The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Can't

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



Hamster's POV

"Are we there yet?"


Ten minutes passed.

"How about now?"

"Still no."

Another ten minutes went by.



Adam stopped the van and opened the door, jumping out and taking his staff with him. I loaded my gun and followed and everybody else came out the back. "Devin, Lucas, Travis, Tony. Secure the area, check for others," i ordered them. Devin and Lucas came out of the back with their guns and bow drawn and the Travis and Tony followed.

Outside of the building was a tank, with the end of the barrel taken off from a crash and the body rammed into a large black military vehicle. There was a mutant in a green military vest on the ground which Adam quickly dispatched with his staff. "Why are we even doin this?"

"There ain't gonna be anyone here,"





Tony was dead.

FireStarter's POV

The car ride was silent, and stayed that way until I finally got sick of it. "Okay this silence is fucking killing me. Entertain me," i yelled as I swerved to pass a crashed car. "I'm not entertaining Andrew. I have a sword and I kill things, that's all i'm good for,"

I slapped her on the cheek lightly for a second and she glared at me. "Now what the hell was that for?" she asked. "Your useful Jaxi. If you weren't here Brett would have gunned us down. Plus.... your my friend I think," i said to her. "AWWWWW!"

She put her hands around my body and I quickly swerved past two cars and a van. "JAXI KINDA DRIVING AROUND A BUNCH OF BLOWN UP CARS!"

She let go and I drove off the road onto the sidewalk and smashed through a line of traffic cones. I got back onto path after shaking her off and we drove off down the road. "So Andrew..... how'd you know Hamster?" she asked.

"He was my friend from the beginning. We were all leaving Tazader City together when the bombing came. We lost him on the way after he saved Axel's life. We thought he was dead. He wasn't,"

"Hamster was a unique person. He wasn't the smartest, most of his classes were PE ones. He um..... he and Coty also had a bit of side stuff. Dealing drugs around the school. Sold it to kids in Mexico when he went on vacation too. Dumbest guy ever, yet he never got caught," I explained, laughing at a memory I had recalled.

"Hey... Isrreal. What's in the bag?" asked the officer despite him knowing just what was in the bag. Security in this school was seriously the worst, because they were worse then cops and the way they talked made you want to punch them. It was truly aggrivating and their motto baasically was "Everyone is guilty". They also were the victims of an attempted firing after several students claimed one of them was being abusive towards a student. The students were right, but the schoolboard pulled bullshit and nothing changed.

The security team. They just walked around, trying to catch people doing anything. Wearing a hat? Detention. Eating on a staircase. Detention. Doing drugs. Suspension and more. They sucked at their job anyways, considering Hamster was able to evade most of his dealing from them. Now he was caught.

The officer took the bag and looked at it. "Yeah your gonna have to come with me," he said. "Why?" he asked back at him innocently. "Because this is illegeal," he answered as he attempted to take Hamster's arm. "It's just some candy from Mexico. I brought it with me when I came back, it looks like that because it wasn't frozen overnight. The cold makes it change to a more redish color and become thicker," he lied.

"Oh... well alright."

"How the hell did he get away with that?" she asked. "It's Hamster.... that man gets away with everything,"

"Another time him and Coty met this kid David after school. They were giving him an eVape for a profit of fifty bucks. They got jumped by his friends, Coty stabbed one before they ran. Had to jump over a few fences, escaped through a warehouse and finally outran them in a pizza parlor. Coty accidentally burned his elbow on the stove when they were running by, it's been there ever since. A reminder. Nobody is safe,"

"Andrew....... your baby will be safe," she said to me. I felt something inside and annoyingly pushed the emotion out of my body. "Andrew just because you act emotionless doesn't mean you actually are! I was still in the room when you and Lili were in there!"

My face turned red and my body heated up. "Um.... what?" i asked in horror. "I was at the counter eating cookies and watching a movie on the laptop Thomas gave me! You and Lili were on the couch.... and then... stuff happened.... then... like.... I noticed around like twenty minutes and just ignored it and went back to the movie.... and turned up the volume on my earbuds."

I was mortified. I waved my hand in front of her face, "You will forget what you saw." 

"Yes Andrew! Feel the power of the dark side!"

"I won't tell anyone okay. Well maybe Spen..... nevermind," she muttered. The silence had come once again. This time, it was to stay. At least until a bullet was in the windshield.

Wolf's POV

It was close, I knew it.

I soared down the highway on my highspeed motorcycle, pulling out the stolen gun. It was a black gun I couldn't identify and on the end of the barrel was a square silencer. A van was parked on the side of the road and two terrorists were outside, talking. Two shots and they both hit the ground and I never even got off. 

Bullets rained upon me and I quickly swerved into a crowd of cars, just barely making it through before a bullet grazed my hand. Now I needed a new glove. 

I looked to the side to see it, the entrance to the camp. It was a town square filled with tents and a metal fence guarded each entrance. I drove towards it, threw an explosive and drove away just as a bullet hit the bike. I attempted to take back control but spun out and crashed into the building of a gas station. I flew forwards through the window and hit the ground, taking the glass with me. 

The men came in with their guns drawn and I was forced to dive behind an isle of chips and snacks. A simple reload of the silenced gun and I was ready. I came out and took down two almost instantly, managing to get one in the neck and the other in the stomach. One fired at me and I quickly grabbed a clear plastic container from the counter. It was thick and managed to catch two bullets, but it didn't catch the third.

I slowly crumpled to the floor, my gun falling from my hand. He walked forward and aimed his gun at my head as my eyes began to flicker closed.

Hamster's POV


We all pulled out our guns and took cover behind the van. Bullets smashed into the metal and I could hear it all as I reloaded my gun. I came up around the front and fired twice and managed to spot our attackers, wrapped up in terrorist gear. "Guys. Put down your guns. I got this," 

Hamster ran out and revealed something, a small badge. "I am with you guys! STOP FIRING!" I yelled. All the terrorists put down their guns and slowly came out of cover. "You are not one of us!" one yelled. "I am from the Washington Branch. Our leader has been murdered, but I took these guys as prisoners soon after. They wanted to join us, to support us after our leaders death," i lied.

They put their guns down and then right back up as an arrow pierced the chest of one of them. "DEVIN!"

Wolf's POV

A well aimed kick and he was on the ground but he managed to get on top of me. I resisted and attempted to knee him but he had his gun. He was slowly overpowering me as I grabbed his wrist, moving the barrel towards my head. I moved my hand towards his neck and with a single push of a button a blade was in his neck. Blood squirted onto my jacket and I pushed his body off of me and grabbed the revolver.

I unzipped the jacket and looked over my shirt. A more thin bulletproof vest was right over the white shirt and I quickly took that off and threw it to the side. I ran outside and quickly grabbed the pistol from the floor and jumped back on my bike. I switched the stolen pistol for the revolver and aimed with the scope. I fired at the gates exploded, allowing me to get through.

With the gates burst open I rode in and jumped off of the motorcycle, managing to land on my feet. Two men tried to climb out of one tent and were quickly killed with a single stab of the shortsword through the tent. A bullet flew right past me and I fired at the shooter before revealing my P-90 from the bag on the back of the motorcycle. I aimed at each of the tents and managed to pierce each one, fulling whoever was inside with full brass bullets. 

A grenade flew into the middle of the clearing and I ducked for cover, the grenade exploding and sending concrete and smoke into the air. There was a man in a sniper tower and with one shot, he was dead. 

Several men came around the corner armed with knives and I drew my shortsword and hatchet, charging at them at full speed. A slash to the abdomen and my hatchet was stuck and I parried a knife attack before slicing off the hand of another. I gutted another with my sword and extracted my hatchet from the body before stabbing it into the neck of the gutted man.

I stepped back and blocked a cut with a shortsword with my hatchet and managed to catch their blade and send it flying through the air. The one behind them raised their blade and kicked the one in front back, sending him into the other one's sword. I switched my shortsword for my silenced pistol and gunned them both down before looking around to see everybody else dead. All except for one.

The quiet sound came from one of the nearby buildings in the square. The windows were boarded up but the door was it and I slowly approached the door with my blade drawn. 

I pushed open the door and looked around to see no bodies, no blood.

Just a child in a crib.


Next Chapter.....

Hamster's group is forced to fight against several Long Island terrorists after Devin screws up Hamster's plan. Anikan looks through the camp and loots it, finding the mother of the child. Andrew and Jaxi arrive at the camp and Spencer and Lucas are forced to make a plan.

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