The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Freaks

Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



FireStarter's POV

As the cold winter breeze blew through the air, Andrew just stared out into the distance. 



"I'm bored."

The two had gone on gate duty for that day and now could only stand at the front walls and wait, "Yeah same. Bit weird though, no mutants at all."

I began to fiddle with my dagger and swing it around before I finally noticed it. Several figures walking in the distance. "I thought Steph and Lucas aren't leaving until tomorrow to meet with Yonah?" i asked him. 

"I'm not."

We both turned around to see Rey, Stephanie and Lucas walking over with their guns ready, in Lucas' case his spear. "If you're here then who's-"

An arrow flew past my face and into the concrete over the wall. "SOMEONE GET DEVIN!" i yelled as we jumped from the gate. The arrow had come from the small swarm of mutants coming this way. Rey aimed his knife and pulled away the sheet metal from the metal fence and jabbed it through the holes, killing each one that came up to it.


We all looked to see a knife embedded in his waist, in the hands of a mutant outside. No... not a mutant. A person.

Rey fell backwards and Rey caught him, dragging him towards the tower. I put away the knife and drew my KSG, aiming it at the gate. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" i asked the figure.

"I'm assuming Rick lost? Hmph, never was very strong anyways. So, bring your leaders here and i'll call off the swarm," the figure whispered to me. I nodded and walked off, grabbing my walkie talkie from my belt, "Anikan we got a problem down here."

Wolf's POV

"So you gonna tell me now?" i asked Lydia as we rushed down the hall. We would pick up Shane on the second floor and Alice already said we could take care of it and went off to eat with Jaxi.

"Okay okay. The man you saw on Christmas, the one that tried to blow us up. He's.... he was my brother."

I stopped for a second and looked her in the face, "What are you talking about?"

"When the apocalypse went down, I was with Rose, Jake, Hannah and Rick. We got seperated in a swarm, he sent me ahead with Hannah and Jake. Rose said she would take care of him but... looks like she failed. Don't blame her though, Rick was fucked up before that. Scaled Zion attack," she explained. I reminded myself to ask about all this later.

The two of us came outside to see Andrew, Shane, KADE, Hamster, Stephanie and now May out at the front gates. Behind us came Hannah, "Lydia! What's going on!?" 

Lydia grabbed her by the wrist and brought the ditzy surfer over to the gate. Outside the gate were several people wearing similiar garb to Rick. A brown blood stained poncho, machetes and knives, long and worn out hair, even the claw necklaces. Though their skin had no purple veins or red eyes. Well, one did.

"You stabbed my friend. Now tell me who the hell you are and what you want before I gun you down," i ordered to them. The red eyed one stepped forward, "We only wish to continue walking, to continue living as who we are now. We are the Marauders."

"Well what the hell do you want?" asked Shane as he walked over next to me, "We seek to win, always. Our firepower and ability to control the mutants give us control over everything and everybody. Either you obey us, or die."

"We ain't listenin' to any demands. Screw off or my soldiers will be out here in seconds."

"Fine. Ivanna, fire."

We all turned as the nearby window on the seventh floor of the building shattered. "We have snipers too. Like I said before, we're in control. Give us what we want, or join us as servants," he whispered. He revealed a large dagger, the blade made of an obvious material. Zion claws.

"What the fuck do you even want?" asked Andrew from behind.

"Simply, a sacrifice. I don't mean we'll just throw your friend to a swarm of mutants and let them have at her, but to take her as a slave. Train her in our ways, a new soldier to be clearer."

This was aggrivating. One of us would have to go with them, to leave, or we would all be dead. I put up the one second finger and turned around to the others. "Who are we sending?" i asked them. Andrew's eyes flashed red, "We ain't giving those shits nothing!"

"Andrew someone is dead up there. They have a sniper and if they wanted, they could blow our brains out on the pavement right now. I'm sitting in a crosshairs and so are the rest of us unless someone goes!" 

"I will."

We all turned to see May, walking towards the gate. "No. Fuck no you aren't leaving," i told her simply. She grabbed my wrist and looked me in the eyes. "I will be fine Anikan. Look... there's something I need you to give Ryan.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small glass necklace matching the one she wore now, "It's a sensor. If I tap the one i'm wearing the other one will light up, same thing other way around. If he takes this, i'll tap every night. Just to tell you i'm safe. If it stops... then I died."

May walked towards the gate without saying another word and climbed up the ladder. 


Ryan was running out of the tower to May on top of the gate. "May... don't.... dammit!" he shouted at her. May smiled and shed a few tears, jumping over the gate to the others.

Immediantly she was grabbed by two and held by her wrists, "It seems our job is done. We shall be departing now. Also I feel the need to tell you, my sniper found another sniper nearby. Isn't with us, but he's watching you."

Suddenly, another window on the same floor cracked open and glass flew from the tower. "Hmph. Wasn't one of ours. Well, farewell now," the man muttered. They walked off down the road and immediantly I felt rage inside of me. 

I would kill them, no matter what it took.


Andrew was at the tower, staring at Jaxi as she walked out with blood splattered onto her side. I immediantly rushed over and looked at her. "We... we we're all drinking tea.. talking about the baby.. Kailey asked if I would date her if Brett wasn't here... I slapped her... then... it just.."

A few seconds later, Brett came out. He was carrying a body, the body of Alice.

"Was it the first shot or the second?" i asked her angrily. She put up two fingers and I looked to my walkie talkie, "Rey, Harrison, Torres, Ryan and Kailey go! We aren't letting that sniper get away! FIRE ON SIGHT!"

Archer's POV

"So why is chasing this guy a good idea?" 

"Why isn't it a good idea?"

"Because he seems to have done nothing wrong"

I groaned as we hid in the hallway, looking over to Spencer behind the crate, "Because I saw him with a stolen gun. Adam said he searched them all and found only Lydia's revolver and knife. He never found anything on Jake, and with less then a day of arrival he has a glock. I asked Shane and Alice and neither of them gave him it. I don't trust him!"

"Ona mertva, ataka v kontse dnya," said a voice. We both walked out from our hiding spots and looked through the door into Jake, Lydia and Hannah's room. Jake was pacing back and forth in the middle of the room, holding a suspiciously large phone. A walkie talkie, and not one of ours. 

"He's a traitor. He's talking in fucking Russian!" i whispered to Spencer. His face turned pale as he pulled his gun. "Can you take him? I can go tell the others in the meantime," he suggested. I nodded and Spencer ran off towards the staircase as I drew my bow.

A single kick and the door flew open. Jake droppe his phone and drew his gun, pointing it at me. "The jigs up muffinsack. We know you've been dealing with the Russians and Anikan will be here in minutes to confirm the kill!" i shouted to him. He smirked and with a single pull of the trigger, fired at me.

A single bullet flew at my leg and smashed into it, "HAH BITCH! METAL ARMOR FOR THE WIN!" 

I fell to the floor as he gunned down my other leg, "DUDE SERIOUSLY I AM GONNA NEED A WHEELCHAIR SOON!"

I winced in pain and fired my arrow. It flew at him, jabbing him right in the waist. He screamed and pulled it out, throwing the arrow to the floor. I felt pain as he kicked me in the back and I backed up towards the wall. He ran to me and I kicked with my good leg, sending him back. 

"You wanna go?" he asked as he pulled a knife from his belt. I pulled out mine and we charged.

Lucas' POV

I went first as we jumped over the gate, landing on the other side in the street. Harrison and Hamster went next, followed by Ryan and Kailey. The Marauders were nowhere to be found, but I could see it. A small flash of light. "STRAFE IDIOTS!"

We barely made it to the first intersection down the road before we were fired at. Bullets scraped the ground as we rushed for cover and hid behind a large line of cars blocking off a road. The windows shattered as bullets blew them apart and we were forced to fight back. "Ryan, Harrison, Kailey! Your right!" i shouted. They looked to their side to see several Zions trudging through the snow.

Kailey went into her attack stance and jabbed her tomahawk into one, only for ice crystals to spread down the blade and onto the handle, encasing it in ice. When she attempted to touch it, it burned her hand on contact. Harrison stepped back, having dealt with this already, and Ryan went first and blew their heads off with his shotgun. 

We all then stared as a small spherical object flew over the cars. "GRENADE GET DOWN!"


I dived away and the explosion carried me, launching me out of range of the cars. Before I could grab my gun, I could see Torres being attacked by one of the mutants while Kailey and Ryan tried to help him away and Stephanie fought the rest off with crossbows. I looked up to see a mutant standing above me as it lept down and I finally drifted away....


Next Chapter....

Devin faces off against Jake who has revealed himself to be a traitor for the Russians. Lucas awakens in a mysterious darkened room and crosses paths with an old foe with a vendetta for revenge. Spencer confronts Andrew to inform him about Jake's betrayal, though it leads to the third in a series of painstaking fights between the two. Anikan and Lydia examine the scene where Alice was shot.

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