The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Reunion

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



Wolf's POV

We all stared, or at least me, Andrew, Axel, Spencer and Space did. My guess is that not many of us recognized him, maybe Jaxi through pictures. I looked over to the side and saw May holding Jade. I took Jade in my arms and held her close. No more....

"Hamster?" asked Spencer as he walked close to him, blood covering his face. "Hey, I thought I told you people to stop callin me that," he said. Spencer ran forward and hugged Hamster. "Blame Andrew! He's the one that didn't go back for you!" he said. 

Hamster glared at Andrew who backed up behind Lilitha. "Um.... Coty told me to do it," he lied. "No he screamed at you to go back," said Space. Andrew smacked Space on the arm and looked at Hamster nervously. Hamster glared and opened his bag, throwing each of us an energy bar. "Eat up, we move out soon. Where you guys headed?" he asked. "Rose is from New York. There's a refugee camp there," I answered. "Huh.... there's another part of the cell stationed somewhere up there. I can take care of them maybe, if we manage to get up there," he said.

Suddenly, we could hear it. Growling. We all held our guns up and watched as several Zions began to stumble through a nearby alley. "Shit! Jump the gates! Go!" yelled Hamster and he aimed his pistol, shooting at them.

We all dashed to the nearby truck parked against the white house gate and began to jump over. First Jaxi, Brett, Kailey, Ryan, Spencer, and then Rey, Zayla, May, Space, Stephanie, Rose and Axel. Hamster, Lucas and I ran and began to climb up the hood. Hamster jumped over and then Lucas, but something went wrong. Lucas's leg got caught on the spiked gate and he shouted as he hit the grass, his leg cut open. I jumped next and helped him up from the ground. The Zions began to climb onto the truck and we ran towards the white house, through the long grass in front of the white house.

We made it to the big front doors and Hamster charged, ramming the door. Brett and Rey joined him and the door broke open. We ran inside and Jaxi and May quickly pushed it closed and Hamster pulled a zip tie from his bag and tied the doors together. We all sat against the walls and laid there for a second. We all stared at the room and while it looked fancy and white in pictures, the inside was not.

The room was covered in blood. In the corner were bodies and drag marks all across the tiled floor. There were blood marks across the railing of the stairs and bloody hand prints on the wall. Whoever was in here was dead.

"We need to find something that we can use to treat Devin and Lucas. Keep their wounds clean until then," i said to them. I walked off with my revolver drawn and I could hear someone follow.

Hacker's POV

"I declare war! I declare war on Russia!"

We laughed at my imitation as I sat in the chair of the oval office and the injured Devin and Lucas along with Stephanie sat nearby. Space was there as well, sliding through the hallways in a rolling chair.

The presidents desk was wooden and the whole top was scattered with documents and forms. I didn't bother to read them and just swiped them off the desk. I looked to the side and saw Stephanie messing with some newton balls in the corner. She seemed hypnotized as they moved back and forth. 

"Hey Spencer, you said you saw the video online right?" asked Lucas. "Yeah it was an audio file," i answered. "Then isn't whatever recorded the audio here?" he asked.

I immediantly began examining everything in the room quickly. The desktop basketball hoop was clean, so was the half eat panini on the desk. I swung my sickle and knocked a painting off the wall and there it was, a small device attached to the back. "Wow, not even sure how someone got it on," i said. I looked back at the half eaten panini and realized I hadn't eaten that night. 

FireStarter's POV

I crept down the stairs and walked along the less bloody hallway. "Andrew.... ANDREW!"

I turned around to see Lilitha following, marching down the hallway, looking a bit mad. "Yeah?" I asked. She grabbed my hand and pulled me close, kissing me. We broke away and she looked me in the eyes, beginning to cry. "I thought I'd never see you again. When you did... you didn't even notice," she said. 

"Lilitha I did notice. But considering Hamster just appeared out of nowhere, Evans was dead, forty other people were dead next to us, Devin was shot and Spencer was covered in blood it was a little hard to pay attention to anything," i answered. She smiled and kissed me again and began to push me through a door into an open room. We turned around to see a room with a yellow like light. 

I walked over to the table and on it, was a box of pocky. I picked it up and turned to Lilitha and held out my hand. She grabbed the box and quickly ripped it open and began to nibble on it. "I love you Andrew," 

"I love you too Lili," i said to her and I walked over to her, took the pocky from her mouth and put it on top of the box. "Hey.... you wanna be the first civilians to ever do it in the white house?" she asked. I nodded and I pulled her close, moving my hands down and hoping the door was locked. I then reached for my belt, grabbed my dagger and slid it across the floor, keeping the scene private from even the dead.

Wolf's POV

The room was dark besides the light seeping through the blinds. "Tell us how you survived," i said to him. Axel and Rose were nearby, and so was May and Adam. Axel and Rose were looking through the nearby couch cushions and Adam and Jaxi were eating some more of Hamster's energy bars.

"Luck. Pure luck. Survived the fifty foot drop, stole a car from a parking lot back on shore. Just drove to the capital. I was gonna go after you guys, couldn't. Indiana had some incident with a college and I got redirected," he explained, "came here and met these guys gunning down civilians,"

His tale was convincing, mostly. "Thats it?" i asked. "Made it up the ranks in his group. Trusted me the most. Though with all the survivor groups that've came here, I never had to kill any of them. You guys have killed before this right? I could see it in your eyes how easy it was to kill these ones, so you must've killed before this," he asked. "Yeah. Group of criminals in Mexico. The Night Walkers. They hung our friend, Julian joined them. Julian killed their leader," i explained.

"Some of you are missing. Maddie, Julia, Coty, Julian..... are they alive?" he asked. I shook my head. "Never thought Coty would die..... how'd it happen?" he asked. "We got surrounded by mutants. We all ran out of ammo and the RV was surrounded. Coty fought them off, got slaughtered. Maddie went out the same way. Got to the beach, fought Russians, she got bit. Julian killed the leader of The Night Walkers, tried to save Andrew's life. He got bit in the process and chose to save Andrew over himself. Julia died when our outpost in Mexico got swarmed and she was eaten," I explained painfully. It hurt just thinking about it.

He looked down at the floor. "Everybodies changed... huh..." he muttered. I looked at him confusingly. "You were some shy kid with a hat. Stopped wearing it as soon as this mess started. Andrew was some emo kid in a hoodie, now hes a badass in a hoodie with a gun and a girlfriend. That red haired chick is hot. Space was just some short blonde genius obsessed with anime, now shes decked out with riot gear and shades. Spencer was a weakling, a loser with a video game. Hes stronger now, has a sickle and a gun. Looks badass with all the blood on him," 

"Never thought anyone would refer to that guy as a badass," i said to him and we laughed. We sat in silence for several minutes until he spoke up. "Hey... kid.... whats your name?" he asked. Axel walked over, taking off his hat and looking at Hamster. "I'm Axel. You saved my life Isrreal," he answered. Isrreal's eyes widened as he stared at Axel. Hamster had supposedly died when he fell on the bridge after saving Axel's life. Axel ran forward and hugged Hamster. "Thank you Isrreal,"

We all heard it and we ran to the windows. Zions had gotten over the gate. "We have to leave, now!" i yelled. I grabbed my gun and we all ran from the room to the front doors. "EVERYBODY! LETS GO!" yelled Hamster and in minutes everybody was running out. "Andrew why is your hoodie backwards?" asked Spencer. His face turned red as he tried to re adjust it.

We cut through the zip tie and pushed open the front doors as the Zions stumbled through the grass. We ran towards the gate, but had no way over. "Car!" exclaimed Axel and he ran over to a nearby car in the grass. Zions surrounded it as he jumped in and we watched as he started it and rammed the car at the gates. They broke open and we all ran through. I swung my sword at the window and broke it and helped Axel out as we dashed down the street.

The mobile home was just around the corner and Lilitha opted to drive. She jumped in and we all began to jump in the back when mutants emerged from a nearby alley. They grabbed Hamster by the leg and yanked him out and I watched as he attempted to fight them off. Axel aimed his rifle and fired, shooting each in the head. Hamster ran in and we quickly started the mobile home and drove down the road. I looked over to Zayla in the corner. "So your coming with us?" i asked. "Nowhere else to go, can I?" she asked. After a few quick thoughts I nodded and she smiled.

Hamster was back and we were on the road once more....


Next Chapter....

The group must stop after their ammo supply is drained from defending against the Knights. Rey makes use of Devin's claws from his hunting trip and Zayla shows her usefulness with her sword. Lilitha and Rose use the future sight ability once more and Spencer gives Lilitha a suprise...

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