The Omega Event 3: Embers of the Wasteland

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Chapter 55 (v.1) - Alexander

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



Archer's POV

"Oh shit."

As the darkened breeze blew through our hair, we all stared up at the flames and smoke. Two helicopters, armed to the teeth with miniguns. The building and tents were being torn through by bullets, and they needed our help.

"Stand back."

I approached one of the helicopters, pulled out my pistol, and with a single shot blew the pilot's brains out. The helicopter began to spin out of the sky towards the street and exploded upon contact with a large building. "Dude how'd you do that in one shot?" asked Rey through the pain in his leg, "Luck?"

Zayla pulled her sig but before she could fire, the other helicopter finally noticed us. She pushed us forward and we fell through a doorway, watching as Zayla attempted to dodge the bullets coming straight at her.

She fell to the floor, bullets piercing her shoulder. I grabbed her with one hand and Rey took the other, as we dragged her inside.

I pulled my bow as a man came from behind, putting his hands up on sight. "You are from the tower?" he asked with a slight accent. I nodded, "Take us to Yonah and get this girl a doctor!"


A single shot from my gun took down the second one, somehow, but that wasn't important. We rushed up the stairs and came out into a large courtyard on the roof. There was a small building to the side which I assumed to be an office of some sort. There was a small bridge connecting this building to the next, which contained a large rooftop greenhouse. 

Upon entering, you were greeted with the sweet aroma of fresh fruit and vegetables. "You grew all this yourself?" i asked Yonah as he walked down towards us. The man from before took Zayla away, most likely to be treated, "Your friend will be okay and yes. We found a very large seed packet stand a few buildings down. Used it to start this, very good and very nice."

He turned away from us, looking out onto the field. "Why are they here? Did you give up our location?" he asked me sternly. I struggled to speak for a minute but was finally able to mutter a few words, "no. It wasn't us, this guy we found in a bunker. Traitor."

He sighed and began to pace, "Is he dead?"

Rey nodded as he leaned against me to keep himself from falling.

Suddenly, we all jumped. The screams began.

And so did the flames.

FireStarter's POV

"God dammit!"

We stepped back as the large grey tank rammed through the gate, pushing any cars or sheet metal out of it's way. With a single shot, it fired right at the tower, blowing the wall to piece. Axel was inside.

"NO!" i screamed as I drew my KSG and began firing at the outer layer like it was nothing.

No shots did anything and Hamster was forced to tackle me out of the way as a single shot was fired and blew us off our feet. Nearby, the tower door swung open and out came Space, Stephanie trailing behind her. Space began firing at us, and we were forced to duck as the bullets flew over our heads and pierced the skull of a man right behind us.

I gave her a thumbs up as we all backed away from the tank. It was moving it's barrel back and forth, wondering who to shoot.

Finally it made it's decision and we all watched as she attempted to run, the explosion blowing her backwards and off the edge of the street. Space hit the fences, falling right through and straight into the water.

Hamster immediantly made a mad dash for it, pulling out a grenade. He got right up to the barrel, and put his hand up. 

A single shot was the tank would destroy it, but would take Hamster with it.

That's exactly when it attempted to do.

Without warning the tank exploded, sending Hamster flying backwards as Stephanie knocked him out of the way.

We then stared as several soldiers ran in, all holding molotovs. "NO!"

The four of them tossed the molotovs at the building, hitting the broken open wall. We then all stared as the flames began to rise, growing bigger and bigger.

"Um, Andrew I know your a pyro so WHY THE FUCK IS THE FIRE GROWING SO FAST!?" 

I stared away to look at Stephanie, "There has to be some kind of contributor. Gasoline or something!"

Suddenly, we stared as a large explosion hit the fourth floor, glass falling from the sky as the windows shattered.




Not now...


Lili is on the top floor.



Lucas' POV

The gates were open, and soldiers were flooding in.

I gripped my spear, dashing towards the gate. The soldiers noticed me and fired, forcing me to dive behind a car and take cover from the gunfire.

One of them got close, allowing me to stab him through the stomach with a spear and throw the body to the floor. 

I then made a run for the front gates, or the giant gap where the front gates would be. A single swing of the spear knocked a soldier off his feet, and I noticed Space and Hamster running across the battlefield.

The front doors of the burning tower then opened, and out came Kailey. Her long brown hair blew in the window and the blood on her cheek sparkled in the light. My mind was seriously messed up ever since Alexander bopped me on the head....


I dashed towards her, gripping her in my arms as she pulled me away from gunfire behind the other side of the tower.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm glad you made it. But I need to give you something."

Kailey went for her pocket, pulling out a small necklace. It was a silver chain, and the pendant was a swan with a heart on it, "It's one of those necklaces. If you tap the heart, the one on my side will glow. Same with mine to yours."

She put the necklace around my neck and clipped the chain.

"Thank you Kailey."

Suddenly she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close, our lips interlocking. She then went down my pants but I pulled away, "Wait till we're not on a battlefield.

"Relax, i'm not gonna-"






Kailey stared into my eyes as blood splattered across her face. She fell backwards, her body becoming limp and her smile slowly fading. Her body hit the ground, the necklace still in her grip.

Kailey Swanson was dead.

Archer's POV

The peace lasted minutes, maybe one or two.

I stared across the garden, Yonah and Rey also in shock. Several soldiers had ripped through the other end of the tent, armed with flamethrowers. 

"Huh, sometimes I really wish Andrew was here."

"Do you not like him?"

"Nah I just prefer hot girls."

We dived to the floor as a large jet of fire blew past us, hitting the end of the tent and burning through several large pumpkins.

"Come! We need to leave!" yelled Yonah as he got up off the ground. We all then stared as woman ran down the garden, only to be knocked down by a jet of fire and burst into flames.

The three of us dashed towards the end of the tent and found a man walking Zayla over to us. "She is, oh my... what's going on!?"

"Marli good job. But we have to leave now. We have horses downstairs!" yelled Yonah. We then ran towards the staircase as smoke burst from the tent, the crops burning.

Yonah led us out of the front of the building and over to a garage on the side. He then clicked a button on a small remote and we watched as it opened up to reveal four horses. 

Yonah got on one, I got on another, then Rey on another and Marli with Zayla on the last.


We rode the horses down the street, going at top speed away from the burning garden.

Gamer's POV

The stairs were long, but that didn't matter. Each step I took without running was time wasted. I could hear the explosions, feel them.

I needed to get everyone out. I pushed open the door to the computer room and walked in. Amanda was standing at the window, looking out on the horizon. Lili was next to her, trying to drag her away.

"We gotta go!"

"No. Alice died protecting this place. If I die, I'm going down with the ship."

I ran over to them both and gripped their hands, managaing to drag them halfway across the room before they began to overpower me.

Suddenly, I could see something. Out the window through the clouds. A small black dot slowly getting bigger. As the fighter jet slowly came into view, it came to me.

I grabbed Lili and Amanda's hands, running towards the staircase and dragging them with me despite their pleas to stay. I made a dive as the window shattered and soon, the my vision was blinded with fire, glass and blood.


Next Chapter...

The burning of the tower truly begins as the survivors of the jet crash attempt to fight their way down. Anikan leads the survivors of the outpost into their final stand. Adam goes to help the mortified Lucas.


Anikan: Alive
Andrew: Alive
Space: Alive
Jaxi: Alive
Spencer: ???
Lilitha: ???

Stephanie: Alive
Axel: Alive
Rose: Alive
Rey: Alive
Devin: Alive
Marcus: DEAD

Kate: DEAD
Diana Evans: DEAD
Brett: Alive
Kailey: DEAD
Lucas: Alive
Ryan: Alive
AWiiGii: Alive
Adam: Alive
Julian: DEAD
Scarlett: DEAD
Jade: Alive

Zayla: Alive
Isrreal: Alive

Shane: Alive
Selena: DEAD

Alice: DEAD
Pierce: DEAD
Amanda: ???
Maddie: DEAD

Kyra: Alive
Alanna: DEAD
Damian: Alive
Lydia: Alive
Hannah: Alive
Jake: DEAD
Yonah: Alive
Marli: Alive

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