The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Fault

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"It..... it's my fault... it's ALL MY FUCKING FAULT! DAMNIT!"


Wolf's POV

The sky was murky grey and filled with fog. The room was getting colder and colder every minute. Jaxi was lying on the couch clutching a stuffed octopus that Space sewed together. In my arms was a small life in a blanket by the name of Jade. "Hopefully you won't have to be stuck in this tiny little home on wheels much longer. Almost to D.C.," i said to the child. It wouldn't remember and it wouldn't understand, but I didn't care.

Dr Evans walked into the room and looked over to Lucas, Devin, Kailey and Ryan playing cards. "Guys we got a problem." said Diana. I got up and walked towards her and Jaxi also sat up as well. "We just lost Scarlett what problems now?" i asked. She swung her duffel bag to the side and zipped it open. Few packages of bandages, several pill bottles, but overall it was empty. "From Rey asking for pills, your injured leg, Ryan and Andrew's amputations needing cleaning then all the gunshot wounds were running out of medical supplies." she said. She then went to the duffel bag on the side and opened it up. Not much food left either. "So we need food, medicine and definently baby stuff. Maybe a new crib too, the other one is too old." said Jaxi.

"So what do we do? Stop somewhere?" asked Space. "Don't have time to stop. Winters coming and if we get caught out here in the snow then we won't have much time. No heater in here....... we'll freeze to death and the roads will be blocked with snow." said Rose as she sat up in her seat. "Maybe some of us can go and find food and the rest of us can keep going to D.C. Then we all meet up at the capital and then keep going to New York." said Axel. I looked at Jaxi and we all looked around. "Everybodies in their rooms.... who's going?" asked Diana. "I'll go," i immediantly suggested. "No,"

"You have the baby to take care of. You will stay here. Andrew can go, he can lead a team of us to get the supplies." said May as walked into the room. "So then who else is going?" 

Soon they were ready to leave and we stopped at a small truckstop diner on the side of the road to drop them off. Andrew, Ryan, Kailey, Dr Evans, Rey, Space, Axel, Rose and Lilitha. They all choose to go and despite by pleas for Axel and Rose to stay they went anyways. It would be dangerous and I didn't want Axel getting hurt. "I'll take care of him," said Rose as they walked out of the mobile home. "Oh please if it wasn't for me back on the farm you'd be Zion food," said Axel as he walked past her. I grabbed Axel by the shoulder and stopped him.

"Hey. Take this," I said to him. I pulled out my golden revolver and handed it to him. "Bring it back okay?" i asked. He nodded and walked off to the van.

They walked over into the parking lot and jumped in the back of a van parked next to the building. It started off and began driving out, right over the grass and out onto the road.

"Anikan?" asked May. I stared there, watching them disapper into the fog. May was behind me. "What's wrong?" she asked again. "Nothing. Just..... I feel like I'm never gonna see them again," i said to her. She grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the mobile home. Devin had decided to drive and AWiiGii was up there with him. I sat down on the couch where Devin, Lucas, Jaxi, Spencer, Adam and Stephanie were.

"So Lucas, what happened with you and Kailey the other night?" asked Devin. Lucas's face turned red and he moved his hat brim lower. "Cmon dude it's nothing to be ashamed of. I've had my fair share of sex. It your first?" asked Adam. Lucas didn't answer. Devin smacked the hat off of Lucas's head and it flew into the air and was immediantly caught by him. "Next person who touches this hat won't even make it close to New York," he said.

"Just tell us? Please? Pleaseeeeeeee?" asked Spencer. "You guys are disgusting. Your asking Lucas how sex with Kailey was. KAILEY. Sex is already gross enough but I don't even want to think about my best friend being naked like that," she said. We all looked at her. Brett was asleep in the next room. "Jaxi didn't you try to have sex with Brett like 7 times?" said Stephanie. Her face turned red. "Um.... I'm gonna go get cookies," she said and she scampered off to the duffel bags in the corner.

"So?" asked Devin. "We didn't have sex," said Lucas. "Explain the moaning that went on for two hours then," i said. "Okay nobody was inside of each other there. Dang you people need to get a girlfriend or something, have it for yourselves instead of asking people what happened," said Lucas. "No offense but the girls hot so i'm just asking details," Devin said as he got up and walked towards the table, grabbing his glass of water off of it. We all stared at him again. "I'm not gonna steal her from you, I'm not like that. I do admit that I think she's hot. Seriously that as-,"

"Okay this conversations over!" said Jaxi as she walked back over and slapped Devin across the face. We all stiffled a laugh as he stumbled back a feet feet and looked at Jaxi in suprise. She sat down and smiled. "Hey where's Jade?" asked May. I looked around and saw Adam holding Jade, walking around in circles. "Adam give me her. Shes my responsibility so I should be the one to hold her," i said to him. He kept walking, completely ignoring me. "Adam?"

Snake's POV

Jade was cute. She was adorable. She was....... despairful. I stared into the child's dark blue eyes as it giggled and stared back up at me. The last time I had seen a child.

"Mahda! Mahda! Where are you!?" i yelled as I walked out of the house. My brother was late, once again, from his afterschool "club". I knew it was drugs, knew ever since I found that bag of coke in his bag. But this time.... he was hours late. Came home usually at four. Now it was 9. I walked around the parking lot, looking for his car. There it was, parked in the spot next to the apartment. I could see him inside.

"Mahda cmon lets go," i said as I walked over. I yanked open his car door and watched as his body fell out, hitting the pavement. "MAHDA!" 

No.... no.....

I shook his body and noticed something on my hands. Blood. I moved up his sleeve and saw it, several deep cuts on his shoulder. Someone had stabbed him or he had stabbed himself. "Fuck... MAHDA! WAKE UP!" i exclaimed. I could see his hand move and moved my face close to his chest. No heartbeat, but breathing. I stepped back and watched as he got up, his dark tan skin turning grey. "Mahda..... Mahda...."

Stop.... please... stop....

His face, he was crying blood. He stumbled towards me and got faster and faster as I backed towards the apartment. I looked to the side, a metal rod leaning on the wall. I grabbed it and looked to see a button sticking out the side. I pressed it and watched as 2 spikes emerged from the ends. My dad.... he taught me.... his bow staff.

Help.... me......

I swung the staff and sliced open his neck, blood spurting out. Blood splattered on my face and I watched as my brothers body crumpled to the ground. I stood there for a second and then I heard the scream. I ran towards the stairs up the second floor and looked over to the door. My mother laid there, pushed against the walls and her insides ripped open. The creatured turned around and looked at me, stumbling towards me. "NO!" 

Take.... it...

I swung the staff and took it's life as I drove the spike into it's chest. I ran past to my mom... she was gone. But she... she was still in the house. I ran in and ran out of the kitchen and towards my moms room. I ran passed mine and walked in to see it. The creature stood there, it's face over the side of the bloody crib. "No..... no... nononono.... NO!" 


I looked at Anikan and May held Jade close. I was on my knees, sweating profoudnly and breathing heavily. "Everything okay?" i asked. "Yeah... just... just feeling a little sick..." I said. It wasn't a lie and for a second I lost my balance, falling forward. "Anikan.... we're being watched."

FireStarter's POV

We finally stopped and parked the car on the grass next to the blocked up parking lot. Wooden fence gates, cars to block the holes. Would've worked if they hadn't left the gap under the car open. Axel and Rose jumped out and Lilitha came next. Ryan, Kailey, Space, Evans and Rey stepped out of the back and we stared at the two floor department store residing besides us. It was huge and looking mostly untouched by explosions. "Lets go," i said and we walked towards the department store, stocked up on ammo.

As soon as we walked in, we saw them. Zions everywhere. "We can sneak through the elevator shafts. Climb up the sides and take the stores on closest to them," said Evans. "No, too slow. Let's just take them on," i said to them. I held my deagle close and ran towards the crowd. Took down two, then three. "Andrew too many! Cmon!" yelled Lilitha. "NO! JUST TAKE THEM!" 

They swarmed me and I quickly dove for the legs, crawling between them. I felt the slash across my back and quickly rolled out of the crowd, running towards the elevator. I jumped onto the side and began to climb the wires. The others had ran to the elevators as well, but Axel and Rose had not. I dived onto the second floor out of the shaft and laid there, looking at my back. The slash had cut a bit of the fabric, but it hadn't gotten to my skin.

I looked over the side and saw them. Ryan, Kailey and Space were on the other side of the second floor climbing into a baby store. On my side was a cafe and behind me was Diana. "WHAT THE HELL ANDREW?! You almost got us all killed!" she yelled. I walked away and slid under the gate into the store. "Just cmon. Lets get the food and go,"

The cafe was dark but luckily I had my lighter. I walked over towards the napkin holder and put the flame next to it, burning them all. I threw the pile onto the floor and emptied the other napkin holders as well, creating a decently big fire. I walked behind the counter and looked around, trying to find something of use. I noticed a cabinet under the counter so I belt down and opened it up. Inside was bread and lots of it. I opened the bag and stuffed it all in, filling half of it. Diana walked out of the kitchen and spilled a few cups of ramen and a small portable cooler. She opened it up to reveal several bags of ice and some chicken inside. "Jackpot,"

Evans walked around the counter and looked around, checking through the food. "Hey Andrew..... is the floor supposed to be creaking?" she asked. "What do you mean?" i asked suspiciously. She screamed and I watched as small cracks appeared on the floor, growing and moving towards me like a snake. The floor was collapsing. "SHIT!"

I grabbed the bag and dived under the gate, sliding out of the store. I looked through with my flashlight and saw the floor had collapsed, everything falling into the store below. No sign of Diana, but there was some blood and a crushed Zion under it along with some blood stained clothes. "Diana?" i asked. "Yeah i'm okay. Gimme a second," she muttered. She walked through the store and on top of the crushed floor pieces, looking up at me. "Hit my head. Hurts but not much damage," she said. I put my arm out and she jumped up to to grab it. She grabbed my hand and a Zion grabbed hers.

The Zion slashed at her hand, making deep marks in her skin. I pulled her up with all my strength and she laid on the floor, looking at her arm. "Oh god.... oh god oh god.... FUCK! I can't lose this arm, I won't be able to be a doctor," she said. "Hey hey. We can get out of here. Just..... stay calm," i said to her. She began to breath slower and lighter, looking at me and smiling for a second. 

Suddenly it broke and we watched as the side of the second floor walkway that was farthest from the door broke off from the rest of the walkway and collapsed. Dr Evans fell from my grip down the walkway and towards the crowd of Zions. "NO! ANDREW!" she exclaimed as they swarmed her. Axel and Rose ran out from one of the stores and began firing, taking them all down. "AXEL!" 

The Zions switched targets and began swarming the kids, trying to surround them. "NONONONO NO!" i yelled as I ran down the walkway and fired twice, shooting through 2 Zions. I ran over and grabbed one by the shoulders, shoving it to the side. I saw it, blood.

I steppped back and some of the Zions moved away while the others feasted on the body. "No...... no... NO!" i exclaimed as I stepped backwards. I shoved them away and looked to Diana. She was gone. I ran up the walkway and used the railing to hoist myself up. I got up to the top, the stable part and laid down on the floor. "Shit..... I fucked up,"

Archer's POV

hwee hwoo....


The arrow shot into the Zion's skull, killing it instantly. It's body slumped forward into the grass and I walked forward, pulling my knife from my sheath. It was night, maybe around 9pm and the sky was jet black. The only light to guide me through the forest as the moonlight dripping through the pine trees as the wind blew through my hair. I grabbed the Zion's hand and sliced at it, cutting off every single claw. I opened my satchel and dropped them in, walking back through the trees. 

There I spotted another, sitting next to the side of a lake. It's back was hunched over and was feeding on something small, perhaps a squirrel or a bunny. Never questioned what Zions ate besides people, or if they even needed to eat.

hwee hwoo....


Another headshot and soon after checking there were no others lurking in the shadows I walked out to the pristine crystal clear lake and ripped the arrow from the back of it's head. I wiped the blood and brain juice on my jeans and knelt down, flipping over the body. It was eating a bunny. "Well sorry Lennie. Looks like no bunnies for you now," I said to myself as I cut off it's claws. I pocketed them and walked back towards the trees.

The Zion emerged and I reached for my knife, ready to kill. I slashed but somehow, It dodged. It pushed me to the side and I backed up as the Zion fell onto me, trying to cut into my shoulders. I struggled with it and held it's shoulders while it tried to slash at mine. Adrenaline coursed through my body and I quickly grabbed my knife from the grass and sliced open it's neck. Blood spilled out onto my shirt and shoved the body over my head into the lake.

I sat up and wiped the blood off my shirt and looked over to the lake. The formerly clear water had been penetrated by the mutant's blood and the lake was slowly changing into a pool of dark scarlett liquid. "Nothing is pure. Nothing lasts.... not for long," i whispered and I walked back into the forest, whistling as I pulled my bow back and continued my Zion hunting.

Kailey's POV

"CMON!" i exclaimed. Elevators weren't the only way to the 2nd floor and me and Ryan had unintentionally opened a door to a stairwell and now they had a way up. Ryan destroyed three with a shotgun blast and I pulled my Uzi's from my belt, gunning them down. First four had come up, then seven, then twenty.

"SHIT! CMON IN HERE!" I yelled and we dashed from the swarm as they chased after us. "These guys are getting faster every day!" exclaimed Ryan. 

We ran to the door, sliding under the metal gate. I climbed under and I put my hand out, grabbing Ryan's hand and pulling him through. Ryan quickly pushed the gate down, crushing a Zion under it and stopping them from getting through. "How long do you think it'll hold?" i asked. "Twenty minutes at most. Lets just get the baby stuff and go," answered Ryan.

In the dark the store was a bit creepy considering in the back isle was a man hung from the ceiling by a huge wire coming out of the ceiling. I ran towards the isle on the end and looked over the shelves. I moved my arm across the shelf, knocking all the plastic containers of baby food into the bag. I then grabbed two boxes of diapers and quickly cut them open with the tomahawk, shoving it's contents into the bag as well. I looked up to the end of the hall and saw something, a baby stroller.

I walked towards it and looked around the side to see only dried bloodstains all over it. Whatever baby was in there, it was dead now. And if the Zion that killed the child is still alive....


I heard the scream echo throughout the store and I quickly dashed to the front of the store and over to the isle Ryan was at. I was grabbed by the back by one of the Zion's that had reached through the gate on the wall and they held me there. Their teeth were unable to get get through, but their claws could. I reached for my Uzi and gunned down three from behind, releasing most of me. I cut down the Zion that held my leg and to the end isle to see Ryan fall to the ground, his back being slashed at by the Zion. I fired at it, killing it instantly.

Ryan groaned and I helped him up, carrying him to a small cot at the back of the store. I laid him down and quickly took off his white shirt. The claw had gotten through. "God no.... fuck!" i exclaimed. Ryan was infected, and there was no amputation. Suddenly, my vision began to blur. "Ryan.... the pills...."

I fell to the floor, my vision become even more blurry. I was supposed to take the pills last night. I looked at my arm and it was starting to turn grey. Ryan grabbed the duffel bag and pulled out a small pill bottle. He quickly opened it and threw the pills to me. I managed to stuff them in my mouth and quickly swallowed them without question. 

Minutes passed and I felt slightly better. I grabbed onto the shelf and helped myself, looking over to Ryan. "I'm dead aren't I. Well I may as well write my will. Leave my clothes to Spencer and you can have my shotgun," he said. "No. I'm not giving up. There has to be some way to help you..." I said to him. I looked at the wound, a small cut on his top shoulder. It wasn't deep but there was blood, but it also wasn't big. "Ugh I need Space.... where the hell is she?" i asked. "Andrew and Dr Evans ran towards the left, Axel and Rose strafed through the swarm and we ran up here. I think Space ran with us but didn't go up the elevator, probably snuck into one of the stores down there. Rey and Lilitha followed her too," explained Ryan.

I began to dig through my duffel bag and I noticed something in the side pocket. I grabbed it and realized it was Andrew's dagger. "Huh, must have accidentally put it in here. I'll give it to him later," i said. I looked at the daggers blade at my reflection and for a second, saw a person. He looked familiar, kinda like Julian. "Use heat," whispered the dagger and I quickly dropped it onto the floor. "Something wrong?" asked Ryan. "No.... I mean... no there isn't..."

Suddenly, I got an idea. It was risky and probably the stupidest thing I could ever think of. "Okay I saw it on a tv show. I'll go get it," I said. I ran towards one of the isles and found it, the furnace. I cut the lock with my Uzi and opened the doors, looking it over. I quickly looked at a small piece of paper on the side, reading over the instructions on the sixty year old device in front of me. After heating up using some gas and flames I stuck saw it. It was like a clothes iron, except made completely of metal. 

I dashed towards Ryan, the iron in hand. "Alright I heated it up and we got twenty minutes to spare so just hope it works," i said to him. "Wait wait wait WHAT ARE YOU DOING AHH!"

I pressed the iron down onto his back shoulder and he screamed in pain. The skin was being burnt and melted off. I held it there for seconds and seconds turned to minutes. After about two minutes I took it off and threw the skin covered iron to the ground. I looked over the wound, it wasn't pretty but it probably worked. Maybe. Well I wasn't sure.

"You could have told me what you were doing...... you had to burn off my skin?" he asked as he got up from the cot, grabbing his shotgun. "Kinda. Maybe. Don't really know," i said to him. We heard a noise and we both raised our guns. The sound of metal. "YOU GO RIGHT I GOT LEFT!" I yelled and the gate blocking the store entrance came down. I ran down to the left side of the store, gunning down two Zions that ran through the isles. I jumped onto the sheld and ran across it, the Zions attempting to grab me. The shelf I was on was knocked to the side and I hit the floor.

They swarmed me and I quickly gunned down two going for my legs. One grabbed my arm and I jabbed the tomahawk into it's head right before it's teeth met my skin. I grabbed onto the other shelf and ran towards the entrance and dived out onto the walkway. Ryan followed and we both looked over the side. Rose was surrounded, gunning them all down with her shotgun but there were still too many. I helped her out and killed three with my Uzi, giving her an escape and she ran outside. No sign of Rey, Axel, Andrew, Diana, Lilitha or Space.

We saw it, the bloody body still being slashed apart by the Zions on the far end of the store. I couldn't tell who, but it definently wasn't Andrew or Rey. "Lets get outside of the store. We can make a run for it. If nobody comes out in thirty minutes we go in and sweep the entire store, take the rest of the mutants out with grenades," i said to Ryan. He nodded and we walked towards the elevator, despair following.

Moon's POV

"Shit.... you think he got away?" i asked them. Lilitha and Rey stood behind me next to the sunglasses stand as we watched the Zions rip open the bloody body. "Maybe. You think it's him?" asked Rey. "Could be. Don't see his hat though so maybe not. Cmon lets find a way out," i said.

We had broke apart from Kailey and Ryan and hid inside of a small convenince store after several mutants tried to grab us. "Hey Space, do you think the gates will hold?" asked Lilitha as we walked through the isles. "Maybe, maybe not. If it does we got maybe five minutes. The gate is already a bit wrecked," i said to her as I stared at the dented gate. 

I didn't want to say it, but no matter what I would probably end up getting out of here. I was still wearing my riot armor and it was basically invicible against the mutants as long as the helmet was on and the glass was down too. I also had a nightstick attached to my belt along with my two silenced glocks. No heavy artilery, just pistols. We walked towards the back and saw something lying on the ground Rey came around the side and we all stared at the dead body. In it's hand was a tv remote, but every button was drawn over with a marker except for the "guide" button. 

Rey knelt down and picked up the remote. "Maybe it opens up some secret door or something," he said. "Dude he's a convenince store worker not a spy," i said to him. "Um well last time we encountered a spy it was when you, Spencer and the kids stopped for ice cream. If an ice cream waiter can be a spy I think he could be too," Lilitha said. She snatched the remote from Rey's hand and clicked the button.

Stupidest mistake ever.

We all heard it and looked over to the gate to see the ceiling explode and half of it crash down. Two stores burst into flames and nearby, the cash register did too and the flames quickly spread. "Shit, this whole place is coated in gasoline!" exclaimed Rey. To add to the chaos, the gates burst open. "JUST PUSH THROUGH!" i exclaimed and we charged, our guns drawn.

Blood.... that's all I saw.

FireStarter's POV

The floor was cold, but the heat fixed that. I sat there on the broken second floor walkway, staring at the burning building when I noticed it. Lilitha, Space and Rey running through the crowd. "LILITHA!" i exclaimed and I quickly ran down the broken walkway and jumped onto the first floor. They were surrounded and I could see Space struggling to take on four. I ignore the others and went straight for Lili, taking down two that had pinned her against the wall next to a hot dog stand and several bodies.

Lilitha dropped her sniper rifle and cut through the neck of one that tried to bite at her neck with her butterfly knife. Another four came at her and I watched as she ducked to the floor, the Zion's swarming her. "NO! NONONO! FUCK! LILITHA!"

I ran over and I could see them slashing at her body. I fell to my knees, my deagle hitting the floor. Dr Evans, Axel and now Lilitha. "ANDREW CMON!" exclaimed Rey. Rey and Space were near a door leading out the back of the store, both of them crying and fighting them off. I didn't feel anything. Rey ran to me and grabbed me by the arm and we ran to the door.

Light blinded us from several seconds as our eyes adjusted and we watched as the Zions followed us out of the store, trying to surround us. "HIDE IN THE CAR! GO!" Rey ordered. We ran to the small five person car and dived into the back and front seats, quickly locking the car doors. The Zions surrounded the car, trying to break into the windows. Space removed her helmet, looking at us. We were all covered in a combination of sweat, tears and blood. They were gone. They were all gone.

"It..... it's my fault... it's ALL MY FUCKING FAULT! DAMNIT!"



Next Chapter.....

The surviving members of the mission travel to Washington D.C. in the hope to reunite with the others. Anikan and the others are followed by a van after Devin reveals the rewards from his Zion hunting run from the other night. A survivor discovers a mysterious foe and a mysterious friend.

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