The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Sacrifice?!

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



The entire street was darkened by the night and only several streelights and the moon illuminated their path. I walked slowly down the road, my hatchet drawn from my belt

Andrew was next to me holding his bloody black dagger with his hood up, covering his face and concealing his identity. Devin was right behind me, holding his bow back ready to fire an arrow into whatever came close. May was behind him, bags under her eyes as she slowly revealed her shining silver revolvers and her cowboy hat was astrew.

Then on the other side of me was Rey, holding his rifle tiredly and looking around.

"I was asleep Anikan. Besides he's survived worse, he's probably fine."

That theory didn't last long as Devin cried out in pain and the arrow flew from his bow. The arrow flew through a broken car window and came out the other side, hitting something. A figure behind the car cried out and it escaped into the night as May ran around the car and fired twice at the shadows.

He was hiding, somewhere in the crowd of smashed cars. There was a more pressing matter at hand and we all stared at Devin lying on the ground. He was holding his hands down on his upper leg over a red splotch over his jeans.

"Shit..... never thought this would happen after that hunting incident.... I was wrong." he said as he covered the room and shook in pain. May grabbed his hand and held it.

"Devin, you are going to be fine. We have Dr Evans and we have medical supplies."

May dove into her small satchel and revealed a roll of bandages and a spray bottle. She also took out a small white pill bottle. "Alright I'm not Evans but I think it should be simple. The bullet went through your leg which is good I think."

Devin cried out in pain once more as she removed his hands and sprayed the liquid onto his wound. "Hey don't move! You'll get yourself hurt or killed." she said as she put down the bottle and unwrapped the gauze. She began to wrap it around and tied it completely around his wound, hiding the blood stains on his jeans. 

Suddenly one of the car's alarms went off and I raised my gun, firing twice at the window. The figure in the darkness ran past the cars and towards another and I reloaded by gun and took off around the car, Rey behind me.

I was stopped by a mutant and it slashed at my arm, just barely missing. Rey smashed the rifle over it's head and we looked around to see more climbing out of the car wreck.

"Stay back! Go into formation or somthing!"

I swung my hatchet and cut the leg of one, kicking it's body to the ground. It clawed at me and May stomped onto it's neck, killing it and grinding blood into the road. One of them tackled her and she fell to the ground, unable to push it off.

Devin stabbed one of his ninja throwing knives into it's skull and threw another into the head of one next to Rey. He gunned three down and they slowly started to die off.

From behind came more and I heard Devin scream as he fired his bow at one. Seven more came from behind, wandering out of a destroyed house. They pounced and Devin pushed them off, Andrew shooting one. He backed down an alley and the Zion's followed, trapping and seperating him.

They came down on him and we all heard a single scream and watched as they all hit the ground, tackling something. Blood was dribbling down the road and we could see the blood puddle.


No answer. I ran towards the Zions and looked to see his deagle lying on the floor. "Shit... Andrew..."

The one that had saved my life countless times, the pyromaniac and the true survivor of the group.... he was dead. He was gone. No more. I would never be able to see him again, Lilitha would never be able to see him again. Someone as important to us as him.... dying from a few stupid mutants in a dumb accident. 

A shot came from behind and smashed into the side of the building, right over my shoulder. Rey took off towards it and I followed soon after. He was... gone...


I fired twice more and the mutant dived behind one of the cars and hid on the side of the street. I jumped onto the hood of the car and ran over it, firing twice as the figure ducked down.

It ran behind a fire truck at the end of the road and I jumped onto the side, climbing onto the top. Rey followed and I looked back to see May helping Devin over.

Rey and I stared down off the side of the firetruck to see it all. 30 men, all wearing many leathers of rags, ripped clothes and body armor. Terrorists, exactly like the ones at the airport. They raised their guns and fired and bullets rained upon us.

Metal smashed into our bodies and I hit the ground, falling to the other side of the firetruck next to Devin and May. I looked at my body, no blood. I looked at my side and unzipped my jacket and pulled out a small patch on the side of my stomach. I ripped it off along with the bullet and got up, looking to Rey. He was up but a bullet was lodged into the handle of his rifle.

"Lets get the hell out of here!" said Rey as he threw his rifle over his back.

"We can't, not yet. If they have Adam then we have to help him." 

"Go around the sides, KILL THEM ALL!" yelled a feminine voice. Bullets raced over our heads and I tackled Rey and May to the ground, Devin tripping over on his own. We crawled away as bullets continued to smash into the cars between us and I felt something and we were all yanked back.

I was pushed against the side of the truck and my gun hit the ground. "Take their guns, and bring them to the crater." said one of them. The others nodded and one grabbed my hatchet, tied by hands together with a zip tie and pushed us away.

Lucas's POV

The small object shined through the moonlight gleaming through the window. It was the sole protector of me, the protector of many people. My glock, a simple and common gun.

"Kailey, you got any ammo?"

She was sitting on the floor, trying to get a laptop working. "Uh, no I don't think so. Ask Rose, she's outside with Axel," she suggested. I froze and she glanced over me innocently.

"Something wrong?"

"Can you go ask her, It's a bit cold and I lost my jacket back at the farm," i said to her.

"I'm busy trying to get google working. Just open the door, ask her, get the clip and walk back in. It's simple..... or is there something else?"

"I'd rather not talk to her, or too many others. In the two and a half months i've known you guys... i've only really gotten close with you, Anikan, Rey, Jaxi, Axel and Andrew. I never really talked to Stephanie, Devin, Rose or even Spencer that much."

"Still, whats really wrong?"

I was inclined to answer as Kailey was one of the few people I would blindly trust with my life. The rest were all pretty much dead. "I can't talk to people. First time communication for me has always been either over text and during action. I only had two or three friends back before and when they both died when my ranch in Mexico was swarmed. Only people I've talked to since then was my friend from The Night Walkers, Derek a few times and you. Basically.... i'm not comfortable talking to new people, especially someone like her,"





I got up and started to pace back and forth.

"If you ask i'll let you use the laptop if I fix it."

My mind lit up with thoughts of all the things I could do. Play Japanese games considering that's one of the few remaining nations with websites still working, use the paint tool and draw random smiley faces, or just watch viral videos based in other non destroyed countries. My life was truly sad sometimes...

Kailey looked at me and I slowly walked towards the glass door and opened it.

"Rose can I have a pistol clip?"

"Sure." she answered and she dug through her bag and threw one of the clips for my pistol to me. I caught it and smiled and walked back in. I closed the door slowly, hoping to catch some of the conversation between her and Axel.

"It was dark, I didn't see them well. I would know if I saw them but.... i'm still afraid." muttered Rose. "I won't let them come to you again. I'll be with you at all times until their body is floating in the ocean." said Axel. Thoughts crossed my mind, but hopefully it was nothing about me.

I shoved the glass door open and slowly closed it right after, leaving the two preteens to their business. I looked around, the room was dark and the only living things in the room consisted of the sleeping cousin of Anikan on the couch next to the crossbow and Space’s snores from her room.

I crept past the opposite side of the kitchen counter and looked around the corner to see Kailey bent down on the ground, looking through the bottom cabinet. She pulled out a Chocolate Bar, some hair spray, and a water bottle. I stared for a few seconds before she spoke up, “You like what you see?”

I stepped back a few feet and my face turned red as she crawled back and got off the ground, her ass still in plain view.

“Bribed a student at my old school for 10 bucks and answers to a History assignment for a better look at it,” she said as she approached the fridge and opened it, throwing a box of melted popsicles to the side. I picked up the chocolate bar off the ground and looked over the label.

“What’ll this chocolate bar get me?”

The girl looked over her shoulder, smiled seductively and slowly approached me.

“It’ll definitely get you a whole lot more.” she whispered into my ear as she pressed her body against mine. My face reddened like fire as she began to remove her pants and I glanced towards Stephanie. She was fast asleep, unlike me for the next four hours and I looked back to see Kailey's top fall to the floor. Then her pants.... then her underwear and bra....

She slowly walked over to me, pushing me onto the couch and moving down to my waist.

"You ready?"

Wolf's POV

We were taken, I don't know where but it was close. We went down under some bridges where sewer water floated in the trench. We trudged past the puddles over to something right beneath a bridge where other terrorists were.

"So who are you?"

"Deadeye will answer that."

"Shit are we being kidnapped by pirates!?"

I wanted to smack some sense into Rey but couldn't. I struggled to escape from my binds but to no avail, I was truly trapped.

"Deadeye is no pirate. It is his name, his true name. He is the boss here, at least the boss of this branch."

He spoke mysteriously like they were a tribe, a cult or some kind of mystical organization. An organization of death. He mentioned him being the boss of his branch, indicating there were more. Somewhere out there, most of these terrorists walked the grounds.

We watched as a Zion stumbled down the trench and over to us and passed by three terrorists without even noticing or attacking them. They got close to me and attempted to slash, only to be killed by one of the men taking us captive.

"How are you immune?"

"Your already dead, so I may as well tell you. The mutatation is good, very effective. It is weak though and just like most common medecines, there are always side effects. Wearing certain things, doing certain things, keeps them away. For example if you steal a claw from the slashers then you will be protected as the claw's material is a new and uknown substance that makes them think that you are one of them. Or if you were to wear a certain type or fabric woven from the most unique materials. It's an old type, made only be few people through the world. We met a man in Syria once, Ramali Solin. He learned from his father and it took weeks to gather the materials made to make these clothing we wear today. It protects us from the slashers, but we never knew until the world came into a new light and we were the few that weren't slaughtered."

The explanation was something that nobody would ever believe if they didn't see it in their own eyes. Fabric is fabric, right?

We were marched down the trench towards a huge crater right under the bridge. The terrorists surrounded it and all stared at us as we were marched to the edge.


The rest began to cheer and we all stared at each other.

We were about to be executed, mutant style.

One of the men grabbed May and yanked her back, dragging her away from the others.

"The girl goes last, i'll let Neo and Kai have some fun with her first,"

May whimpered as they dragged her away against her will. A girl walked over, her face partly uncovered to reveal hazel green eyes and dark brown hair.

"Let me have the british one for a few. You can kill him later but... let me have a bit of fun with him,"

Rey whimpered as well and she took him by the arm and dragged him towards the tents near the other side of the trench along with May.

Me and Devin were pushed towards the crater and we finally got a look inside. It was deep, maybe ten or fifteen feet deep and at the bottom were three special ones. The other thing though, was the small figure with a staff fighting them off.


He looked up and was smashed backwards into the wall. He hit the floor and fell to his knees, weakened by the mutanta attack.




I looked at Devin and he looked at me and right after we were shoved forward down into the pit. I rolled across the ground and got up, looking at the three. Devin was pushed as well and landed nearby, attepting to push himself across the ground with his feet.

I struggled to release my bonds and Adam ran over, cutting through with his staff. He did the same to Devin and we watched as the Zions all screeched at once.

It slashed and I hit the floor, Adam tackling the injured Devin under the claw. It broke straight into the rocks, causing small rocks, gravel and pebels to scatter to the ground. Adam ran past us and slid between the mutants legs, backflipping onto the mutants back and climbing up the side of his body, stabbing his staff into it's scales.

It dug in but wouldn't pierce them and no blood was taken from the mutant. Suddenly from the sky came two small weapons, my gun and his bow and arrows. They had thrown them into the pit.

We both ran to retrieve our weapons, dodging a slash from the mutant.

He aimed and fired an arrow straight into the mutants green spot on it's neck and I fired at it as well.

The Zion roared and it's scales exploded off, sending Adam flying into the air. He had leaped just as the explosion came, sending him into the sky and out of the crater. He landed gracefully on the ground, his staff and snake ready.

The terrorists fired at him and he dodged, taking cover behind the remains of a burnt car. The other two charged at us and we were forced to run, causing them to smash into the wall. It began to shake and more of the wall and the floor above caved in, killing three terrorists.

I ran to the right wall and Devin ran to the left, screaming as loud as he could. The Zion began to follow him and I knew his plan. I aimed with the scope and fired a single shot into the green patch, destroying it's scales.

Devin was unfazed by the nearby scale explosion and fired another arrow into it's skull, killing it once and for all. 

I heard something, the sound of a gun's safety. I turned around and saw the terrorists armed with rifles, all aimed at us.


We took cover, but it didn't know. I didn't see him. I just ran and I didn't stop until I was behind the dead body of a mutant, holding my abdomen as the blood seeped out.

I slid away from the body a little, making sure no blood got into the wound. But Devin, not a scream, not a shout. Nothing.

Nothing but silence.

FireStarter's POV

They came and they came. They all came at me, all at once. I stopped for a second and they took me. They tried to take me. They tried to take my life as well. But I was stronger then that.

Three mutants, hell no. After what happened back at the Outpost with the invasion, no amount of mutants could take me. I fired twice at the mutants coming at me and I blew their brains out, sending their blood and juices onto the dirty street.

The bodies fell forward onto me and I hit the ground, making sure none of the claws had pierced my bodies. The other Zions growled and slashed at the bodies, cutting into one of their backs to try and get to me. I reached for my deagle, but it had fallen from my grasp. 

I reached for my dagger and pulled it from my belt, stabbing the mutant right on the top of his head. Hair had been there, but that was months ago. That was before he had made the mistake of living through to see the end of the world. Living to be infected by the mutation. The other one growled and I sliced my dagger, cutting into the Zion's forehead and then into it's eye.

I crawled out from under the bodies and I could hear it, gunfire. Anikan was gone and so were May, Devin and Rey. The Zions weren't though.

The Zions swarmed the alley and I ran backwards, dashing towards the other end until I realized the other end was a brick wall. A metal fence in the middle of the alley was swung open. That was my escape. 

They growled and they snarled and I quickly escaped through the gates, shoving them closed and falling against the brick wall. On the ground was blood, dried blood actually and in it was a footstep.

The mutation process, right after they lose conciousness for the last time and their skin turns completely grey their clothes are fused into their bodies and they grow somewhat of an extra layer of skin. That single fact indicates that someone was here, someone alive. Or formerly alive.

I turned around to the brick wall and saw it. A body of a man, slaughtered by the mutants. His stomach was cut into and the side of his face was missing skin, blood covering the founds.

His arm was cut off and his hand was lying in the blood pool on the floor. I did notice something, a smile on his face. It's wasn't creepy, it wasn't from laughing. The smile.... it was reassuring.

In his other hand was a knife, a switchblade to be exact and in his pocket was a lighter. I realized who he was and I stared up at his whole expression and I was face to face with Coty's dead body.

Jaxi and Coty ran to the front and began cutting some down, while the rest of them mowed them down with our guns. "They keep coming! We can't hold out! Our ammo is gonna run out!" yelled Spencer. Soon, i heard Julia and Space's pistols click. So did mine.

"Out of ammo!"

"I'm scared!" said Julia, holding onto Space. We all watched as the remaining 13 infected came at us. Jaxi and Coty stepped back. Spencer's gun clicked and then Julians. I looked at Coty, he looked pale.

"Guys! Get in the RV and go! Don't wait for me!"

The infected had gotten past the RV and was beginning to surround it and now they were coming for us. "What do you mean!?" i asked. "Just.... just keep the kids safe."

Coty flicked his switchblade open and faced the mutants. He screamed and ran at the crowd of the infected, started cutting through with his switchblade. A single quick slice disembowled one and another cut jabbed the blade into the other's neck. He pushed one away and then another.

They started to surround him and none of us could get to him. We were frozen, not in fear but in suprise. He kicked another Zion in the leg and shove it's body into the side of a fence before on of them grabbed him by the arm and bit down on his shoulder. He shook him off and we all watched as Coty cried for the first time I had ever seen.

He was a goner, nothing could fix his infection now. His last option came to his mind and he dived into the crowd and they came and they attacked, biting and slashing him apart.


The infected swarmed him, biting his arm and slashing at his chest. He pushed them away and stabbed his knife into one's eye, cutting into his skin and dragging it through his face. He used his energy and moved over to the other side of the street away from the RV.

He pushed his way to the crowd and towards the alley, before the mutants ended his life once and for all. We all ran to the RV and watched as Coty was bitten, slashed and consumed by the infected humans. His body was lost in the crowd and the last thing we saw of him. His blood covered hand clutching his blood covered knife. That was our last memory of Coty.

Just blood.

Coty had survived. Or at least he hadn't been killed in the street. He had fought through the Zions in the street and gotten into the alley, shutting himself in here. Behind him was something, something shining. I reached behind his arm and found a bloody pistol.

The only shining part, the handle where indents in the dried blood made it clear that he had held it until his last moments. On the wall was blood and a bullet casing on the ground. Coty had killed himself, right before the infection got him.

I looked at my bloody knife and stared at his body. This had never happened before, or at least not until the first time. I jabbed my knife into his leg and my vision blurred a little. I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked at the blade of the knife jabbed into his leg. My reflection, blood on my cheek and a scar on my forehead.

This world.... it messed me up a lot. I stared at the reflection and somehow, the scar and blood were gone. The skin paled up a little and the hair turned from messy brown to neat black. My black hoodie was gone and replaced with a dark blue jacket and instead of my hazel eyes, they were now blue. Well.... one of them was.


He nodded and smiled. I rarely ever saw him smile, even when he was alive.

"Hello my emo friend! I have returned from the dead! So what is troubling you?"

"I'm trapped in an alley next to my old best friends body talking to my dead friend's reflection in my bloody knife! What else could be going wrong!?"

"Hmph.... well i'm here now. What's troubling you?"

"Besides the ghost of my best friend haunting my dagger..... I can't go through this world much longer." 

He looked at me confusingly. "You have a goal, you have a place and you have a time. Whats wrong with that?" he asked. 

"It's not a real goal. What about the outpost, we all had hope that the outpost would be our forever savior and we would live out our lives there. The refugee camp, it's the same. It is a hopeless achievement, a hopeless attempt to keep us alive. But in the end, it'll die out. Nothing lasts forever."

"As much as I love hating on everything I don't see your reasoning. Just because one outpost made of old logs and illegeally bought electric fences failed that doesn't mean another place made of rusty sheet metal and stolen solar panels won't. Nothing lasts forever, but nothing is the same. Picture it like a youtube video since you manage to understand those decently well. Not all youtube videos are the same, each one holds different content for different people. For example the Refugee camp could be a loot crate unboxing video while the other video aka the outpost could be a cringy vlog by a wannabe youtube like Spencer. Obviously the vlog would maybe get ten or negative ten views while a loot crate unboxing would get hundres, maybe thousands depending on the channel. But the point is, not everything is the same, so not everything will end the same or last the same amount of time. You won't know until it happens."

I stared at the knife for a few seconds.

"Alright.... i'll go. But tell me this..... are you real?"

"Andrew your asking the most science and reality obsessed person you know if you are staring into your bloody knife talking to a man who died months ago after being bit on the leg by a mutant while sitting in an alley next to the dead body of your other best friend while you ask for advice from the first man in the knife,"

"Of course it's real."



Next Chapter...

Anikan is forced to fight his way out of the pit and escape the Knights Of the Fallen World. Lilitha attempts to make a WiFi connection back at the house, only to be ambushed. Kailey and Lucas fight off terrorists after being interrupted and Anikan is rescued from death by a mysterious savior.

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