The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Take

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



Wolf's POV

The building was small, but it was big enough. On the left was the crib and on the right, several assault rifles and wooden crates.

I slowly approached the crib in the corner of the room, my gun back in my holster. My actions were now mortifying. Had the father been out there? Mother? Siblings?

Something washed over me as I approached the crib and I fell to my knees. My revolver fell out of my holster and I stared it before checking the ammo. Two shots. One tear.

"Kid.... i'm sorry....."

Hamster's POV


Gunfire rained upon me and I quickly hit the floor. I was too far from the car to get back behind cover. But if I stayed out here, i'd be gunned down in minutes.

Bullets fired above me and I managed to crawl along the floor behind the crashed tank. A quick check of my pistol revealed enough ammo to hold my position for awhile. At least that was before a grenade flew over the tank and right in front me. I ran, but right into gunfire.

Archer's POV


Hamster ran out from the tank as it exploded, sending his body flying several feet. "Guys we need a plan!" I told them. Adam reached into the back of the van and pulled out something, full riot gear. "Lucas go in. Devin, take the soldiers and cover us from here," he said. Lucas began to put it on before I realized something. "Us?"

"Adam.... you only have one pair of riot gear," i told him calmly. "I know,"

He grabbed his staff and ran towards the gunfire, Lucas trailing behind him while quickly putting on his helmet. Lucas fired at them with his pistol and blocked their shots with a riot shield. Adam hid behind for several seconds before leaping over them and swinging his staff, knocking one out with a hit to the back of the head.

He managed to duck under two pistol shots and jabbed his staff into the head of another one and knocked a woman out with a blow to the chest. We then ran out of cover to help him just after a bullet pierced his chest. 

He fell to the floor and Lucas moved up, switching his pistol for a baton. He managed to beat one over the head and knock him out again with a single punch before taking heavy fire. One was left and was making a run for it, using an assault rifle to attack. Lucas dived behind his shield and I was forced to come forward, firing a single arrow.

I managed to get in a shot and the arrow hit his arm. Blood burst from the wound as he ripped it out and threw it, running away. 

We all surrounded him and he stopped for a few seconds. "Don't do it!"

He fired and Kylie hit the ground. A single shot from Lucas's pistol and he was dead. We all looked over to Lucas to see him helping Adam over, them both stumbling across the street. Adam pulled away his hoodie to reveal the bullet hadn't gone through. "I bought this hoodie for a reason.... well besides the snake...."


Adam was on the ground and there was one last terrorist behind him. Adam managed to turn over and pointed at him. "Take him,"

The snake flew out of his hoodie and from his neck and wrapped himself on the man's hand. Before he could do any harm to the creature, the snake bit down into his arm, drawing blood and poisining him. He then slithered up onto his neck and quickly managed to bite once more before constricting him. Lucas quickly put the man down and Snackers jumped from his head back to Adam's.

"Lets go,"

Hamster was standing in the street, walking back towards the building. "You good?" i asked. "Probably. Cmon let's go!"

Wolf's POV

After several tears washed the blood off of my hatchet, I put them both on the ground and stood up slowly, each bone aching with every moment.

There were drawings on the wall and the baby looked a bit old. Maybe a year, probably less. I approached the child and knowing I couldn't leave it here, took the child from the crib and looked into it's baby blue eyes. After retrieving my weapons I slowly walked towards the exit. Next to the door was a baby carriage, which I quickly put it inside. It was like Jade's, but this one's blanket was blue instead of pink.

I came outside with my gun drawn and my the carrier in my other hand. The sun flashed my eyes and I blinked several times to get rid of the spots. There was a single mutant cutting into a body lying against a broken water fountian nearby and nothing else moved. I walked towards it and shot it in the head with the silenced pistol before hearing something.

The sound of a woman.

Following the sound, I raced out of the square and towards an alleyway where several Zions were going into. I came around the corner to see them all approaching a woman at the other end. I fired four shots and killed them all and saw the woman fall to the ground.

With my gun drawn I slowly approached the woman as she backed up against the wall. "Please...... I won't hurt you," she plead in bad english. I put down the child in the carrier and knelt down in front of her. "Are you with them?" i asked. She nodded, "My husband. He tell me... the Russian's are going to invade our country. He asked me to go with his friends to America."

She looked over to the child and her eyes lit up. "Are you... going to kill my baby?" she asked. The thought of anyone hurting the child, it killed me inside. "No. I will never hurt him. Are you okay?" i asked her. "The men. They hurt me, they.... they do things to me. There was only two other woman in the camp. One of them killed themselves. The other was murdered by my husband," 

The woman was in distress. She left her home with her husband and his friends only to come to a destroyed country, give birth to a child and have her entire group be killed. "Are there any left?" i asked her. She shook her head and stretched her forearm that was covered in sweat. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head and I watched as she revealed her arm out to me. There was a long bleeding cut across it. "No.... there is a way to save you. If we cut it off then you'll live," 

"Please..... anything for my baby," she cried as tears streamed down my face. "How long has it been there?" i asked. She pointed towards the mutants I had killed, indicating it was just several minutes ago. I helped her up and handed her the baby carrier, "Stay close, and follow me,"

Hamster's POV

We entered the building with guns drawn and looked around, securing the perimeter. "Clear. Ain't nobody here," yelled Devin as he came back around the corner. I nodded and we walked towards the staircase going up. After taking several steps, I heard it. "MOVE!"

The 7 of us ran up the stairs as they all broke and we watched as Alvin fell backwards, falling down a huge hole under the stairs. At the bottom was a basement and we all saw him hit the ground and attempt to get up. "Guys... my leg.... I think it's.... Devin... DEVIN!"

Three mutants emerged from the shadows and swarmed him, taking him down quick as his screams of pain echoed throughout the building. We all walked off up the stairs, leaving the dead man behind. "There,"

He pointed to several crates in the back of the room. There were barriers blocking them along with dead men, soldiers, on the ground. Blood stained almost the entire room and I slowly approached the crates with Adam behind me. With single swing of his staff he managed to break open the top of the crate and I slowly moved the wood to the side. Inside were small boxes and bags with a red cross on them all. "Jackpot,"


We turned around to see Lucas approaching something. It was a soldier and in his hand was a backpack and on the floor were several grenades. "More explosives," said Travis as he walked towards Lucas to help him pick them up. Lucas stood behind him with the bag and Travis picked them up and put them in. Travis climbed around the barriet and moved the soldier over to check for more under, only to find something else.



Wolf's POV

We came back to the square and found it. About twenty mutants, attempting to break into the bodies of the men I killed. I managed to put three down before they attempted to swarm us. I pushed the woman behind me and drew my shortsword and hatchet before rushing at the crowd.

A slice with my sword cut through one's neck and a slash of the hatchet broke into another's skull. I kicked one away before parrying a hit with my sword and cutting off the arm of the mutant with the hatchet. I switched to my guns and took down another three before switching back to the melee weapons.

I dodged another slash as we began to be pushed towards the metal fence. More and more were coming. "Cmon! We gotta climb the fence!" i yelled to her. We ran from them towards the fence and began to climb. I went first and she handed me the baby which I put down on the ground on the other side. I climbed back and took her hand as she pulled herself over.

A claw grabbed onto her ankle and attempted to pull her down. I grabbed my pistol and fired twice, killing the one that grabbed her.

We both fell over the fence and hit the ground, crawling away from it. The mutants then crowded against it and the fence collapsed, the Zions getting through. I got up and dived for the baby carrier, picking up the carrier and the child in it and getting up. I looked to the crowd to see the woman fighting two off that were attempting to kill her. I sliced into one with my hatchet and pulled her away before revealing a grenae from my bag.

I threw it at them all and we both ran as the grenade exploded and bodies flew. "Hey.... we're okay now," i told her. She was crying and shaking her head when she turned around.

On the back of her neck was a bite, blood dripping down her back from the wound. "You.... you need to. You need to kill me. Then I won't turn into one of those things," She told me. 

Killing a mother, a living mother. It's something I couldn't do.

I pointed my revolver at her head and looked her in the eyes. "You are strong. You can find a place for my baby. His name is Damian," she said. I nodded and smiled, looking down at baby Damian. I looked back at her and put my finger on the trigger before finally pulling it.


Her body fell backwards, now life free. I looked back at the child before walking back into the burnt down square to retrieve my bike. "I'm sorry," i said to the child, wiping some more tears from my eyes. 

I came to this camp to tie up loose ends. The terrorists were the last living threat and if they found our camp we'd probably have another war. I couldn't go through that again. But I never expected to slaughter the entire camp just to find a dying mother and her child hidden in a crowd of killers.

Thunder crashed in the distance and I could feel the water dripping onto my skin. I walked over towards the motorcyle and got on, starting it up and holding the baby carrier with one hand. I had no idea how I was going to do this.

But before I could put the key in the ignition, headlights appeared at the front fence. I got off and pointed my gun only for them to dim down and to see the figures of Jaxi and Andrew emerging from the car. I looked at the windshields reflection to see myself, almost completely stained with blood. With deaths. With blood on my hands. Blood of killers, blood of mothers, fathers. People.



Next Chapter....

Andrew and Jaxi confront Anikan about his departure, leading to the decision of the child's caretaker. The surviving members of Torres's team must make it back to the camp while Spencer and AWiiGii find a familiar figure wandering in the city and head back as well. 

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