Slavic's Story Pt 2

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Slavic waited two long days for Alexei to show up, hanging around for so long gave slavic time to think about all the things that had gone wrong since this whole thing had began.He knew he was taking a chance on Alexei but their was no light at the end of his tunnel and he had to have a little faith that Alexei would do the right thing and help him.One thing that had always bothered him since the day of the bank robbery was when they were all in the bank and everyone rushed out from the vault it seemed like they were running not only because of the robbery but for another reason to but because he had been shot it went out of his head until much later he intended to ask Alexei about it once he arrived.Finally Slavic heard a knock at his door he walked to his window that over looked the street and looked down at his door he could see Alexei standing their but to his dismay he also saw another standing next to Alexei not knowing what Alexei was thinking bringing a stranger with him Slavic was unsure weather to open the door.He stood thinking for a minute but Alexei became impatient and started banging on his door not wanting to draw attention to the place Slavic opened the door and welcomed Alexei and this strange woman into his home.Slavic pored them all a drink of vodka and they sat down to talk Alexei asked Slavic to explain all that had happened, once Slavic was finished Alexei sat staring at Slavic you really no how to dig a whole for yourself don’t you Slavic didn’t no what to say instead he turned his gaze toward Alexei’s companion and asked her name she looked back at him with a piercing stare and said my name is Maya I am Alexei’s sister.For a moment they locked eyes and stared at each Alexei saw this and interrupted them. So Slavic what help do you exactly need from me I need help leaving the country do you know anyone who can help me with this I will need a new name and passport and travelling documents Alexei thought for a short time and said I no a guy but it will cost you Slavic still had all his share of the bank robbery so money was no object that's fine he replied contact your man and I will pay what ever he asks for the documents.  

By this time it was early evening and they were all hungry Slavic decided it would be best to order food in once the order was made he sat with Alexei and asked him what had happened in the bank on the day of the robbery Alexei said I don’t no what you mean Slavic snapped and said don’t bullshit me I no something went down in the vault something none of you thought to tell me about. Alexei lifted his head and looked at Slavic when we were in the vault their was a extra guard none of us new about he tried his luck and went for his gun but before he could use it I stabbed him in the back with my knife he just fell to the floor and by the time we filled are bags with money he was already dead.Even though Slavic didn’t no about the murder he would also be implicated in it so not only would he be tried for the murder of the police officer he killed but the bank guard to he became very agitated Alexei looked at him and said what are you worried about in a couple weeks you will be living it up in another country just keep your head and everything will work out. Suddenly their was a bang on the door Slavic instantly became jumpy Maya stood up and said relax its just the food arriving she took it into the kitchen and put the food on plates she walked to the dining table and began to eat hers she, looked up at the others and said what am I your servant get your own food.With that the others got their food and joined her with looks on their faces like they had been told off by their mothers.The next morning Slavic woke up to the sound of the others bickering he couldn’t quite hear what was being said but it didn’t sound good and he new something was going on he chose to keep his worry to himself and join them. He asked Alexei how long he thought it would take to contact his friend to get all his documents sorted Alexei said I will contact him this afternoon and with luck you will have everything you need in seven to ten days it was longer than Slavic wanted to wait but he just had to not draw attention to himself if he went out side and everything would be okay.A couple hours later Maya asked Slavic if he wanted to go for a walk it wasn’t busy outside so he said yes Alexei didn't like this but as Maya had told him earlier in the day not to try controlling her he knew anything he said would just be ignored so kept quiet and let them go.While out on their walk Maya told Slavic her brother had plans to double cross him she told him Alexei had already spent a large amount of his money and needed more to complete the plans he had.Slavic turned to Maya and asked her why she was telling him this after all Alexei was her brother she said Alexei has never helped me he has always used me and I’m at that point I have had enough its time to think of myself.Slavic’s next question was what do you want from me your not taking this risk for nothing Maya said you are correct I would also like to leave Russia I want a better life and I’m not going to get it here Maya said I already have a passport Alexei doesn't no about all I need is some money for when I get to another country Slavic looked at her and said where were you thinking of going, if you haven't chosen already you could always come with me.Maya stood staring at Slavic she knew what he had done and why he was in trouble but she believed he was fundamentally a good man she ask him where he was planning on going he looked at her and said I’m going to Bali she looked confused he said its in Indonesia she asked him why there.Slavic said its a beautiful country its full of small islands a person can disappear, the waters are clear blue and full of sea life a person with as much money as I have could have a good life their.Maya said you don’t even no me why would you want me to come with you he said your like me you have struggled in life and all you want is something better for yourself if I can give you that I will Maya smiled and said in that case I would be happy to go with you.

They agreed to say nothing to Alexei if he found out what they were planning on doing not only would he call others to help him take Slavic’s money but he would punish Maya too, over the next few days Maya and Slavic did nothing to make Alexei think they were planning against him in fact Slavic went out of his way to complain to Alexei about bringing Maya with him.Over the next week they basically hung out in the apartment or went walking in the early evening when their was few people around. The day finally came when Alexei asked Slavic for the money to pay his friend for the documents.Slavic already separated what was needed, once Alexei left to collect the documents Slavic and Maya sat down to talk about their plans to leave, Slavic asked Maya if she could go to the travel agency in the town to get two one way tickets to Bali he told her to book the flights for two days time that would give him time to sort out any problems that may arise.Slavic knew Alexei would make his move on his money soon so while Maya was off in the town buying travel tickets Slavic took his bag of money and went to a place in town called the locker centre it was just a place people could put items in lockers while they walked around the town shopping Slavic put his money in one of the lockers and put the key in his jacket pocket making sure to zip the pocket up so it didn’t fall out. He made his way back home hoping to get their before Maya returned from the travel centre.As it happened they both returned home at the same time Maya didn’t even question him about where he had been they went inside, Maya asked Slavic if he wanted a coffee once she made them a drink Maya told Slavic she was going for a bath.Slavic sat on the sofa waiting for Alexei to arrive home with his documents he was constantly going over what could happen if Alexei double crossed him but at the same time he was also thinking of the life he could have with Maya if everything went without a hitch.Finally Alexei arrived home he tossed an envelope onto the chair Slavic was sitting its all their Alexei said Slavic checked everything he paid for was their in the envelope, He stood up and walked over the Alexei he thanked him for all his help then took his documents up stairs to his room.Slavic knew something was coming if what Maya had said about Alexei spending most of his money was true Slavic new he would need more Slavic decided to make the first move he walked to his dresser and pulled out his gun he went down stairs and without warning he shot Alexei in the leg then he quickly hit him in the face with the butt of the gun knocking him to the floor Maya ran down the stairs with nothing but a towel rapped around her what the hells going on she shouted Slavic looked up telling her to calm down its only a wound in his leg, he continued to put Alexei on a chair and tied him up securely  once he was secure he told Maya the bullet had gone straight through the leg and then continued to clean it up.He told Maya to go up stairs get dressed and pack only what she needed into a bag about thirty minutes later Maya came down stairs with her bag she asked Slavic what's going on he looked at her and said if what you said is true your brother is going to make a move on my money really soon I had to something before he did or neither of us would be going any where. Hearing this Alexei realised his own sister had betrayed him he promised she would pay with her life for betraying him.

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