The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Charge

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



Wolf's POV

I ran down the highway leading to the ground and jumped over the divider, my gun drawn. Several mutants had came out of a knocked over truck and had swarmed the car containing Spencer and Lucas. I fired twice before my gun clicked and before I could reload, one came from behind.

My hatchet fell from my belt before I could get it and I attempted to shoot, but Spencer got it before me. He was attempting to climb out of of the car, when a mutant bit down on his hoodie arm and he attepted to shake away, screaming in pain. He managed to blow it's brains out before the rest swarmed on him, forcing him back through the window. "SPENCER!"

The only chance of saving them was destroyed when a blast knocked me off my feet and I flew several feet away before rolling into the rubble of the destroyed highway. As my vision readjusted I grabbed my revolver, shot a mutant and walked around the corner to the car. Or at least what was left of it.

The entire car had been blown apart and there was no sign of AWiiGii and Spencer anywhere. 

I was speechless, I couldn't say anything. One thing came to mind; Those people are going to pay.

FireStarter's POV

"Is she going to make it?" i asked, staring over at the dying assistant. "I'm not completely sure. Kailey and Rey are still sick but Stephanie and Alanna are both in critical condition," explained Kyra. I could see Alanna from here, lying in bed. Her face was red and caked with sweat and her eyes were closed, but whenever they flickered open I could see a red tint.

"How can we help them?" i asked her. "I wouldn't know. Shane can probably keep one alive but he can't work on both at the same time," she explained. 

We were low on doctors, if only Evans was here. Despite Julian's hate for her she would at least be somewhat useful. She was able to keep Devin's leg intact and working despite being shot five times in three weeks in it.

"Andrew! Down here!"

My eyes widened and I looked to my belt. My dagger was shaking in the holster. I ripped the knife out and looked into the blade to see Julian. "Okay so heres the deal my not so friendly furry. I can tell you what to do to save one but you have to be able to listen to my instructions exactly," he said. "Depends, are you actually gonna help or not? Because last time I checked you like death," 

"You will listen to everything I say," he said, waving his hand around. "STOP ACTING LIKE A JEDI!" I exclaimed. "Oh screw the Jedi they were a bunch of idiots. The dark side is where it's at."

I sighed and walked over to Stephanie's body. Shane was taking care of Alanna, though I wasn't sure for how long. "Alright so she has an extremely high fever and the it seems that her body is fighting off the infection. It's not strong enough though and she is suffering, so i'd suggest painkillers and if she can walk then a cold shower to combat the extreme heat her body is giving off," Julian instructed.

Julian was the only chance I got, so I quickly grabbed a pill bottle from the side, checked the label to make sure they were painkillers and tapped Stephanie on the forehead. Her eyes flickered open and she looked up at me before attempting to get out of bed. She managed to stand and Space rushed over to help. "Steph take these," i said to her as I placed several pills in her hand.

She took them all at once and gulped them down immediantly with a gulp of water from her bedside table.

"She needs a cold shower, it's the only way she can combat the heat her bodies giving off."

"Stephanie can barely stand! How's she gonna take a shower?" 

"You just go in there with her."


"It's either you or Kyra because Lilithas upstairs with Devin, May, Zay, Sophia, Ryan and the kids."

"Alright fine I'll take her up to one of the unused rooms on the third floor. Just don't come up looking for us, none of those doors have locks," she said. I nodded and she walked off, carrying Stephanie with her. "Andrew. I need help with something."

I turned around to see Shane walking towards the door. I followed cautiously and we walked into the stairway. "I need to see what kind of supplies are in their truck. Can you hold off the mutants while I get inside?" he asked. I nodded and sheathed my knife and switched to my deagle. But when we came downstairs, Axel, Hamster, Lucas and several others from the training grounds were there too. 

"We're going out to fight!" shouted Hamster. "Not yet. First let me get stuff out of this truck. Then you can go," said Shane. He nodded but held his gun close as Shane approached the door. "NOW!"

He ran out and pushed one mutant away and I gunned down another trying to get his leg. He ran into the opening on the back of the truck and slid under the half closed door before closing it completely. Hamster helped as well and shot two trying to get inside. "He should be okay."

We heard the sound of a body and saw the truck slightly shake. "Damnit!" we both exclaimed. The door opened and we saw Shane running out with a small backpack before diving through the door. "EVERYBODY DOWN!"

The entire truck exploded and we were all thrown against the wall. Glass and metal exploded from the truck and windows and I hit the floor and the wall, my deagle flying from my hand. All I could see were flames and the mutants as they stumbled through the opening and came for their next victims.

Physic's POV


I looked at Devin and we both nodded at each other. He walked over to the radio and changed the song to some random pop song we both liked. He then handed me the special ammo and I loaded it into my sniper rifle. He pulled back his arrow and we both fired. One shot and the Zion exploded as the round made contact, taking three other mutants with him. Devin fired an arrow and it flew right into a mutants skull, burning him.

"FIRE ARROWS AND EXPLOSIVE AMMO! YAHOO!" he yelled as he got out of his wheelchair and managed to stand for a second. We then saw it.

The entire truck exploded and the building's foundation shook. "Devin! Get the ones that try to get inside!" I yelled. He nodded and we began to fire straight down, killing every mutant that tried to get inside, save for a few we missed. "DAMNIT! Whoever's in the lobby better be up by now!"

"Devin! There!" i yelled. We both stared at the small familiar dot in the middle of the crowd. "Damn...."

FireStarter's POV

I looked up through the smoke to see the mutant fall on top of me and attempt to take a bite out of my neck and cut into my arm.

I pushed it away with my stump and with my other hand I grabbed my knife and stabbed it in the neck. I pushed the body away and got up to see Hamster pushing the desk in the lobby towards the door with two other men from the training grounds.

"Is everybody okay?" i asked tiredly as the smoke began to clear. Shane was in the corner and showed us his bloody sleeve. "Trap. Pressure plate inside, got me good. Automatic knife thrower or something," he muttered as he fell against the wall. Two men were dead on the ground and only Hamster and thirteen out of the nineteen were still standing. 

"Axel you there?"

I turned around to see Axel standing next to the stairwell, his jacket wet with sweat. "Yeah.... yeah i'm here," he muttered. He took off his sweaty jacket and it fell to the ground to reveal a large shard of metal right in his stomach. He then looked up at us and pulled off his hat to reveal a deep cut right on his eye. "Andrew...."


He fell backwards to the ground and I quickly rushed to him. He laid on the ground, bleeding out on the floor. "SHANE! GET HIM UPSTAIRS!" i yelled. Hamster ran past me and picked up Axel as we raced up the stairs. By the time we evene got to the infirmary, Hamster's jacket was stained red.

Wolf's POV

I approached the gates to see them burst open and mutants flooded inside. "I leave for three goddamn hours and this whole place goes to shit!" i yelled. I put my revolver in my holster and drew both my shortsword and hatchet before running forward towards the crowd.

The challenge was tough, but I was tougher. I noticed one approaching the crowd from outside, alone, and I quickly ran over and cut it down. I unclipped my necklace and placed it on the ground before jabbing a hole straight through the claw of the mutant and ripping it out of it's hand. Two more claws and I was done, the claws now around my neck.

I approached the gate with my weapons still drawn and I slowly moved into the crowd. All I could hear were the Zion's growls, snarls and screeches as I came through and I noticed nearby Zions were being blown apart and others shot with arrows. Lili and Devin. "I will make it.... I have to make it," i whispered to myself. 

The camp was huge and after about fifteen minutes of walking I became close and the sky turned dark. I could see the building from here, but when I attempted to approach it, a mutant grabbed me from behind. My cover was blown.

 With two strikes with my hatchet and a parry from my sword against the mutants claws I was able to get to the side of the building. I kicked two away before another hand grabbed my neck and I was yanked over the lobby desk and into the building. I hit the floor and looked up to see Jaxi, her arm covered in blood. I got up and looked it over, no wounds. "Is everything okay? What happened?"

Tears. Tears began to stream down her face. "I'm sorry...."

FireStarter's POV

He arrived, after awhile he finally arrived. 

Anikan walked up the stairs with Jaxi escorting him inside and once he walked in, he dropped his bloody hatchet and sword right onto the floor. He looked down at the floor, his expression hidden in the shadows. From left to right in the beds we had Kailey, Rey, Axel, Rose, Alanna and Stephanie. Most people had left already after making sure everybody was stable and the lights were off besides the lights from the machines and a lamp in the corner. 

The only ones in the room were me, Jaxi, Andrew, Space, Hamster, Jade and the patients. Hamster had taken Jade from upstairs. "Anikan...."

"You can go. I'll be fine,"

I nodded and I walked out of the room, behind everybody else. I stopped in the doorway and looked back for a second. He hadn't moved. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and slid it across the floor to him before finally exiting.

Hacker's POV

I sat up from the cold hard tile floor and stared over to the figure beside me.

I was lying in a small gas station and the window behind me was broken. My hoodie sleeve was covered in blood and next to me was AWiiGii, playing with a knife. "Finally your awake. We have to get out of here," he said. I nodded and got up, moving along the wall. "How'd we get outta there?" i asked.

Took them down with a knife. Had to drag you out of there before the car exploded. The front caught on fire and one of the mutants hit it," he explained. I got up and pulled out my revolver, looking outside. "Anikan?"

"He got out before the crash. Tried to grab you but your hoodie slipped before he could get you. He's alive, he went back to the camp. We have to go, now," he answered. I nodded and we walked towards the door, our guns drawn and ready.

Wolf's POV

Each machine had a heart rate, for now. I walked towards Kailey first.

"Kailey I've been traveling with you for awhile. But I never got to know you too much, you were always too quiet about your family and your story. If you pull through... i'd like to hear it,"

"Rey..... I hope you make it home. At some point, this will all end. Everybody will be able to find a place in the world to live, maybe you'll be able to go back to London. Maybe...."

"Rose. Thank you for being there for Axel while I was busy. Having to take care of Jade, then Axel and lead this group.... it's exhausting. Your a good detective Jade, I hope you'll be able to teach me something,"

"Brett Eason, you were an amazing liar. You'll pull through, you can't leave me with that grape eating Rose Warrior,"

"Stephanie.... your my favorite cousin. My last family... the only family I have left...... I love you. Thank you,"

"Axel..... you'll pull through. I know it........... please..... just please stay alive....."

"Alanna.... I...."


I stared at the machine as a single straight line appeared and I couldn't look away. She was dead and I couldn't save her. 

Another flatline. I stared towards Kaileys. Dead. Stephanie's. Dead. Rose's machine. She was dead. Rey was dead. Axel was dead.


Alanna moved. I reached into my belt and grabbed my revolver. I had to put her down.

"She actually cut a grenade in half!?" she asked, laughing her ass off. "I know right! And she survived that!"

Alanna moved her hand as it slowly turned grey, the veins becoming more visible and turning a dark purple. Her fingernails changed and slowly became sharper and sharper until finally turning into claws.

"I really like you Anikan,"

"I like you too Alanna,"

She fell right out of bed and disconnected from the machines, her body turning grey and her hair slowly burning away.

I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close before our lips locked together. "Anikan... When you get back..... I'll be ready...."

She got up off the ground and turned around to face me, her eyes opening to reveal deep red as bloody tears poured down her face. I aimed my revolver at her as she stumbled towards me and I sent off a shot. It missed and hit the wall as I slowly walked backwards across the room and she followed, slashing at me in an attempt to kill me.

I fell to the floor and she fell on top of me as I attempted to push her off. I attempted to pull the trigger but was stopped as she slashed the gun out of my hands. It slid under Axel's cot and I finally decided to just let go. 

"I'll see you soon,"






I opened my eyes and looked at Alanna. She was lying lifeless on top of me, blood splattered on her head. Standing above us was a familiar man in a green snake hoodie, holding his wooden staff and his snake around his neck. "How long was I out?" he asked.

"Weeks," i answered as he put his hand out. I took it and he helped me up before I looked back to Alanna's body. She was gone, forever.


I turned around. The machines were all beeping.... except one....



Stephanie's machine. Flatlined. "Anikan...."

Adam grabbed my arm but I pulled away. I knelt down and reached under the bed, grabbing my revolver. I then grabbed my sword and hatchet and walked out of the room, hearing Adam yelling for help from upstairs. He wouldn't get any. It was too late.

The Zions were all but dead, the swarm completely decimated by the time I was upstairs. I came outside to see Andrew, Jaxi and Space along with Hamster and the military trainees taking down the last ground. Ryan was standing by the door, holding his shotgun and watching. "Where's the body of the terrorist that held Lilitha hostage?" i asked him.

He pointed towards the shipping crates and I slowly walked towards there, spotting the body lying next to an old crate. I knelt down next to him and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small piece of paper. On it was a map of the city, several circles on the map. The camp was circled. The other circle was a red one a bit father from here. Somewhere I had heard before.

"We have encountered yet another group of survivors of this dastardly plague. The birth of this new world was survived by few, but these people did. We are everywhere! California! Long Island! Washington! Florida! Kentucky! Arizona!

They were here, the last of them.

With no hesitation I grabbed the paper and stuffed it into my pocket before walking back behind another crate. There were several cars parked there and behind one was a motorcycle, some blood splattered on the side but most of it alright.

I got on and started it up with the keys around the handle. I started it up and got on before driving away from the crates and towards the gates. Space was there, looking at me as I slowed to a stop. "I'll be back," i told her. She nodded and opened the gate before I sped off down the road, leaving it all behind. I'd be back, maybe.

But for now, I had a goal. Kill them all.


Next Chapter....

Anikan goes to find the remains of the Knights Of the Fallen World and their base alone. Shane finally discovers the cure with some unintentional help from Julian and Hamster is sent to find the needed medical supplies to create it. Andrew stays in the medical bay with Axel, feeling something from Axel's last word; his name. Jaxi and Andrew both learn about Anikan's disappeareance from Space and go after him. Harrison introduces him and his kids to Rose and Sophia.

Anikan: Alive
Andrew: Alive
Space: Alive
Jaxi: Alive
Spencer: Alive
Lilitha: Alive

Stephanie: Dead
Axel: Alive
Rose: Alive
Rey: Alive
Devin: Alive
Marcus: Dead

Kate: Dead
Diana Evans: Dead
Brett: Alive
May: Alive
Kailey: Alive
Lucas: Alive
Ryan: Alive
AWiiGii: Alive
Adam: Alive
Julian: Dead
Scarlett: Dead
Jade: Alive

Zayla: Alive
Isrreal: Alive

Shane: Alive
Selena: Dead

Alice: Alive
Pierce: Dead
Amanda: Alive
Maddie: Dead

Kyra: Alive
Alanna: Dead

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