The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Anymore

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



Wolf's POV

Nothing could be the same anymore. Nothing would be the same.

Nobody is safe.

First we had the robbers, then the cops, then the Sakura, Russians, North Koreans, Key's Gang, The Night Walkers, The Knights of the Fallen World and soon another force would come by to try and kill us. Nobody was safe, nothing was safe.

I sat up on the roof of the tower, a small and circular area with only the door, a turret and a pile of bricks. The cold winter air brushed upon my skin and I could feel my body slowly dropping temperature. Christmas would be coming soon, only weeks from now.

The door behind us opened and we watched as Spencer wandered in, bundled up in a big blue coat and a beanie. "Finally! Now we can open these damn presents!" yelled Coty as he dived to the tree in the corner of the room. He grabbed a present with his name on it and opened it up to find a new laptop, packaged in a large black box. "HELL YEAH!"

Maddie and Spencer embraced after he removed his coat and I looked over to Andrew who was sitting next to Hamster talking and flicking his new lighter on and off. I then saw the kitchen door open and Space walked out with Julian trailing behind her, yelling at her for not listening to the recipe for cookies and doing it her way. I knelt down at the tree and grabbed a present labeled to me, but with no name. It was someone here, but I didn't know who.

I ripped open the wrapping paper and it all fell off to reveal a large hunting crossbow. Another box was taped to the side. I ripped open the paper on that one found six bullets, packaged in a small black box. I took it off and Andrew took a glance at it. "Those look like Shock Rounds. Shoot em and whoever gets hit will get zapped with like fifty thousand volts. Extremely deadly, extremely rare, extremely dangerous," he said. I looked back at the rounds and smiled at the gift. I wasn't sure who got it, but I had a pretty good idea who.

Christmas here, it wouldn't be the same. No gifts, no tree, no lights. Nothing. 

Hacker's POV

The mutants slowly began to walk through the smoke towards me and I was forced to fight. With both my black revolver and sickle drawn I slashed and jabbed the sharpened end of the sickle into the mutants eye.

I was sent backwards by the shock and hit the metal girder. I dropped the sickle and drew my revolver, shooting it before it could make another attack.

I needed a plan, but had none. Except for one. I reached into my pocket and pulled something out, bronze knuckles. To be more precise Kate's bronze knuckles. I quickly slipped them on and then pulled off Lucas's bag. No gloves, i'd have to do this without. A little electricity never did anything.

"Cmon... just do it!" exclaimed Coty.

"Alright fine," I said, giving into the peer pressure. I shoved the fork forward and I felt pain course through my body and quickly removed it from the outlet.

Okay maybe that was wrong electricity hurts like hell. But it was only choice and I ran forward and sent a single punch into a mutants head and then neck. A kick to finish it and he was down for the count.

Two more came to attack and I managed to push one away and sucker punch the other in the head. It attempted to bite down onto my hand but I shoved my fingers into it's eyes, my fingernails a bit sharp after Lili challenged me to a scratch fight the other day.

Blood burst from it's eyes and I kneed the mutant in the stomach as electricity ran through my arm and I slowly began to black out. The Zion stumbled back and collapsed while the other went for me. A single punch and it was on the ground. More were coming though, and with only three down it'd be awhile.

I reached down at Lucas's gun and grabbed it, gunning down six mutants before it finally clicked. My revolver was out too and AWiiGii's sniper was somewhere under the rubble. 

Another lightning strike nearby, this hitting something else.

A dark Zion emerged from the alley of a building and instead of purple scales it had large yellow ones, flashing from purple to yellow every few seconds. It screeched and slashed and I ran to the side as concrete was thrown into the air when it's scales smashed into the ground. 

It screeched and smashed it's claw's into the ground again and I felt a bit of shock run through me. An electric shockwave. "YOU MONSTERS DON'T SCARE ME! I DON'T FEAR YOU!"

Making the dumbest decision I could think of, I charged. I reached into my pocket and pulled out something, a butterfly knife. Maddie's butterfly knife.

I ran towards the mutant and it slashed right at me. I managed to jump and grabbed onto it's arm, climbing up and jumping once more. I got right in front of it's head and jabbed the knife down between the scales. Electricity ran through my body and I could see my hand trembling and actually starting to turn yellow as the knife dug into the mutant's skin. Screams echoed throughout the city, all from me.

Electricity burst out of the mutant and I was thrown backwards as my vision slowly cut off from my mind. 

Wolf's POV

I could see it from here. A giant explosion of electricity a few blocks away. Whoever was there, they'd be fine. I stared back at the sky as thoughts filled my mind. Memories.... memories of death.

I turned around, only to see the infected biting down on Maddie's arm, blood gushing out. She yelped in pain and tried to shoot it, but her gun fell from her hand. "MADDIE!" exclaimed Kailey as she sliced the infected's arm off with her tomahawk, her other hand around Jaxi.

Maddie fell back and held her bleeding arm. "We can amputate it! Lets just get out of here!" yelled Ryan as he took down another three with his shotgun. "Where the fuck is Julian!? We can't do it without him!" yelled Kailey as he was grabbed by the arm, only to stab his victim with his knife. "NO!"

"LET THEM TAKE ME! THEY'LL SWARM ME AND YOU CAN ALL GET OUT HERE! GO!" she yelled. Everybody began to run, some running slower then others. I took down another two with my bow staff before one of them slashed and a single claw broke it in half. I threw one side into the swarm and attacked with the other before backing up and looking at Maddie. "Anikan wait." 

"Tell Spencer, i love him."

I couldn't leave her, I didn't have it in me.

Before any of the mutants could grab me, I reached down and and grabbed my crossbow. Using it to block the slashes of several Zions, I went and grabbed Maddie by the hand.

Our fingers interlocked and after pulling her off the bloody sand, we ran to the building. We both aimed our guns after I reloaded and managed to keep them off of us as he slowly stepped through the swarm.

We were close.

So close.


I immediantly hit the ground and turned around to see it. Maddie was lying on the ground, a bullet hole straight through her head. "NO!"

Maddie was a dear friend, now she was gone.

Coty flicked his switchblade open and faced the mutants. He screamed and ran at the crowd of the infected, started cutting through with his switchblade. A single quick slice disembowled one and another cut jabbed the blade into the other's neck. He pushed one away and then another They started to surround him and none of us could get to him. We were frozen, not in fear but in suprise.

He kicked another Zion in the leg and shove it's body into the side of a fence before on of them grabbed him by the arm and bit down on his shoulder. He shook him off and we all watched as Coty cried for the first time I had ever seen. He was a goner, nothing could fix his infection now. His last option came to his mind and he dived into the crowd and they came and they attacked, biting and slashing him apart.


The infected swarmed him, biting his arm and slashing at his chest. He pushed them away and stabbed his knife into one's eye, cutting into his skin and dragging it through his face. He used his energy and moved over to the other side of the street away from the RV.

He pushed his way to the crowd and towards the alley, before the mutants ended his life once and for all. We all ran to the RV and watched as Coty was bitten, slashed and consumed by the infected humans. His body was lost in the crowd and the last thing we saw of him. His blood covered hand clutching his blood covered knife. That was our last memory of Coty.

Just blood.

Coty, was dead.

Coty, our happy go lucky gangster was gone too.

"I think i'm gone now, it's taken over."

His skin had started to turn grey 20 minutes ago and it had darkened. He looked at us, smiling as bloody tears dripped down his face.

"Shot to the heart, just kill me now."

Anikan pulled out his revolver and aimed it at Julian, closing his eyes and clenching his teeth. He put his finger on the trigger and sat down for a few seconds. I pushed him to the side and picked up my deagle, pointing it right at him. Julian pulled something from his pocket, a small white napkin with words scribbled on it in blood. He handed it to me and I reminded myself to read it after. "Anything else?" i asked. 

"Yeah, promise me... promise me you'll make it to the end. Just.... don't die." he said. His eyes closed and i pulled the trigger.

Julian Torres was no more.

Our sarcastic scientist Julian had fallen saving Andrew's life and his sacrifice would be remembered.

Julia was yanked out of the doorway and hit the floor, backing up against the wall. One of the Zions grabbed her by the arm and bit down, blood exploding from her small arm. Another one bit into her chest and finally, a slash across the back sent her to the floor. We all watched in horror and suddenly, another scream echoed out. We looked back to see another Zion grabbing Kate by the arm. A shot from Ryan's remington knocked it down and we all ran to the mobile home, the sight of Julia's death embedded in our minds.

Maddie's younger sister, an innocent soul, didn't deserve to die. I blamed myself for that, and I was right to. If I had saved her instead of Adam...

I'd be dead.

"I'll see you soon,"


I opened my eyes and looked at Alanna. She was lying lifeless on top of me, blood splattered on her head. Standing above us was a familiar man in a green snake hoodie, holding his wooden staff and his snake around his neck. "How long was I out?" he asked.

"Weeks," i answered as he put his hand out. I took it and he helped me up before I looked back to Alanna's body. She was gone, forever.


I turned around. Stephanie's machine. Flatlined. "Anikan...."

They were all gone. Coty, Maddie, Julia, Julian, Alanna and now Stephanie. Andrew, Space, Spencer and Hamster. Those were the only people who were left. Half of us were gone, dead, lost in the world. Nobody was too close to me, except.....

I turned around to see Axel standing next to the stairwell, his jacket wet with sweat. "Yeah.... yeah i'm here," he muttered.

He took off his red stained jacket and it fell to the ground to reveal a large shard of metal right in his abdomen. He then looked up at us and pulled off his hat to reveal a deep cut right over his eye. "Andrew...."


He fell backwards to the ground and I quickly rushed to him. He laid on the ground, bleeding out on the floor. "SHANE! GET HIM UPSTAIRS!" i yelled. Hamster ran past me and picked up Axel as we raced up the stairs. By the time we evene got to the infirmary, Hamster's jacket was stained red.

If he was still alive, I would have to remember to thank Andrew. Well, if I was even there.

I pulled my gun out of my holster and put it right up to my head. "I'm ready,"

Hacker's POV


Just nothing.

God no.


My eyes flickered open and I turned over onto my stomach. The nearby building was blown apart and the body of a dark Zion laid in the middle of the street. I felt something in my hand and opened my grip to see a burnt metal knife. I tossed it to the side, letting it lie in the rain as I stumbled towards AWiiGii and Lucas. Each step I took my body shook as a small electric shock ran up and down my spine.

I knelt down next to them and looked at AWiiGii. Trapped under a girder. Growls came from behind and I could see a small crowd of mutants coming around the corner along with a truck driving down the road. It stopped and I could see Ryan on the back. "LETS GO!" 

Not without them.

I began to push against the girder, trying to shove it out of the way. The mutants surrounded me and I reached down for my sickle, managing to pick it up before one of them went for me. I grabbed it and managed to shove it behind me right into a large rod of metal sticking out of the rubble pile.

I turned around and stabbed my sickle into the skull of one of them before shoving his body away and right onto the one behind him. Too many.

More surrounded me and I began to push the girder off of AWiiGii, pushing the mutants away when they got close.

Lightning struck from the sky in the distance as a mutant came on me and attempted to dig into my skin with it's sharpened claws. I dug the sickle into it's neck and pushed it away, watching Ryan draw his shotgun. He fired and gunned down half before his shotgun ran out.



I ran away from the two and lets the Zions follow me. I then prepared. I charged straight forward, running at the metal girder. I rammed and finally the girder moved off of AWiiGii and clattered to the ground. I grabbed Andrew's hand and helped him up, carrying him on my back.

I then grabbed Lucas by the hand and began to drag him to the truck while the Zions stumbled behind me. They were heavy, especially AWiiGii, but I managed.

One of the mutants slashed at my shoulder and I stared in horror as a small bit of my shirt fluttered to the ground, ripped off of the rest. I gathered strength and helped move Lucas up and Ryan pulled him into the truck. He then took AWiiGii and grabbed my arm, tugging me into the truck. "DRIVE!"

The wheels spun and drove off towards the camp and I stared at my arm. It hadn't gotten through. I sighed in relief and laid back in the truck as the rain hit my body and thunder sounded out in the distance.

Wolf's POV

I put my finger on the trigger and looked up at the moon. "I'll be there soon,"





I took the gun away from my head and looked into the chamber. No ammo. 

"Your not doing this to us,"

I turned around and looked to the door to see Jaxi standing there, wearing a brown longcoat over her black hoodie. "What are you doing here?" i asked her, putting down the gun and scooting away from the edge of the roof.

"I saw you reload with only one bullet. I knew," she answered, staring at me with tears in her eyes. The rain had let up.


"Ani you should remember your own rules. Rule #23: don't quit life, it's stupid."

She ran to me, dropping her sheathed sword and she stood right in front of me. "Your staying here. With us. No matter what the hell happens if we die, we die together," she said. The girl reached into her pocket and revealed a single bullet. "You still wanna do it? Take it," 

No movement, "Thought so."

She pulled me towards her and she put her arms around me. "Anikan.... promise me you'll never do it again," she said through tears. I nodded as tears ran down my face as well and I put my arms around her.

"Thank you Jaxi," i told her. We both looked up as we felt it and stared around. No more rain, just snow. "First snow," she said to me, managing to smile for once in the past day.

She broke away and picked up her sword as snow fluttered down onto her long blonde hair. "You wanna go down with the others? I told everyone to go to the infirmary, they brought food," asked.

I nodded and she took my arm as we walked towards the door. 


We entered the infirmary and I saw her. Stephanie was up, out of bed, looking as healthy as she did before. She flatlined, yet was standing in front of me. 

I turned around to see Adam in the corner, his hoodie off for once. "Told you i'd get help in time. Luckily Shane was asleep in his office," he said. I ran towards him and we hugged for a second before breaking away from the awkwardness.

Everybody was there. May, Lili, Harrison, Rose, Lucas, Sophia, Andrew and Harrison's kids were all at a nearby table playing poker while the kids watched and Harrison held baby Damian in his arms while facing off against May, Lili, Rose, Andrew and Sophia.

Shane, Alice and Thomas were sitting in the corner with Adam and Hamster while he pouted them a bottle of bourbon and told each other jokes and stories.

AWiiGii, Amanda and Rey were all sitting on a nearby cot, staring down at the screens of GameBuddies while they faced off against each other. Brett and Jaxi were sitting with an extremely soaked Spencer lying in his blood stained blue hoodie with Ryan, Stephanie, Space and Kyra and were talking. Jaxi invited me to come, but I looked up at the bed.

Axel was up, getting out of bed slowly while Zayla helped him out. I rushed over to him and looked down at the quiet child. "Can.... can you see?" i asked him. He nodded and smiled before pulling away his shirt and looking at the large white bandage on his side.

"I'll be fine. Now cmon, I wanna beat Rose and Harrison at poker," he said to me. I smiled and let him run off to see Rose and I sat down at Jaxi's table as Devin, AWiiGii and Kailey sat down as well and Zayla followed.

"You guys up for another dirty card game? I saved the deck," Devin said as he pulled a small yellow box of cards from his grey hoodie. Brett gave a thumbs up and he threw the cards out onto the table.

I turned around and looked over to Andrew. He smiled and winked and I then looked down to his belt to where his knife sat. A small humanlike figure was reflecting off of it and gave me a thumbs up. I nodded and looked back to the cards as we began to play.

We were all here and we were all having fun. We were no longer friends, we were family.

Next Chapter....

With less then a week before Christmas, the group scrambles to find and make gifts for one another. Andrew asks Julian for advice on Lili's gift and Anikan, Spencer and Kailey discover the mysteries behind Thomas Bell's room while Lili creates her own unique gift for the group.

Anikan: Alive
Andrew: Alive
Space: Alive
Jaxi: Alive
Spencer: Alive
Lilitha: Alive

Stephanie: Alive
Axel: Alive
Rose: Alive
Rey: Alive
Devin: Alive
Marcus: Dead

Kate: Dead
Diana Evans: Dead
Brett: Alive
May: Alive
Kailey: Alive
Lucas: Alive
Ryan: Alive
AWiiGii: Alive
Adam: Alive
Julian: Dead
Scarlett: Dead
Jade: Alive

Zayla: Alive
Isrreal: Alive

Shane: Alive
Selena: Dead

Alice: Alive
Pierce: Dead
Amanda: Alive
Maddie: Dead

Kyra: Alive
Alanna: Dead
Damian: Alive

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