The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Markings

Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017



Wolf's POV



No response. I sat behind the mutants back, attempting to keep the wound clean. It had not touched the infected body, but I was still bleeding out.

I groaned in pain and reached for my gun with my good hand. Three bullets left, but over 30 terrorists above us.

My hatchet had not been thrown down with my revolver so I couldn't use that, despite it being basically useless in a gun fight. My backpack was back at the house with the others, leaving communication through walkie talkies impossible. 

I couldn't stay here. Devin was out there, either dead or injured and I was cowering behind a dead body.

I looked at my reflection in the blood covered revolver and turned around, aiming a shot through the scope and firing back. The gun rain had stopped, but only for a few seconds. They all put their fingers on the trigger once again and soon I was caught in the storm.

The storm of a thousand bullets.

Physic's POV

Finally.... it was working. It was all working.... except for the WiFi. "UGH!" i exclaimed. I stood on the bed, sitting in my "pajamas" and trying to get my phone working. I had kept my old phone through all of this and despite having the corner chipped a bit it was untouched.

There was a charger in the desk in the room I had taken and I had managed to turn it on. Though nothing worked, or at least the WiFi required apps didn't. I still had solitaire, brick breaker and PixelShooter Three. They were not my favorite but there was one app that I hoped to get working.

eBay, which was selling something important that I needed.

I held the phone up the ceiling and walked around in circles for five minutes, just hoping to get a signal. Nothing changed.

I then remembered, Jaxi had a desktop computer here. That must mean she has a WiFi network. I looked around for a second and saw it. A small box sitting on the desk behind a flower vase. I moved the vase to the side and hit the On button on the box, prompting it to turn on. It did nothing.

"Shit I need power."

I then started digging through Marcus's old duffel bag and though there was only some clothes we found, a few knives and rifle clips, a bag of chips and some condoms I found it: a power bank. I plugged the WiFi router into the box and stared at it for a few seconds, waiting for it to turn on.

The box's blue light lit up and joy filled my face as I dived to my phone. A Wifi signal was available.

I clicked on the signal and switched over to 9Bay, looking over the items. The bottom of the list, the one item I wanted. Pink Kitten ears. I had heard something about Andrew several weeks ago back at the outpost from Spencer and that had given me the idea to find it.

I went to go hit order and then realized something. Everybody was dead.

"Well shit... I did not think this through..."

The glass broke and I quickly through myself to the floor. Bullets broke straight through the window and glass shards flew on my body. I crawled away as bullets pierced the walls and the bed. All silenced, barely making any noise. They weren't coming as fast as an assault rifle, indicating a quick reloading sniper rifle.

I crawled out of the room and the next shot flew through the bottom of the wall, just barely grazing my arm. I held in my scream and held my bleeding arm, crawling into the hallway.

I got up and ran down the hall into the main room. Stephanie was on the floor, asleep and two figures were on the couch.

Lucas was lying on top of Kailey, embracing her romantically while his naked body was pressed against hers.


Lucas got up and looked at me and Kailey pulled the blanket over here. "THIS IS AN APOCALYPSE AND WE ARE BEING SHOT AT WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!" i shouted. A bullet flew straight through the couch and I looked over to the glass sliding doors.


Four men with assault rifles fired, shattering the door. Stephanie awoke from her sleep and threw herself into the hallway, barely missing the bullets. I threw myself onto Lucas and Kailey and we slid into the kitchen across the floor.

We hid around the counters and I drew my butterfly knife. They were wearing the same outfits as the men at the airport, rags and ninja like outfits, but a lot more badass and deadly looking.

Kailey drew her tomahawk and Lucas his pistol and I could hear them walking into the home, their rifles drawn, as they stepped onto the carpet. Axel and Rose were somewhere, though I wasn't sure where. The floor creaked and groaned under and I looked around the counter and went for it.

I jabbbed my arm into his chest and watched as the other man fired at me, knocking me to the floor. I had caught the bullets with the other man's body but he was still extremely heavy to hold. 


Kailey threw the blanket off of her and slashed at the man's neck and stabbed her tomahawk into the shoulder of the other. They both fell to the floor, the second managing to fire a few shots at the fridge before.

Two others came in and she tossed one of her tomahawks, the blade cutting into his shoulder as blood spewed out. She then kicked a man in the crotch before slitting his throat with the sword

She stood there, blood covering her naked body while she clutched her blood stained tomahawk. Suddenly another came through the back door, ran past the bathroom door and fired, just barely missing Kailey.

Spencer then came out of the bathroom and fired a single shot into the man's head, killing him.

"Well um.... what happened here?" he asked as he stared at the bloody and explicit scene. Right after Spencer came Axel and Rose who ran in from outside and stared as well.

Rose smacked Axel on the back of the head and dragged him away from the showing of Kailey's..... parts. 

"Just get dressed, there's probably more of them." i said to Kailey and I walked off with Spencer towards the front door.

"Where's Space, Jaxi, AWiiGii, Brett, Anikan, Devin, May, Rey, Adam and Andrew?"


Wolf's POV

They fired and somehow, they all missed. I stared up and fired two more shots through the scope, leaving 8 still aiming at me. They fired again and I dived to the side, barely managing a shot.

Suddenly a shot flew from the side and blasted the man in the back, sending his body over the edge. Another shot and another and I watched as Andrew emerged from the shots, holding his KSG.

"THIS THING IS REALLY HARD TO FIRE WITH ONE HAND! WHY COULDN'T OWEN BE HERE, HE COULD MAKE ME A ROBOT HAND OR SOMETHING!" he yelled as shots were fired at him and he took cover behind a car.

He killed another and quickly threw something down the pit. I started to run towards it, until I realized it was a grenade. "SHIT!"

It exploded and I barely made it out of range. Smoke and small chunks of rock flew into the air and I looked to see half of the pit blown apart, making a pile of rocks and broken stone which lead out of the pit.

I looked around, still no Devin. A shot flew over my shoulder and I turned around to see a terrorist that had jumped into the pit. He fired twice at me with a pistol and I jumped to the side, out of ammo.

My gun clicked and it was all I had left. Except one thing. Andrew's deagle. I reached for my boot and pulled the deagle out, firing two shots at the woman's neck.

She dodged one, but the other fired into her shoulder and she fell to her knees. She fired at me with her pistol several times more, with me barely dodging her almost accurate aim. I aimed at her and the deagle clicked as well. 

It didn't matter anyways as an arrow flew straight into head and she slumped to the ground, dead. I looked up to see Andrew taking heavy fire, unable to retaliate. I gestured to him to follow and we snuck up the pile of rocks and out of the pit.

Devin fired an arrow into the arm of a terrorist and we both took one each, tackling them to the ground. Devin knocked hims out with a pressure point and I punched mine in the skull. Adam ran over to us and took down another two as well.

We took the rifles from them and fired, taking down 5 each. More came from the tents and fired back. We dodged and ran to Andrew, taking cover behind the car.

"Seriously these guys have bad aim. Only hit us once.... that weird?"

"Maybe they're not trying to kill us. Injure us maybe, but their a terrorist group or maybe even a cult. They have beliefs, maybe they only kill the living by sacrificing them?"

"Come out with your weapons down and you will not be shot. You can either choose to be shot and sacrificed to the slashers or just sacrificed. Make your pick."

One of them came around the corner and grabbed me, tackling me to the ground.

"I'LL TAKE HIM GET THE OTHERS!" I muttered to them as I fought him off. I punched him in the chest and he grabbed me by the neck, pinning me to the floor. I kneed him in the stomach and pushed him away. He kicked me in the side and I gasped in pain as the wound's pain returned.

I smashed my gun into his head and he football tackled me again. I struggled with him and attempted to push him off, but he was stronger.

He was a thirty something terrorist who fought and shot people everyday and while we had done the same since the apocalypse started, at least they never had food problems.

My vision began to black out and I struggled to push him off. He was choking me and I could see Devin running out from cover and firing an arrow at one while Andrew fought one with his KSG, though he was just beating him with it instead of shooting.

My gun was out of ammo, I didn't even know where my hatchet was and I was pinned to the ground by a terroristic bodybuilder with nobody to help. I heard a scream, someone young. It wasn't one of them, but I couldn't tell which one of us. I couldn't help.

A bullet smashed into the mans head and I rose from the ground, holding my throat. The woman stood there, wearing the brown terrorist cloak and holding something, a sword and in her other hand a silver gun. It was not a katana like Jaxi's, but a medievel like sword with the symmetrical blade and hilt.

She pulled a slightly smalle sword, maybe 3/4 of the size of the one she had, from her backpack and set it down on the ground. She backed up and began firing at the car Andrew was behind, intentionally missing.

I grabbed the stolen rifle and fired at the men, missing her completely. By the end everybody was on the ground but the woman, she was gone. 

Andrew looked over to me.

"Hey how'd you shoot him? Thought you gun was outta ammo."

"I didn't. There was a girl, she was wearing clothes like them. But she shot him and she left that."

He looked over to the sword and I walked over, picking it up. It was in a small leather sheath which I attached to my back similiar to Jaxi's. I pulled out the slightly smaller sword and swung it, unintentionally killing a Zion hiding behind the car.

"Oh my god they have May and Rey!"

We all ran to the tents, every thought leaving out mind but that one. Devin ran towards one and we watched as a man's bloody body was thrown at us through the open door, a young girl covered in blood clutching a knife next to it.

May began to tear up and she ran at Devin, crying into his arms. We looked over to another tent and I could see two figues inside. I fired at one through the tent and opened the door, looking inside. The terrorist woman was dead, Rey was alive, but not at all well. "She.... she... May.... Anikan..." he muttered as he laid on the floor.

She had raped him. 

A thought came to mind. Why the hell did every group we encounter have rapists in it. Well almost. Kailey mentioned that a few girls were kept as "slaves" for a few of the higher ups, though she had avoided that. Now these guys, and they had succeeded.

Me and May helped him up and ran out from the tents to see the mobile home on the bridge over us. "GUYS LETS GO!" yelled Space. We could hear gunshots and realized there were more up on the bridge. We ran towards the stairs and went up, our guns ready to fire.

We came up and saw them, four of them taking cover behind a car and firing out at the back window. Space was on top, firing back with my P-90. A shot smashed into her arm and she flew off the side, rolling onto the opposite side of the mobile home and hitting the pavement.

We fired at them and killed two, but they fired back at us and we quickly took cover as well. We were there for minutes, just firing back at each other and almost always missing except for Andrew managing to gun down one of the terrorists.

The last one came out and threw a grenade straight at the mobile home. Rey ran out from cover and caught it midair, throwing it off the bridge. It exploded and Rey was thrown back, hitting the floor.


A figure climbed onto the mobile home and fired at him with a silenced pistol. We looked up to see Space, wearing full riot gear and aiming her small pistol.

"Found this in the back of a squad car."

We nodded and ran to the door, swinging it open and locking it behind us. Jaxi stood there and Kailey was on the couch looking extremely tired.

"Something happen?"

"Got attacked by those guys. Kailey and Spencer got them." said Lilitha as she sat on the table dealing a deck of cards. "What happened to you guys?" asked AWiiGii from the couch.

"We went to find Adam, they took us captive. They tried to rape me, but they got Rey."

Jaxi ran to Rey, embracing him and he cried into her shoulder.

"I killed them all! They deserved it!"

She looked over to me then.

"A sword?" 

I unsheathed it and looked into the blade. "There was a woman there dressed like them. She gave it to me, saved my life too." i said. I looked into the sword and my eyes widened.

There was a wolf emblem on the bottom of the blade.


Character Count

Anikan: Alive
Andrew: Alive
Space: Alive
Jaxi: Alive
Spencer: Alive
Lilitha: Alive

Stephanie: Alive
Axel: Alive
Rose: Alive
Rey: Alive
Devin: Alive
Marcus: Dead

Kate: Lost
Diana Evans: Alive
Brett: Alive
May: Alive
Kailey: Alive
Lucas: Alive
Ryan: Alive
AWiiGii: Alive
?Adam: Alive
Julian: Dead

Scarlett: Alive
Jade: Alive


Next Chapter....

The group takes a well needed break from the action but that doesn't stop the danger and drama from getting inside the mobile home. Jaxi, AWiiGii, Brett and May play Monopoly which ends up AWiiGii's confession and Lilitha, Axel and Rose use the future sight ability again and Lucas and Kailey discuss their feelings along from the others. Finally, a tragedy strikes inside a closed room and a life is lost and another is saved, leading someone to be given a huge responsibility.

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