The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - Writer

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Submitted: January 04, 2018



Snake's POV

The large store was darkened by the lack of lightning and the light gleaming through the dirty glass windows were the only things lighting our path. I walked with my bow staff drawn and Snackers around her neck, looking at our surroundings. Lucas and Rey had gone one way and AWiiGii went alone. As soon as he entered the electronics isle I already knew what the shopping cart would be full off.

I stopped at the nearby isle and looked over several large items. I grabbed several, including a blue cowboy hat and a large machete. Before I could move, something came to mind. A single thought, something I hadn't thought about in a long time. No.... not now. Now was not the time to remininsce about those times.

"You guys doing good?" i shouted out across the store. "Decent!" yelled back Rey.

"Um... small problem,"

I groaned and ran down the nearby isle, crossing over into the electronics section. AWiiGii was standing in the isle, staring at something in the air. A large air conditioning unit being hung from the ceiling by wires along with some metal plating tied to it. "Every time I take a step, this thing starts to move and little dust particles fall from the ceiling," AWiiGii muttered as he stood frozen in his path.

I attempted to move forward to AWiiGii but with a single step in his direction, the metal girders in the wall creaked and the ceiling moved. "This building won't hold. We gotta get what we need and go before it goes down," i told him. Behind me, Lucas and Rey walked into the isle and stared at it. "Grab your presents and shit. We need to get outta here before this thing goes down and kills us all."

Lucas and Rey nodded and ran over to their red shopping carts. With the darkened lighting, I couldn't tell if the carts were red from paint, or blood. They began to roll them away when the building creaked once again. "We have to run. On three," whispered Rey. Me and AWiiGii nodded and turned around towards the exit. 





We all took off running from where we were. If we were in the same shape as we were before we entered this fallen world, we probably would have all been killed. But we've spent the past months running. 

I took the lead and Rey went behind me. Lucas trailed behind, holding his knife close. I didn't know why it was out, until I saw the Zion stumble out of the isle. In a single slash, he cut through it's mouth and it collapsed onto the floor. AWiiGii was last. He had more of a tankish build and wasn't as fast. I put out my hand and he took it. We stared at each other for a few miliseconds in agreement and in single action, leaped out of the front of the store. 

Lucas got up first and looked through his cart. "Good. Didn't forget anything," he said between breaths. I threw my rucksack over my shoulder and looked over to the car. "Lets load em up and go," i muttered. Rey smiled and nodded and we all began to walk towards the car in triumph before we heard it.

I gripped my staff and walked over to the side of the store. There was a wooden bunker right on the side and a Zion was attempting to break it open. His claws slashed at the handle and was chipping off the wood. I approached it slowly and with a single smack to the head, it moved no more. "Rey, crowbar,"

Rey walked over to me with the metal rusty crowbar in hand and he handed it to me. I placed my staff on the ground and jabbed the crowbar between the two doors. In two tugs I managed to pull the wooden doors open. They both flew off the hinges and scattered across the guns. I put my hand up and they drew their guns. I stared down there, trying to see anything moving in the small light source from above. "Hello?"

I then watched as two young girls and a young boy walked into the light. One was a man with a toned body like a bodybuilder and short brown hair. He wore a simple ripped white shirt and jean shorts. Basically what a majority of jocks suposedly look like. The other girl was tan skinned, most likely from tanning on the beach, and had long brown hair and shining blue eyes. She had on jean shorts and a white shirt with a blue vest over it. The other was a girl in a fluffy panda hoodie and black leggings. Her short pink hair went down to her shoulders and covered her right eyes, which were dark blue. Her skin was pale and she clutched a book to her chest.

"Are.... are you a human?" she asked in a quiet innocent voice. 

"My name's Adam. This is Rey, Lucas and AWiiGii. We're survivors. Who are you?" i asked them. It was a simple question and a simple explanation. If they've been here since the bombing.... they didn't exactly need a huge shock to daze their minds.

"This is Hannah and Jake. She's a surfer and he's a football player. My name is Lydia, I'm a writer," 


Innocent's POV

I ran through the store, the small box bouncing around inside my purse. I ran past the isle of cameras with my gun drawn and saw it. Harrison was knocked over on the ground backed up against a rack of DVDs. A Zoin had grabbed onto his leg and was attempting to break into his skin. But something was wrong.

From it's fingertips came small particles. Snow particles. His leg was freezing.


With two gunshots I put the mutant down and splattered blood onto the floor. I approached him and from another isle came Stephanie and Amanda, their pistol and crossbow drawn. I knelt down at his leg and stared over the wound. It was a large patch of ice, stuck to his skin. The ice looked normal at first glance but with a close look, you could see the small purple air bubbles inside. "We need to break the ice and get him outta here," 

Stephanie nodded and knelt down, pulling a hammer from her bag. She was about to swing when I grabbed her arm, "We are not smashing the ice with a hammer!"

"So then what?" asked Amanda as she attempted to help him up and Harrison winced in pain. "We gotta get back to the outpost, now."

Stephanie picked up her shopping bag from the floor and we marched towards the door, right as several more mutants came in. They were just like the last one, a normal looking mutant but covered in a thick layer of frost. It slashed it's claws at a metal rack and many DVDs scattered to the floor and the mutants just walked right over them. Each step they took, they left a footprint of frost particles.

I drew my knife from my purse and with a single stab, drove it into the chest of a mutant. No blood came out, but frost began moving up the blade and into the handle. I stepped away quickly and we all moved back. No melee weapons. "Alright we gotta move! Now!" yelled Stephanie. We took off towards the second entrance and two Zions attempted to cut us off.

Stephanie fired a bolt into the head of a mutant and Amanda shot another before we ran straight out of the door. The four of us dashed to the car, Harrison being dragged. The Zions were far behind, at least thats what I thought.

I reached for the door handle and watched as as frost begin to move across the dirty red paint and over the handle. I immediantly broke away and watched as four Zions moved around the car, surrounding us. "GO!"

Without thinking, I sent a single punch into a mutants head. I kicked it away and shoved away another and reached over and snatched Amanda's gun from her hand. I gunned them both down and another Zion bit at me, and only got the end of the barrel. I blew out it's brains through it's mouth and smashed the end of the gun into the other one's head. They were dead, all of them.


I turned around and opened the door, slipping into the passenger seat. "Lets.... lets just go,"

Gamer's POV

"Your favorite pastime?"


"Favorite console?"

"GameBuddy or PX4."

"First lover?"

"A girl named Maddie. She died a few months ago."

"True goal?"

"To become stronger."

I put my hand up and Karen stopped asking for a second. I reached over to the desk and took a quick drink of orange gatorade. I was starting to realize why Anikan liked this stuff so much. Before I could do anything else, Karen looked up at me with a certain look. "What's wrong?" i asked her.

"There's something about you.... something that isn't right. Have you ever been in a situation where you've almost died?"

"Too many.... at the start of my adventure I got into a fight with Andrew. I left the group for the night, got ambushed by two infected during the night. I hid inside of a costume shop, killed them several knives I found behind the dagger. Then a few days after that I got pushed off a balcony by a mutant into a swarm of many others. If I hadn't rolled into an open pothole I would be dead. Then I got caught between mutants on a small bridge over a ravine. Then got taken by another group in the forest, my friend Joshua died because of that. I got caught in the rain two weeks ago, surrounded by mutants. They were electrified by the storm and shocked me half to death. I don't plan to die anytime soon, I'm a survivor,"

Karen smiled and began writing down on her virtual hologram notepad in her hands. "You are very intriguing. I wish to know more,"

"Favorite movie?"

"Julian made me watch Star Wars constantly so that I guess,"

"Favorite shooter game?"

"Strike Fighter XD Guns Up,"

"Favorite person in the group?"

FireStarter's POV

With only Lilitha on my mind, I dashed down the stairs as fast as I could. I took them three at a time until I finally reached the second floor. Kyra came out and I rushed past her into the room where Space sat at Lili's bedside. "What's wrong with her?" I asked Space. Shane then walked out of his lab with Thomas behind him.

"Don't worry it's nothing serious. It's something normal for someone who's expecting. We'll keep her overnight for oberservation and if she doesn't show anything else she can go home in the morning."

I sighed in relief and went to her bedside. She moved to my side and looked up at me in the eyes. "I love you Andrew,"

"I love you too Lili,"

Space looked over to me and I nodded to her in agreement. "I'll be back in five," i told them as I walked out of the room. I reached into my bag and pulled it out. A large king sized chocolate bar.

As I reached our floor, the lights flickered on. I then walked into our room abruptly with Anikan behind me coming from the other end of the hall. As soon as we entered I saw Axel sitting on the floor, showing Jade a children's book.

Hope's POV

"Okay so you push the clip into the handle right here and make sure it's in all the way,"

"Then you undo the safety. Keep it on unless theres danger,"

I moved the gun away from Jade's small hands and she looked it at with her usual blank expression. The doorhandle twisted and I quickly shoved the gun in my lap and covered it with the children's book from the side. Andrew walked in with Anikan following. Andrew threw a small item across the room and it landed next to me. It was a chocolate bar.

Before anyone could do anything I immediantly ripped it open and bit a piece off. Anikan smiled as Andrew grabbed Spencer's GameBuddy off the counter and marched back out of the room.

"Hey Andrew," said Anikan before he could leave.


"Thanks Andrew.... your a good man. Don't let anyone tell you different,"

Andrew nodded and left, turning on Spencer's GameBuddy. Andrew was a man who never could react to compliments, considering he rarely ever got them.


Next Chapter...

Adam's group returns with Lydia, Jake and Hannah in tow to the camp. Harrison is thrusted into intensive care and Axel and Rose spend the morning babysitting his children. Spencer wakes up in Thomas Bell's room with Karen and taps into a mysterious radio frequence. Anikan, Alice, Brett and Shane interview the new three.

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