kailey's bag, had won one one of the most dirtiest card games of them all. But soon after Space drifted off to sleep on the floor along with Ryan and AWiiGii. Rey took the room Space had claimed and I stayed in the main room with Stephanie, May and the three others. She yawned and laid down at the end of the couch, grabbing her pink backpack and shoving it under her head. "Tired?" i asked my cousin as I drew my gun. "A bit. You?" she asked. "Yeah... I...."

Everything was gone. I closed my eyes like I was going to blink.... but when I opened them it was all gone. I got up from the floor and grabbed my bloody revolver. My hatchet was on the couch, stabbed into the head of the man known as AWiiGii. Space was on the couch next to Stephanie and both were crying blood from their dead bodies. The bodies began to move and I stepped back a few feet, my back hitting the glass door. Stephanie rose from the couch, her skin grey and her teeth sharp and she clawed at me with strength. I dodged and fired a shot, unintentionally blowing Stephanie's brains out with a single high powered blast. Her body crumpled to the floor and moved no more. Space began to get up as well and her eyes blinked red. I reached for my hatchet and swung it, slashing into Space's neck and pushing her body back onto the couch. I heard the sound of breaking glass and I turned around to see it. The glass doors had broken and mutants were swarming the room. I ran towards the door, but as soon as I opened it I saw. I knew. Adam was surrounded and Scarlett was next to him holding her child close. I fired twice at the mutants and my gun clicked right after. The Zions swarmed them and all that was left was a pile of blood....

"ADAM!" i exclaimed as I sat up from the floor. I got up and looked over towards the couch. Space and Stephanie were fast asleep and after glancing to the clock I realized it was 11:30. May got up off the couch as well and looked at me. Nobody had woken up but I ran towards the front door and swung it open quickly with May tailing me from behind. I looked to the side and found Devin lying on the pouch, sound asleep. I kicked him awake and looked around to see Andrew walking out of the mobile home with a red bull. "Scarlett and baby are fine, just checking on them." he said. "Where's Adam?!" i exclaimed and suddenly his eyes widened.

Adam had gone off to scout the area hours ago.... and he hadn't come back.



Next Chapter....

Anikan, Rey, May, Devin and Andrew go off to find Adam and discover something deep in Owensboro. Lucas is too shy to ask the intimidating Rose for something and Kailey encourages him, leading to an extremely explicit moment between them. Andrew is separated and finds himself trapped with two old lost friends and Anikan and Devin face off against Zions in a gladiator style fight. 

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