The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Alone

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



Wolf's POV



The car swerved past an abandoned truck and scraped across another jeep as we drove down the abandoned highway, filled with cars, 


"I am going as fast as I can!"


The highway cracked and the bridge began to break apart as Spencer slammed on the brakes. I grabbed my bag and opened the door, diving out of the car. I hit the pavement and dashed from the edge as Spencer's car drove off the edge and smashed into the ground below, the front bursting into flames.


Hope's POV

"Axel what do we do!?" she exclaimed. They were coming upstairs to the second floor, the infirmary. I quickly ran to the command box and began to type.

/stairwell lock tower - 1 min 20

I hit enter and the computer beeped. There were two stairswells to each floor, and the one they were inside was not locked. 

"Dammit did they actually lock all the damn doors!" yelled the girl on the camera as she banged her crowbar onto one of the metal doors. I ran out of the room and she followed as we dashed down the hall to the stairwell. "Rose. Prepare to fight,"

We arrived on the infirmary floor and began to wheel people out of there. "What about Adam? He's in Shane's back room," said Rose. I looked at the room and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil from Rey's bedside table. I scribbled a few words onto it before placing it onto the door.



|------Nobody is here-------|
|------Please go away-------|

I taped the paper to the door and Rose stared at it for a few seconds. "You really think that'll work?" she asked. I grabbed a box off the table pulled out a small pushpin. I taped that to the door handle as well before grabbing a handful of cords from the wall and wrapping those around the handle as well, "We'll see."

We began to push the cots out of there and after fifteen minutes the four sick patients were upstairs in Jaxi's new room. After the entire "situation" with the killings we were all moved a floor up and the burnt up floor was completely blocked off. "So what now?" she asked as we pushed Brett's cot into the room. I walked down the hall to an unused room and quickly pushed it open. "Rose. Welcome to storage room two."

FireStarter's POV

The room was dark as usual and my knife was in my hand. Nothing different from most days. I looked into the knives reflection and the figure of Julian appeared. "Dude you really gotta get out more," he muttered in his usual snarky voice. "Yeah yeah I know. Everything is silent today for some reason. No screams, shootings or laughing. 

"So what do you want now my socially awkward associate?" he asked. I smirked and grabbed a rice krispie treat from my bag. "Don't know. This time i'm just bored," I said to him as I chomped down on the tasty treat. 

I heard something outside and I quickly walked out of my room. I took Julian with me and he looked around the room. "Damn this room is nice. Not as good as a five star, maybe a four," he said as he judged the decorations. I peeked through the blinds on the window and glanced down at the swarm below. "Damn.... the camp got swarmed," i told him. "LEMME SEE!"

I put the knife at the window and he stared down at the swarm in awe. "Such proficiency. Those creatures are amazingly sma- WAIT A DAMN MINUTE THEY KILLED ME!"

He began to rant on the flaws in the Zion swarm and I walked over to the counter and grabbed my deagle. "Julian. Should I help?" I asked him as I grasped the handle. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know if I can help them. I only got my deagle, my KSG is outside at the training grounds. If I try and fail I'll die and Lili will be alone," i said as I stared at my relfection in the microwave. 

"Andrew. Do or do not, there is no try."


Remington's POV

"This won't let up anytime soon."

We sat on the edge of the building, staring out on the swarm. Harrison was nearby with his two kids behind him and Sophia was next to him. Alanna sat next to me as we stared out onto the crowd. "Alanna.... did you evacuate the infirmary?" i asked her. Her eyes widened. "Shane told me we had to go. But they're inside now...."

She began to cry and I put my arm around her. "It'll be fine," i told her. "Yeah.... it'll be... it'll..."

Her eyes shut close and she fell forward. I reached for her arm but was unable to grasp it and she fell from the second floor to the ground. "SOPHIE! HARRISON!"

We both ran down the stairs to the ground floow and Harrison quickly pushed open the door and I began gunning down the mutants before they could swarm her while Sophia dragged her inside. I dived backwards and Harrison quickly closed the locked the dooor. I looked over her body and found no bites, scratches or signs of infection.

"Alanna? You okay?" i asked her. She put her arm over her face and attempted to move away from us. "No.."

She moved her arm into view and we all stared at the blood splatter streaking across her wrist. The virus had infected her.

Rose Pwincess's POV

We all stood on the second floor and stared at the sight in the distance. "So why can't you set off the speakers from here?" i asked him. "It can only be set off from my laptop and without Anikan here to clear a path to the building, we can't turn them on," he explained.

I looked to the side to see Lucas and Amanda fighting over the sniper rifle, trying to look at the speakers through the scope. I stared down at the crowd of mutants and I felt fear inside of me. "Anikan... please come back."

Hope's POV

The traps were set we were ready and we had our defenses. I walked towards the laptop and used the command to unlock the stairwell doors and I watched as they both pushed against the door. It swung open and they both fell forward, sliding across the greased floor and into the wall. "Rose. Go initiate phase two," i muttered to Rose as I stared at my creation.

The two survivors got up and wandered into the infirmary. "What the hell is going on?" asked the girl. "Don't matter. I'll get the back room. You take one of the cots," the guy said. He walked over to the back room and I watched as he grabbed onto the handle and before he could turn it....


He fell backwards onto the ground and stared at the tack going into his palm.

He quickly took it out and flicked it away before walking back to the door, ready to try again.

The man reached out and put his hand back on the handle and me and Rose both watched in awe as electricity coursed through his body and he stumbled away and fell onto a cot. The girl looked at him in confusion and walked towards the door too. She grabbed onto the handle and flew backwards from the electric shock. She hit one of the cots and began to get up, when they both realized that the entire cot was covered in flypaper.

They both managed to get up off the flypaper cots and they both ran out of the room. I walked down the stairwell and opened the door. The two both looked at me in suprise. "Come and get me bitch!"

The two of them stumbled down the hallway and into the stairwell, pushing each other out of the way as I kept ahead of them. I ran out of the seventh floor door into the burnt hallway and they both followed.

I jumped to the side and hid behind the door as they both ran inside. They ran forward, right down the giant gaping hole in the floor. They fell to the floor below face first and turned over to see me, sitting on the floor back above and walking into the stairwell. Dumbest survivors ever.....

Rose came into the stairwell and we both looked down to see the two of them stumble into the stairwell, attempting to grab us. We both dashed away up the stairs and I quickly stopped for a second to turn the metal valve on the wall before continuing our escape.

We both got to the 8th floor and looked down to see dirty way spray out of the tube and onto the two survivors. They fell backards down the stairs before we quickly ran into the 8th floor hallway. We made sure to dodge our own trap and jumped over it and landed on the carpet. We both then ran down the hall towards the other stairwell as they ran out of theirs and slipped right on the patch of ice we had frozen in the hallway.


Two bullets were fired and we managed to run through the door in time and then up the stairs to the roof. Several floors later and we came outside to the coldness of the roof. On it was a small motorized turret. While it was made to shoot bullets, our upgrade seemed more effective. We both ran over to the controls just as the two ran through the door and pointed their gun at us.



Our plan had worked, the railing on the staircase covered in a sticky substance prevented them. "MUFFINSACKS! TAKE THIS!"

I pushed down on the button and a brick flew from the turret, smashing into the head of the girl. She fell backwards off the roof and down to her death. He managed to get a grip and fired a shot, piercing Rose in the shoulder. She fell backwards towards the edge and I put my hand out, just barely missing. 


She fell backwards off the roof and hit the balcony on the 6th floor below. Several stories.....

I put my hand back on the controls and went to rapid fire, managing to hit the guy with about five bricks before knocking him off the roof.

After he fell to his death I ran away from the controls and into the stairwell, running down the stairs as fast as I could until finally my legs gave away. I crawled through the door and kicked it open, running towards the balcony. Rose was out, lying against the railing. Her arm looked broken and there was blood across her skull. "Rose.... ROSE!"

I grabbed her hand and held it, staring her in the eyes. No response, no answer.

She was gone, and I couldn't help her. I got up and threw my hat to the ground, leaving it with her. After leaving behind my most important posession I marched down to the first floor, then to the basement and into the armory. Didn't need much, only a few little things. 

Remington's POV

We all stood at the door, our weapons drawn. "We can't leave the patients alone for this long and considering SOMEONE left Axel and Rose alone in that place with two killers then we have to help them ourselves," i said to them. We all drew our weapons, pointed them up and charged out the door.

We managed to make a small area for ourselves and slowly pushed through the crowd. They went down one by one and I quickly tossed several grenades that Space had left in the launcher. One of them came from behind and grabbed me by the shoulder, prompting me to flip it over my body and smash the end of my shotgun into it's head.

They all attempted to swarm us, only for a grenade to fly over our heads and take out a large group. Axel emerged from the front of the building gunning them down insanely, each shot blowing their brains out. He tossed several grenades as well and managed to take out a large chunk, allowing us to get inside.

"Axel where are the patients?" asked Kyra as she and Space helped up Alanna. "We moved them upstairs. The two that came here are dead," i said to them. They all split up into different rooms, several going downstairs to the armory and others into the infirmary. "Where's Rose?" asked Alice. I turned away and walked upstairs.

They followed as I came into the empty room and saw Rose, standing up, wearing my hat. "You forget me?" she asked. I dropped my gun immediantly and ran towards Rose, embracing her. Tears fell from my face as I looked into her eyes. "Your crying..... when was the last time you cried?" 


Next Chapter.....

Anikan tries to return alone to the outpost after being seperated from AWiiGii and Spencer in a crash. Andrew is forced to ask Julian for guidance after Alanna and Stephanie's sickness becomes critically fatal. Hamster leads the military trainees to clear out the mutants and Devin and Lilitha work on their own plan using Andrew's lighter. Anikan faces death.

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