The Not So Abandoned House

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Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



I slid my sandals off and walked along the shoreline feeling the soft warm sand as it slipped between my toes. As the waves lapped up on the shore, it hit my ankles, cooling down my warm legs. I rolled up my blue jeans and zipped up my purple sweater as I listened to the waves crash against rocks in the distance. The breeze against my face made me shiver. I was fascinated by the colours in the sunset. The sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. The clouds faded and the pale glow of the moon began to show. Like a fairy tale sunset, I was mesmerized. I stared into the distance as the sun faded away, watching the colours grow dimmer each minute until they disappeared. I sat on the warm sand and gazed into the water. The waves were crawling gently on the shore, creeping closer to my feet each time they lapped up. The murmuring of the waves was hypnotic.

Behind this beach sat a deep, dark forest. My curiosity never grew enough to go explore. But as time went on, my mind was continuously being brought back to this forest and what may be hidden in these tempting woods. From in that forest, I could hear the rustling of leaves, like someone was slowly walking towards me. As each crunch of the leaves grew louder and louder I couldn’t help but tell myself that I needed to go explore that forest. I continued to stare off into the ocean, knowing that if I turned around I would go in. “SNAP” the sound of a huge branch breaking in half. I immediately turned around. At the edge of that forest stood a man, dressed in full black. He stared at the ground with his hood up so I was unable to see his face. He continued to stand there, as still as a statue.

“Hello?” I called out in his direction, but he didn’t answer back not even moving a muscle.  He slowly began to creep my way, taking each step as slow as possible. I felt as if I was in quicksand, unable to move and trapped in a single spot. The closer he got, the more I mentally struggled to get away. Five feet away from me he stopped, put his hood down and looked up at me. He had black, curly hair that sat just below his ears. He had the words “You won't survive” printed on his cheek. His eyes…. they were so mesmerizing. I couldn’t help but stare into these deep dark eyes; irises jet black and even the sclera was as well. We both stood there, motionless. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his. I slowly began to walk towards him without even thinking, as if I was actually being hypnotized. I snapped out of it and looked at the sand. I slowly backed away refusing to look up at this man. I spun to my left and bolted, feeling my toes sink into the sand with every stride. I bent down and picked up my sandals. When I stood back up and there he was, standing directly in front of me. With one sandal in each hand I darted for the forest. I reached the outskirts of the forest and stood there, debating on whether I should go in or not. My mind said yes, but my gut disagreed. For once I followed my mind. I turned around and there the man was, about ten feet back still making his way towards me. I turned back towards the forest and watched my bare foot touch the unappealing forest floor. I felt each tiny pine needle jab into my foot as I took that second step.

“I need help! Help me, please! You're the only one who can help me!” He spoke in a voice that made me pity him. I knew I shouldn’t trust this creepy stranger who seemed to be following me, so I whispered “No” and kept carefully taking each step heading deeper into the forest.

“What do you mean No?” He said fiercely. Pins and needles shot up my back, making me stop dead in my tracks. I knew I had spoken too quietly for him to have heard. I gripped onto my shoes, wanting to slide them on but knowing I would waste too much time. I sprinted deeper into this forest and kept hearing him in my head telling me to turn back. I ran out of breath within minutes and by that time I had reached what appeared to be an abandoned house. I jumped when my phone began ringing in my pocket. I pulled out my phone and noticed that an unknown number was trying to call me. I answered the call trying to form the word “Hello?” but was unable to.

“Help me. You're the only one who can help me” My legs felt like jello and I could no longer stand up. Falling to my knees I yelled, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!”

“Your Soul” He spoke in a firm voice.

I turned around.

He was there.

Warm tears streamed down my face as I sat on the forest floor.

“Please...Please leave me alone” I cried in despair. He walked closer, hovering directly over me. I stared at him, pain rushed to my eyes as they burned inside out. I scrunched my eyes closed feeling the last tear slide down my cheek and drip onto my sweater.

“Please” I repeated. When I opened my eyes he was gone. It was just me, sitting there in the darkness, alone. I stood up and brushed the dirt off of my pants.  I turned around, facing the house and stared at it.  I had never seen such an old house in my life. It had a red tin roof that definitely needed a touch of paint. There was a deck that the roof attached to with cracked windows above. The house was very intriguing. I jogged towards the entrance of the house and stood at the there, reading what was written on the door. Printed on the door were the three simple words “You won’t survive” written ten times in white ink.  I was honestly creeped out as that is exactly what the man had written on his cheek. I slowly opened up the door. I heard it creak as I pushed it open. When the door was wide open, I stepped into the house. To my surprise, there was only one thing in this giant house.


The stairs led down to a long hallway that had one red light, enlivening the hall. I tiptoed down the stairs and glanced around. There were three doors on each side of the hall. I peered through the window of the first door to see another extended hallway.  


I jumped. I could hear the terrified voice of a girl reverberating down the hallway, piercing my ears and sending shivers down my spine.

“Please!”she wailed. “Please let me go! I’m begging you”

 I followed her voice, trying to figure out where she was . I opened the first door and headed down the hall, concentrating on the direction of screams as her cries fell upon my ears. As I walked past the second last door in that hall I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I walked back to that window. Through the glass window I saw a little girl, about five years old,  with beautiful,  blonde, curly hair that laid just below her shoulders. She looked right at me in silence. Her eyes fascinated me. The bluest eyes I have ever seen, holding the deepest of secrets, yet filled with the most pain. She stood there in a blue green hospital gown. Her wrists were tied up with ropes. Her feet barely able to touch the ground. I felt sympathy for her as she stood there, tears streaming down her face. I backed away from the door in horror as a man stood directly in front of the window holding a sharp knife in his right hand. I immediately thought of death. He was going to kill that poor innocent girl.  I slowly opened the door, as quietly as possible so he wouldn’t hear me. The door creaked and he spun around. I stood there staring into his eyes.

I was terrified.

The realization that it was the man from the beach hit me like a freight train.

“Well hello there, young lady. I was expecting you” He greeted me.

I stood there, speechless and curiously awaiting his next move. He circled around me, observing every inch of my fragile body. I stared at the girl as he stood directly behind me. Flinching as he touched my shoulders, I began to tense up. He slowly moved his hand lower and I began to feel really uncomfortable.

“I know you’ll do just fine like the rest have” he whispered. He grasped my head and turned it to my right. In the corner of the room, laid four females, all bruised with cuts throughout their bodies. Each and everyone of them had a gash in their throat, deep enough that I knew they were no longer alive. My eyes immediately widened and fear rushed through every part of my body. He scurried over to the tied up girl and said “Let’s finish our little game up-”. Then  he turned around and looked at me,

“Oh don’t you worry, it will be your turn soon”  It was as if he was trying to calm a jealousy that didn’t exist.

The man untied her and gripped her arm. He picked up the knife and headed out the door, pausing before he left the room. He stared at me with his heartless, cold, black eyes.

“We will be back. If you try to escape I will find you and your punishment will be harsh” His voice was like a foghorn, booming as it echoed around the room. He slammed the door shut and walked away, I heard every foot step down the hall as the girl yelled,


Minutes passed by and I began to hear her scream. A scream so loud my ears began to ring... a simple scream that told me she was in a horrible amount of pain. I tugged on the door, but it wouldn’t open. More time passed by as I contemplated on how I would get us both out of this. I observed this sinister room. The floor was had an old look to it, there were lots of blood stains throughout this room. Not only did the blood fill parts of the floor but also the walls that once were painted yellow. Directly in front of me stood the door that I entered not to long ago. Up above me were stood two ropes that. To my far left were the four dead females lying in the corner together, on the opposite corner was an old army cot that had a red blanket and greyish white pillow on it. To my left hung many knives and guns. I walked towards them to try and grab one, but they were too high up.

I stared back at the door as the young girl screamed. I noticed a glass plate that still had bits of food on it, lying beside the door.


Before I knew it, she was brought back into the room with the face that told me many tears were shed in the matter of a couple of minutes.

She walked into the room, limping, unable to stand up straight. The man left the room, locking it behind him.  She laid on the bed across the room.

“Are you okay?” I asked with concern.

She shook her head and lifted up her gown.

“Look” She cried. I walked over to her and stared at her stomach. He had carved the word “Whore” into her stomach. Each cut was so deep, she bled enough that I thought she was going to die.

“You need to get out of here as fast as possible” She said to me.  

“What else does he do to you?” I asked, avoiding her statement. She turned onto her side, revealing her back that had circular burns, as if he used her to put out his cigarettes. I was shocked at how cruel one human being could be on such a young, innocent girl, who didn't deserve this one bit.

“Sometimes when I get into a lot of trouble, he locks me in a room with ammonia, it hurts to breath. But before I fall asleep he takes me out of the room” She said in fear.

“How did you end up in here?” I asked. She looked at me, confused

“What do you mean? I’ve always lived here. That man, he’s my father” she said in shame. “And my mother? She just disappeared. One night I heard daddy whispering as mommy cried in pain. I knew he was hurting her. But I was locked in the closet so I couldn’t save mommy.I screamed and told him to stop. He didn’t listen. Later on mommy got me out of the closet and I laid in bed with her. She told me she was hurting on her tummy. When I lifted up her shirt there was so much blood. I was scared but I tried to be brave for mommy. When I woke up the next morning she was gone, daddy stood there staring at me as he whispered ‘I went to far’ I don’t know why she hasn’t come back for me. She always told me that we would soon get out of this place and leave daddy behind, she told me that this isn’t the way normal daddies treat their kids..” She sobbed. My eyes blurred as the tears slowly escaped, rolling down my cheeks. I heard the man slowly making  his way down the hallways towards this room. Anger rushed through my body and I told the girl I had a plan. She and I both stood behind the door. I held a glass plate that had bits of food still left on it.

The door creaked open,

“ Ready?” I whispered. She nodded with a slight smile on her face.

“Oh girls...” He said peaking around the door.

I immediately swung the plate towards his face, shattering the glass and making him fall to the ground.

“RUN! Run as far away from here as possible.” I yelled as she bolted out the door.

He attempted to scurry after her but by the time he got passed me it was too late.

“You're going to pay for this!” He said tugging on my ear and dragging me back into the room. I yelped in pain, begging him to let go of my ear. He took the ropes and tied me up like that girl once was. When he left the room I struggled my hardest to get out but didn’t succeed. He came back holding a bat. At first I was confused as to what he was doing until he took his first swing. It hit me in the rib cage, shattering each and every bone in my ribs. I let out a soft yell as I attempted to exhale and then inhale. He took another swing, hitting me in the side of the head. My head began to pound so hard I thought I was dying. I blacked out for a moment. When I awoke my left leg ached and he still stood there only now he was holding a knife.

I hung there helplessly in pain. He took the knife and shoved it into my stomach. I felt the pressure of his arm push deep into my stomach but shock kept me from feeling the pain. He untied me and I fell to the ground. The more blood that seeped out of my body, the more pain I endured. I layed there in my own  pool of blood slowly fading away.


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