The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Sickened

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



Wolf's POV

We drove for hours, until we were finally out of D.C. Left behind was Dr Evans, but we had gained two more friends. Hamster and Zayla, who I still didn't completely trust. 

"Guys, we got a problem," said Spencer as he dug through one of his bags. We all looked at him and he turned over the bag. Out came two clips for a pistol, several instant reloads for a revolver and three assault clips. "Extremely low on ammo," he said. "There's a mall nearby, lots of mutants inside so we never raided it. But there's a hunting store in there, packed with ammo," suggested Hamster. "Lets go then,"

We arrived in half an hour and we had to decide who would go and wouldn't. "May, keep Jade here," i told her. "But what happens if you don't come back?" asked May. "Then she's your responsibility, I trust you to keep Jade safe," i said to her. She hugged me and looked over to the crib where Jade was sleeping. "Come back.... please," 

I walked out of the mobile home with my P-90 on my back and my revolver in hand. Hamster came too and so did Spencer, Lilitha, Zayla, Rose, Axel and Rey. "Why are you coming?" i asked Zayla. "Bored. Rather not spend the next hour sitting in the mobile home, not talking to anyone and listening to gunfire from inside," she said as she walked past us and decapitated a nearby Zion trapped between cars with a single slice.

We approached the front doors and we immediantly noticed several Zions inside. Hamster opened one on one end and Spencer on the other and took them down with ease. We followed and walked into the mall. The first floor was flooded, but I could see the hunting store on the second floor. The escalators were broken, but I could see the elevator through the crowd. Rey pulled out a small bag and pulled out several bracelets. "Devin gave me the claws, I made these. Just hope it works," said Rey. He handed one out to each of us and we walked towards the crowd. Zayla grabbed one from it and pulled it around the corner. She slit it's throat and smeared blood on her cheeks like war paint. She then unsheathed her sword and followed us as we walked through the crowd.

Strolling through the crowd of Zions was probably the most scariest thing I've ever done. In Mexico City at least they were more spread out, but here all the mutants were pushed together. We had to shove our way through and each one you touched could have realized you were human and taken you down. If one noticed you, they all would. Axel was behind me and behind him was Zayla and Rey. No sign of Lilitha, Spencer of Hamster. The elevator was close and I could almost see it over the mutants heads. One of them growled and soon I was on the ground.

Rose Pwincess's POV

I sat on the couch, holding it close. They were trying to get it, but it was the last one there. The last one left. I couldn't let them have it, it was too important. "LET ME HAVE THE DAMN JUICE BOX!" Yelled Kailey. I kicked her away and she hit the ground and I quickly slurped up the last of the grape flavored juice box. "You couldn't let her have a little?" asked Brett as he grabbed some ramen from the table and sat down on the couch next to me. I glared at him and he shuffled away a bit, afraid for his life. 

"You guys think this short girl is intimidating?" asked Devin as he sat on the couch across from us next to Lucas. I glared at him as well and gave a devious smile. "Well honey facial expressions ain't gonna work but if you want to-"

A single move and he was on the floor, his hands behind his back and my foot on his neck. Lucas, Kailey and Brett watched in awe as I pinned Devin to the ground in seconds. "Well HONEY, I think I am a bit intimidating myself. Don't you?" i asked. "OKAY OKAY OKAY! YOUR INTIMIDATING NOW LET ME GO!" he yelled. I let go of his hands and Lucas helped him back onto the couch.

"Devin why do you have such bad luck with your leg?" asked Stephanie as she walked in, eating a slice of bread with jelly spread over it. "I seriously have no idea." he answered. "Well he got shot by terrorists in Kentucky, then twice while on the roof of the mobile home, and then again like twenty minutes later by Renon," said Brett as he counted them off. Devin held his leg and his eyes widened. "Didn't Space say she found some extra riot gear in the car?" asked Devin. We nodded and he gestured for Stephanie to go get it.

She ran off and came back several minutes later, with a pair of riot pants. Devin managed to slip them on and they seemed to fit him perfectly. "Well at least I don't have to worry about being shot any more," he said. I looked over my shoulder and saw Space looking out the window. I got up and walked over towards her. "Something wrong?" i asked. She didn't answer for a second. "I heard a scream,"

Hope's POV

It had grabbed him by suprise and had attempted to yank him away. Anikan reached out my hand but me grasp slipped away as they dragged him and attempted to kill me. Rey tried to help me but was grabbed by the arm and I was left to the imaginary mercy of the mutants. Zayla cut down three Zions and I was grabbed by her, running with Anikan to the elevator. We dived in and Zayla swiftly killed four more and quickly closed the door. It began to move up and Anikan drew his sword. "Hamster, Spencer and Lilitha will probably take the escalator," said Rey.

We reached the top and found ourselves right outside an hunting store. "Alright Rey cmon. Zayla, Axel, watch the door," Anikan said to them. We nodded and drew our guns. "How'd you get to use the sword?" i asked. "Trained. My spy friend taught me how," she said. We stood their in silence for several other minutes and I noticed the others blocking up the escalator down the walkway.

I started to walk towards them when she spoke up. "Where are you going?" she asked curiously. "Gonna go talk to Lilitha," i said. "Don't. We have to stay here and watch the door and if somehow those things manage to figure out how to use an elevator I can't take them on alone," she said. I groaned and walked back towards her. "You were just like Tomas.... always full of adventure," she said. She looked away from me and held her sword a little closer. "Who's Tomas?" i asked. "A friend,"

Detective's POV

As soon as we came up the escalator and blocked it off, we were faced with a horrific sight. It was a store, an anime store. The windows were smashed and blood covered the floors. The whole place had been burnt down. Lilitha walked forward and pushed open the doors, staring at the blackened scene. She stood in the middle of the store and I watched as several tears fell from her eyes. 

Spencer walked over to her and opened his bag, pulling something out. A piece of clothing. "Lili... there's something I want you to have. Something she would want you to have," he said. He handed her a hoodie, a bit of blood on the sleeve but a big pink hoodie. Lilitha slipped it on and examined the label on the front. It was Maddie's hoodie. "She took it off and put it in my backpack by mistake," he said. Lilitha cried even more and hugged him. "Thank you Spencer.... thank you,"

Minutes later Spencer and Hamster went over to the hunting store and I approached Lilitha. I pulled the notebook from my bag and put it on the counter. "Try another?" I asked. She nodded and we looked over the symbols. We had touched the wolf, the flame and the rose. This time, she touched the moon.

The night was dark, but the lab wasn't. Moon ran towards the entrance where two guards were stationed with rifles. I quickly shot them both in the head. Behind me was the detective, hope, the crossbow and a girl with a double bladed sword. I knelt down and began punching numbers into the keypad and the door opened up. The hallway was completely white with light blue lights illuminating it. Several guards came around the corner and the lights switched to dark blue. We fired and soon they were down. "sword, crossbow, take the left. hope, detective, follow." i said. We split up and ran down the hallway. We opened the door at the end and stared at the room, complete with laser beams and a glass case covering the vial on the pedestal. 

I took off some of the riot gear and I knew I had to do this. "Don't hit the lasers. They aren't hooked up to an alarm, they'll just burn you alive," i said to them. Hope dived through two and slid under one, getting decently close. Detective ran past one, did a flip over one and got right next to the pedestal before one burned her arm. I went next and managed to slip under two, dodge one and jump over another and finally I was at the vial. "The only way to save his life,"

I could hear gunfire from behind and looked over my shoulder. The lasers turned off and I watched as crossbow carried sword down the hall, sword shot through the back. They collapsed on the floor and hope quickly closed the door and aimed their rifle. "NO! NO! PLEASE NO! CROSSBOW HELP HER!" i exclaimed. "I can't... they shot through the bag, everything spilt on the floor," she said, beginning to cry. "NO!"

We both fell to the floor and stared at the notebook. Someone was dead. She was beginning to cry again. I spoke up, "Hey.... at least I survived that long," 

London's POV

"Dude, you can make sushi?"

I sat behind the counter while Anikan, Torres, Zayla, Axel and Spencer sat at the table. I gave them each their plate and placed the sushi knife back on the cutting board. "Yeah, learned from.... from Kane," i answered. Despair and memories filled my body.

"Rey...." he muttered. "WHY.... WHY DID YOU COME HERE!?" i yelled at him. "Blade they amputated me with... it was infected. They had mutant blood on it. No different then if I didn't get amputated. Least this way Ryan doesn't die," he muttered. I stared into his eyes as they slowly closed. Kane was dead.

"Rey? You okay?" asked Axel. "Yeah.... yeah I'm fine," 

We ate, spending about half an hour gobbling down Rey's japanese cuisine. "Anikan are you okay?" asked May over the walkie talkie. "Yeah, we're fine. Rey made sushi," he answered. "OOOOO HAVE HIM GET SOME MOCHI!" yelled May. I walked off to the cupboards and started digging when I heard it. We all ran to the door and saw Zions coming up the elevator. "HOW THE HELL ARE THEY THAT SMART!?" i exclaimed. I drew my rifle, Anikan revealed his revolver, Spencer grabbed his, Axel and Rose got their rifles, Torres drew his pistol and Zayla grabbed her sword. We charged and took them out quickly. "Down the escalator, we need to get though now!" yelled Zayla.

We all dashed to the escalator and Torres quickly pushed the barricades down. We watched as the nearby wall exploded and a dark Zion emerged. It had broke down the wall and was coming for us. We dashed down the escalator and Zayla ran to the front, cutting them down with ease. We ran into the crowd and Zayla began to cut them down swiftly while the rest of us gunned them down. 

The entrance and close but the dark Zion followed and we watched as the floor behind us was melted by it's acid spit. We pushed through the doors and stared in suprise to see another Dark Zion, firing acid spit at the mobile home. We noticed Jaxi, May, Jade, Brett, Stephanie, Space, Andrew, Ryan, Devin, Adam, May, Kailey and Lucas fleeing out the back, bags in hand. "JAXI!"

Lilitha pulled something from her bag, a katana sheath, and threw it to her. She caught it and unsheathed a second katana. She held her rose blade in one hand the new one in the other and charged at the Zion. With two slices she cut it's patch and slit it's throat and the Zion smashed into the ground. The one behind us was trapped inside and we all stared at our destroyed mobile home, nothing left but a melted chunk of metal.


Next Chapter....

Anikan and May discuss Anikan's responsibilities as not only a "leader" but also as a guardian. Anikan dreams of returning to a familiar place and of confronting an important figure and after must teach Jade the truth abou this world. Andrew is questioned on the subject of his unmentioned family.

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