The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Infiltration

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Wolf's POV


"What was that!?" exclaimed Lydia. I pulled my revolver from my holster and ran to the window. A large part of a neighboring building had collapsed and exploded. Did Space go after the sniper with her grenade launcher?

No, it wasn't even close to that. We looked down the gates and watched as a large truck drove towards it, with no chance of stopping. A small hoodied figure then appeared on top of the gate and using their deagle, shot both the men through the face. The truck spun out and crashed into a building, "We need to get down there! Now!"

FireStarter's POV

We all stared out at the attack. Me, Hamster, Kailey, Ryan, Stephanie, Rey and Adam. "AWiiGii, Lili and Amanda are on the upper floors of the tower. They can provide sniper support," i said to them, "You good to fight Hamster?"

He nodded and loaded his rifle as we slowly approached the gate. 


The armored car smashed through the metal fencing and plating, knocking us out of our way. Rey tossed a grenade at the car and upon impact with the window, it flew inside and the entire thing went up in flames as the explosion consumed it. 

We turned back around to see several soldiers rushing in, firing at us. "Alright we gotta hold the position! Take the sides, no grenades unless it's armored!" i ordered. Everybody rushed to different sides of the destroyed gate and aimed around the corner at the nearby soldiers. A stream of bullets and crossbow bolts hit them head on and in seconds the sixteen they sent were dead before they even got close.

Suddenly it came, a large brown tank. Only one, but it was still deadly alone. "Andrew what the hell do we do about that!?" yelled Stephanie. I closed my eyes, and waited for an idea.

"Andrew. Use that one thing I taught you."

I opened my eyes and reached down into my bag for one of the few grenades. The tank launcher a large shell and blew up one of the nearby trucks next to the tower. I ran then from cover, pulled out the grenade and dashed towards the tank. Before it could change directions and fire at me, I jumped, dropped the grenade down the barrel, and made a run for it.

A final shot was fired from the tank before it was destroyed in the explosion, a shot sent at me.




Rose Pwincess's POV

"You're gonna be fine Devin!" i yelled at him. Devin groaned in pain as Shane began to clean off his bloody hand wound. The door then slid open to reveal Space in her riot gear followed by Kyra and her sword. "Jaxi we need to go fight. Cmon," she said calmly. I nodded and walked away for Devin, only for Anikan and Lydia to walk in, "What's the status?" 

"Front gates down, military vehicles rolling up. None have gotten in for long. Andrew's hit too," explained Space from behind the helmet. Anikan immediantly ran towards the door, but was stopped by Thomas who walked in with KADE trailing behind. "Shane is plan B ready?" asked Thomas. Shane nodded and we all looked to him. 

"What's plan B?" i askehim. Shane smiled and pulled out a large map of the city that he rolled out on one of the rolling tables.

It had our location marked, along with the Greenhouse Camp. But there was a long rectangle going from here to the airport. "A tunnel?" asked Lydia and Shane nodded, "If they manage to destroy the tower we can evacuate to the airport. Got a plane ready to fly."

I looked to Devin as he slowly sat up. "We can't abandon this place. It's too important!" he exclaimed as he attempted to get out of bed. Kyra rushed over to stop him and he listened and laid back down, "There has to be a way to defend this place."

"Eventually our forces will run out. But.... if we get reinforcements we can at least buy time. Devin, take Rey and Zayla and head out to the Greenhouse camp. If we combine forces we have a chance!"

Devin nodded and got up from bed, limping out of the room and grabbing his bow, "DON'T WORRY I'M PERFECLY FINE.... OW!"

I looked over to the glass window and saw everybody down at the front gates fighting. "I'm going. See you guys soon," i told them before dashing out of the room.

As I walked outside of the building, I watched as Brett and around twenty others ran towards the gate with their rifles. "Alright troopers! You've been training for this moment! Now we have a threat, and we won't succumb to it!" he shouted. The men all aimed their rifles and soon as an soldier came into vision, it was down in a second.

I drew my sword from my sheath and dashed towards the gate, noticing something as well. Andrew was on the ground with Hamster next to him. I knelt down and looked him over.

"Just a bit of shock. Minor damage, the explosion was a bit close though," said Hamster as I drew my second sword. Gunfire smashed into the sheet metal behind us, giving me a chance.

Before he could reload, I jumped out, rushed down the road, and in a single slash of the blades I sliced his chest straight open. Another fired and I narrowly dodged, managing to dig the blade into his neck. Another went for me and pulled the pin on a grenade, but not before I cut through his leg. I made a run for it as the grenade exploded, killing the man who pulled the pin.

Gunfire then came and I was forced behind the destroyed tank as Russians converged on me. I pulled out the rose pistol and before I could attack, Kailey and Ryan ran out and attacked.

Ryan took down two with shotgun shots to the head and Kailey managed to jab one in the head with her tomahawk. I ran from cover and dived as we were fired upon by several more soldiers.

"We need an actual plan!" i yelled to them as we took cover behind a crashed car. "Yeah we know! Wait.... I got an idea!" Kailey exclaimed. Ryan smacked her on the back of the head as Kailey gripped her shirt, "FLASHING THEM WON'T WORK!"

Kailey slapped Ryan on the arm, "I am not going to fucking flash them. Besides I have a shirt on under this."

She took off her black shirt, having a white one under. Kailey then put her hand up and Hamster tossed her a grenade. She put it in the shirt, pulled the pin, swung it around and threw it.

The grenade exploded midair, blowing apart bodies and splattering blood across the pavement.

Before they could retaliate, around twenty people armed with rifles arrived to fight. "Alright. Now let's-"


My ears rung as the grenade went off. I ran out of cover with Kailey and Ryan behind me and dived back behind the main gate. Lucas rushed over to help me and Kailey up. "Who... what happened?" i muttered. "Grenade got four. Not that bad though," he said. I shook my head and got up, sheathing both my swords. 

"We won't last. Not forever."

"We can try... and we can fail. Together."



Next Chapter...

Anikan and Shane argue whether to abandon the base or stand their ground and people are forced to take sides. Devin, Rey and Zayla travel to the GreenHouse Camp, meeting some familiar enemies along the way. Axel and Rose watch the battle while Andrew and Hamster fight off stealth teams on the ground.

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