The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Positive

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



"You think this place won't just collapse on us?"

We stopped close to the building in the middle of the street. Half of the bottom of the building was destroyed, yet the top still managed to stand. It was only around 6 floors, but was still tall enough to fall.

"I'm positive Kailey,"

I pulled out my revolver and the others grabbed their guns as we jumped out of the car and ran towards the building. Several mutants were outside, right next to a pile of human bones and dried blood.

Several bullets from AWiiGii's suppressed sniper and they became bodies like the rest. We walked in and Ryan covered the back as I looked around. An escelator was nearby.

"Second floor," muttered Hadyn. We all walked onto the escalator and walked up in. I stared down at the bottom at Spencer. "Dude it doesn't work," i told him. His eyes widened and he ran up to follow us.

I looked around and realized it almost immediantly.



"Why are we in a Victoria's Secret?"

"I have absolutely no idea."

Ryan turned on his flashlight and threw one to me and Spencer and we all looked around.

"Is this whole place one big clothes store?"

"No. According to Selena's notes there should be a pharmacy in the back. Stocks painkillers."

I nodded and looked around. "Mutants could be hiding. Spencer you go left. Take AWiiGii and Amanda. I'll go right and i'll take Ryan, Kailey and Hadyn."

He nodded and walked off, his gun up and his suspicions high.

The four of us walked through the clothes store and kept decently far from the window. "OH MY GOD!"

We looked to Kailey and saw her staring at it. "50% off!? This is a designer dress!" she exclaimed. Ryan smacked her in the back of the head, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away.

"Just like my sister," he muttered. "I'm better then your sister. In fact i'll just be your new sister," she said. Hadyn and I looked at each other and rolled are eyes as we walked out of the isle.

As we came around the corner the Zion tackled us and began to slash at Kailey. Ryan smashed his shotgun into it's head and fired, blowing it's brains out. "Hey! That top was cute!" she exclaimed, pointing at a nearby shot now covered in blood and brain matter. "We have to go! Now!" i yelled. We all ran through the isles and Hadyn pointed to something. The pharmacy. We quickly switched to another one and rolled under the clothes to get through and I watched as it came down.

One of the nearby lights hung from two sides broke and it swung through the air. Hadyn was knocked to the ground and we stopped to see his body trapped beneath the light. I ran to help him and Ryan followed, only for Zions to come down the isle. They went at him and we attempted to gun them down, but more and more kept coming. We stared as he was slowly eaten alive and he screamed and yelled in pain. "GO!"

Soldier's POV

I walked towards the building, Lucas behind me. "You have fun?" i asked him. He gave me a thumbs up as his heavy breathing prevented his speech. We walked up the stairs and he stopped at the second floor, going into the infirmary most likely to see Devin, Space, Kyra, May and Allana. I walked up to our floor and came into the hallway to see her.

Jaxi was coming out of her room and she slowly closed it behind her before turning around to see me. We locked eyes for several seconds before she rushed out of the room, each step she took on the cold floor breaking me inside. Jaxi had never broken up with me. I didn't break up with her. We just.... died.

"WHEN THE HELL WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THIS!?" she yelled through tears. "Eventually..... I didn't know the right time. If I had told you originally you would have shot me on the spot. I wanted to be with you Jaxi. Thats why this was necessary," i answered. "Brett..... you lied to me,"

I stood in the darkened hallway, frozen in place by fear and heartbreak. The hallway lights all shut off and I didn't even move. I was lost. No role, no reason. I looked down at my holster and the lights immediantly flickered on with a small turn of a head. It was a signal, a signal to do it. I reached down to my holster and pulled out the gun. Nobody would know, nobody would care.

The small black glock. I put it up and put it to my head, putting it right above my ear. I put my finger on the trigger, pulled and the door opened. "BRETT!"

FireStarter's POV

We came around the corner and aimed our guns. "Did Julian go out peacefully?" Hamster asked as we walked down the sidewalk. "Yeah.... yeah he did. Went down talking in his usual almost heartless dialect. He was a good man," i answered. I looked down at the dagger. "So how is everybody? The same? or changed?" he asked.

I turned around to look him in the eyes. "We are all killers. If there was a government left we would all be sentenced to death, even if it was illegeal in the state. The things we've done, the things's we do to survive. It's for a purpose, one that nobody in the old world would understand."

"This world is destroyed. It's fallen to the mutants."

"Alright alright. Enough with the movie like quotes. Cmon theres a 7-11 over there!" said Hamster. He pointed down the road and we jogged at it, only for a mutant to come around the corner. I swung Julian's knife and cut through it's eye before kicking it in the leg and stabbing it in the enck. I got up and he pointed to my now blood covered sleeve. "Well i'm gonna need that cleaned," i said and we continued running towards the gas station.

We came around the cover and walked over to it. Several cars were abandoned nearby, most likely not working. "Hey Hamster. What if somehow the world got saved. The government from another country rolled in, Russia and North Korea's leaders were destroyed and the people came back to rebuild? Then we would become known as the survivors and all the places we've visited would be famous landmarks or somethin," i said. Hamster leered at me. "We could rebuild Tazader City and have the bridge be called Bridge of the Swimming Hamster!" i exclaimed. He punched me in the arm and we walked into the 7-11, only to see a gun pointed at my face. "RUN!"

Wolf's POV

"Spencer you got it!" i yelled. He nodded and threw me one shopping bag and he took the other. We ran towards his isle out and saw AWiiGii and Amanda making out in the corner. "SAVE IT FOR LATER!" i yelled at him. We dashed down one clothes isle and past the cash reigsters. A Zion came out from behind the register and grabbed Kailey, only to be shot to death by Ryan.

The Zions began to surface in the eyes and soon we were surrounded. "UNDER!" yelled Amanda. We all dropped to the floor and began to crawl under the clothes racks to a different isle. I got up and ran, the others behind me. I then watched and stared as three mutants overtook Kailey and she dropped to the floor. "ANIKAN!"

One of them bit down on her neck and she screamed in pain, right as Spencer rolled out from under the clothes. He pulled out his gun and killed all three, including one that tried to go for her heart. Spencer then took off his hoodie, his only protection besides a black t-shirt, and wrapped it around her neck over the wound.

"Kailey, you will be fine. Just follow us," he said. She coughed and we all stared at the small splat of blood on her wrist. "CMON!" yelled Spencer. Kailey nodded and he took her hand as we continued our escape.

We all ran towards the exit as the ceiling began to collapse. We looked back and saw several mutants going for us, stumbling down the hall to attempt to get us. "ALRIGHT BE READY TO JUMP!" i yelled. "WHAT!?"

I fired two shots forward at the window. We would have to make it. "WHY CAN'T WE JUST TAKE THE ESCALATOR!" yelled Spencer. "ESCALATORS ARE OVERRATED! NOW MAN UP GAMER BOY!" yelled Kailey. I heard a scream and saw Amanda being yanked into the crowd AWiiGii put his hand out and grasped her hand, trying to pull her back. Me and Spencer both fired, each Zion holding onto her hitting the floor. 

AWiiGii yanked her from their grasp and we ran towards the window as the mutants, chased us, trying to kill us. More had come and walked right over the ones we killed. AWiiGii helped her run and we followed beside them as the Zions chased us. I pulled out my gun, aimed back and fired twice before we all made the dive through the broken window.

FireStarter's POV

A single gunshot, from a single shotgun. I tackled Hamster to the ground just as the shell smashed through the window. Glass shattered and hit the ground as the figure ran through the store. I reached into my belt and pulled out my deagle. I fired several shots in the store as the figure ran out the back. "Hamster FIRE!"

I came around the saw the figure running over into a building. Hamster grabbed his shotgun off his back and we dashed over to the front. Several shots blew through the glass doors and window and we ducked and dashed to the door to kill them, right before an explosion blew us into the street. Ringing defeaned my hearing and I quickly reached for the deagle lying in the street several feet away. I grabbed it and looked to the building to see flames and spoke filling the windows and doors. Whoever was inside was dead, or at least injured.

Hamster was already up, a few feet away holding his shotgun. He helped me up and we slowly walked towards the building, our guns drawn and pointed at the door. A small bag, a brown satchel, was lying in front of the door. Flames were englufing the corner and I quickly kicked it to put it out. Hamster picked up the bag but I grabbed his hand. "Stop, could be a bomb," i said to him. I kicked the bag and it's contents spilled out onto the concrete. Several shotgun shells, a sniper clip and a small syringe with a small bit of liquid on the bottom of the tube. I knelt down to pick it up when Hamster stopped me. 

"It's been used recently. Whatever liquid was inside was injected quickly as the man was in a rush. Stephanie and Rey, they both had openings on their arms indicating they were given a shot. Whoever is in here gave them the shot, or at least thats the most likely decision," he said. I picked it up and handed it to him. "I know where this is from.... an ambulance we raided in Washington," he answered. I looked at him confusingly right before he dropped the small plastic tube onto the floor. "One of them is still alive. Maybe in the group that followed us. There were seven, Adam took out four and Space and Stephanie got two. One survived," hes said.

Wolf's POV

I got up off the ground and stared over to the door. Zions had broken through the glass and were stumbling towards us. I grabbed the revolver and aimed and with several shots six were on the ground. The rest fell to bullets from the end of Spencer's revolver and the last to his sickle. He looked down to me and put out his hand and I took it, getting off the ground.

We looked to the side to see Kailey still holding her neck with Spencer's hoodie over the bleeding wound and AWiiGii holding his leg and Amanda right next to him. "I think it's broken," he said as he winced in pain. Spencer walked over and helped him up with Amanda and they carried him towards the truck. I looked at my revolver, the barrel covered in blood, and then looked back at the store. Ryan looked over to me and walked next to me. "You good?" he asked concerningly, holding his shotgun in his hands and blood splattered on his cheek. "Yeah.... yeah..... positive."

Soldier's POV

The floor was cold, even though it was carpeted. I could see the gun lying on the floor , wet blood on the barrel. I reached out for it when a leg kicked it away. I looked up to see Lilitha right above me. "Brett get inside before someone sees. Cmon," she said. She grabbed onto my arm and began to help me up. My eyes flickered open and close as I got up off the ground. 

She helped me over to the door and pushed me inside her room as she closed it. She grabbed my arm once more and helped me over to the couch. She then walked over to the counter, picked up a small white cloth and walked over to me. My vision was blurry and I was slowly blacking out. She knelt down in front of me and put the cloth to my head and when she pulled it off, a small red spot stained the middle. "What happened?" i asked. "You tried to shoot yourself. If I hadn't run out you would have. Luckily you only nicked your forehead," she said.

My vision began to slowly come back into focus and I grabbed the stained cloth from the table as Lilitha walked off. "Why'd you do it?" she asked as she began to pour water into two clear plastic cups. I thought to myself before I could find an answer, "I can't go on Lilitha. Not without her,"

"So because you and Jaxi had a fight that's your cue to just shoot yourself in a hallway. What if Axel had heard and come out?" asked Lili. I looked down at the table and tears streamed down my face. "I'm sorry Lilitha. It just came to my mind, that I could end it there. Wouldn't have to feel the pain," i said to her. She walked back to the table and put down the two plastic cups. She pushed one over to me and I quickly took it and gulped half of it down in seconds. I put it down and took a breath as she looked at me in the eyes.

"Brett i'm not gonna say what you did was right. But I will say it's probably one of the best options there was available," she said to me. I took the cup and took another gulp before hitting the bottom back onto the hard wooden table.

"If you want to make it up to her. Suprise her, set up some romantic fancy dinner or something. I can ask this one girl I met earlier to help, her names Bailey," she suggested. I finished the cup in one final gulp and smacked it onto the table for the final time.

"Thanks Lili. Can I use the bathroom here?" i asked her. She nodded and I got up off the couch and stumbled towards the bathroom. I came in and slowly closed the door when I noticed a small object lying on the counter next to a blue bottle of shampoo and an old silver watch with small jewels embedded around the clock. A single + symbol right on it.






"Lilitha..... are you pregnant?"



Next Chapter....

Lilitha is forced to explain to Brett the situation inside of her while Anikan and May talk about their former lives. Brett asks a woman in the outpost for help with Jaxi's suprise and Axel and Rose prepare a trap for the rapist in order for Rose to feel safe. 



Character Count

Anikan: Alive
Andrew: Alive
Space: Alive
Jaxi: Alive
Spencer: Alive
Lilitha: Alive

Stephanie: Alive
Axel: Alive
Rose: Alive
Rey: Alive
Devin: Alive
Marcus: Dead

Kate: Dead
Diana Evans: Dead
Brett: Alive
May: Alive
Kailey: Alive
Lucas: Alive
Ryan: Alive
AWiiGii: Alive
Adam: Coma
Julian: Dead
Scarlett: Dead
Jade: Alive

Zayla: Coma
Isrreal: Alive

Shane: Alive
Selena: Dead

Alice: Alive
Pierce: Alive
Amanda: Alive
Maddie: Alive

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