The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Home

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



Rose Pwincess's POV

The entire infirmary was quiet, completely silent for hours. I sat on the chair next to his bed while Kyra brought him some water and Alanna took care of the others. In the week and a half that passed most of the people had gotten out of the infirmary.

But Stephanie, Kailey, Rey and Brett were still here and the virus inside of them seemed to be getting worse. They were asleep most of the time and the time that they were up they were burning up and coughing up blood. It was only a matter of time before their tears turned red.

Lucas, May and Space had both decided to volunteer and help out Kyra and Alanna to keep them alive while Shane was working on a cure. 

"Shane. How much longer?" i asked him as he sat at his desk on the other side of the room and began checking pill bottles. "Not for awhile. Maybe another week. I still don't know the exact strain of virus that this is. If it was one virus or the other it'd be fine. But mixing them both together and injecting someone with it is extremely dangerous," he explained. 

I looked to Brett and grabbed his hand, just as the alarm went off.

The lights turned red and began to flash. "Everybody outside! Somethings wrong!" he yelled. We all ran to the door and I almost managed forget my sword.

The seven of us came outside and we looked to the gates to see the gate broken open and a large inside of the camp. The back trailer opened up and we all watch as whoever was inside released a special one right inside of the camp. A small crowd consisting of Harrison, Alice, two kids, Sophia, Alice, Hamster, the trainees, Amanda, Thomas, Zayla, Lucas and a few others walked over to see the situation as well. "EVERYBODY TO THE BACKUP BUILDING! GO NOW!" yelled Alice. "What about the patients?" exclaimed Alanna. 

"We have to go. Now. Seal the doors close!" yelled Harrison. Shane walked over towards the door and quickly closed them both before wrapping a small chain on one to the other handle. "Cmon!"

We all ran from the building towards another while the mutants at the gate began to swarm inside. "They're gonna swarm the entire base! How'll we get back?" i asked Shane. "We got a surplus of bullets in the backup building. We can use those to clear a path to the base after Anikan is back and then Thomas can use his backup plan."

"What backup plan?"

He pointed towards another building and I finally saw it. Several speakers on one of the floors, sticking right out the windows. "Man's got a pretty good playlist if I say so myself."

As we reached the nearby building, I stopped in my tracks and looked back. "Where's Space!?" i asked. Kyra walked out with me and we both stared at the body being swarmed. The dark Zion ran towards the figure as it attempted to flee and it slammed it's claw straight down into the ground, crushing and killing it. "NO!"

The Zion hit the ground as the rocket flew through the air and smashed into it's head. Space emerged from the armory, decked out in her riot gear and holding the RPG. "THE STARS CALL UPON ME!"

She threw the RPG to the ground and pulled out something else, a grenade launcher. Hamster had brought grenades from the terrorists and now she could put them to a use. She fired several grenades and took out a large chunk, allowing her to get to the building.

Me and Kyra both drew our blades and began to slice through the crowd of mutants trying to swarm the building. Space began fighting them off in hand to hand combat and turned around only to see the truck that released them parked right in front of the tower. "Damn. They got inside."

Wolf's POV

I aimed my revolver out the window and I stared the target right in the back up the head. No.... I needed answers.

Spencer swerved the truck to the side, giving me an opening. I aimed my revolver once more and with a single scoped shot I blew out their tires.

The car spun out of control and managed to swerve off the road into a park. We followed and I aimed once more, attempting to blow out the others. I managed to hit the front left tire as well and the car finally swerved and crashed into a nearby coffee store. 

Our car halted to a stop and we all quickly jumped out, our guns drawned. We aimed as the man came out and pulled off his helmet to reveal a young man. "You can shoot me if you want, but I don't suggest it," he said. "Why the hell not?!"

"Because you'll be dead first,"

We all turned around to see several others with their guns drawn at us. "Who the hell are you guys!?" asked AWiiGii as he lowered his sniper. "We call ourselves the Scouts. Dumb name, but it fits us. We have a base set up in a greenhouse on a building across the city, we've been growing our own food and have an almost endless water supply," one explained.

He put out his hand to me. "Names Yonah. I'm from Isreal. "immigrated" here right before the world ended," he said with finger quotes. He ordered the man who were chasing to lower his gun and he put his pistol back into his belt. "We told you who we are. Now who are you?" 

"I'm Anikan. This is AWiiGii and Spencer. We had another, you killed her," i said, looking over to the other man at the last part. "I apolagize for what Ahmid has done. He was never a smart guy. You have a place around here?" he asked. I nodded. I won't take chances this time.

"How about we make a deal. We have a surplus of food. You probably have a surplus of ammo or clothes. Anything. We trade, once a week. You get food, we get ammo and clothes for the winter. Does that work?" he asked. I reached for my walkie attached to my belt and hit the button. 

"Shane you there?"

"Yeah. Alice is here too."

"We met another group. They want to make a deal, a trading agreeement."


"Once a week. Food for supplies and ammo."

"That can work. Where's the meeting point?"

I looked to him and he pulled out a map of the city. He handed me the map and checked off a small red X on the park we had just gone through.

"Central park."

"That is fine. Return soon, we have a situation,"

"What situation?"

"Two guys broke into the base with a truck and released a swarm inside. We've evacuated everybody into a nearby building and are holding out onto you arrive to provide backup."

I looked to Yonah and his face turned pale. "What kind of truck were they driving?" he asked nervously. "White one. Red logo on the side," he answered.

"Those two..... they abandoned our base the other night. They tried to burn it all down but Edith stopped them. They stole guns and the last of our ammo, they'll kill you all unless you get them first!" he exclaimed. 

I quickly walked over to the car. "We'll meet in one week exactly. Saturday okay?" I asked. He nodded and we both went our seperate ways. They got into their car and we got into ours. We had to get back, we had to!

Hope's POV

"Got any fours?"

"Go fish."

"Okay this is boring."

I tossed my cards onto the table and got up. "I win," exclaimed Rose as she got up and followed. I walked towards the window and she looked at me concerningly. "What?" she asked. My eyes widened and my heart stopped. I pointed outside and she walked over as well.

The entire camp was filled with a swarm and there was a truck parked out front. "Someone broke in! They're inside the building!" she yelled. "Cmon lets go to Thomas's place. He has the cams set up."

After dashing upstairs to Bell's room we came inside the technology filled room. I walked over to his laptop, opened it and typed into the command box.

/camera one - four on

Four boxes appeared on the corners of another monitor and we looked to that. One was of the lobby, and two people were in there. A blonde girl in a black leather jacket and a man in a trench coat. "Search the place for survivors. Kill anyone you see and take anything worth it," said the man. They both walked towards the stairs and into the stairwell.

Me and Rose both looked at each other and I reached for my glock. Anikan took it. She pulled out her shotgun. No ammo. "Dammit. I left my bag of shells in the infirmary!" she exclaimed. We both looked back at each other in fear and then to the infirmary camera.

The infirmary wasn't evacuated

Next Chapter....

Anikan, Spencer and AWiiGii rush through the city to help the others back at the outpost. Space, Lucas, Jaxi and Thomas try to come up with a plan to set off the speakers while Alanna reveals a secret to Sophia, Ryan and Harrison. With the two hostiles inside of the tower and with Axel and Rose alone and out of ammo and weapons, they must turn to a storage room of old construction stuff to protect the patients unconsious in the infirmary.

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