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30th November, 2018...

Riley and Penny, still driving, were almost back to the base. They had just entered El Salvador, still using their car. Penny was practically forced to take Riley to a hospital in Mexico when the wound began to create some weird symptoms that were different from anything experienced before. The doctors closed up the wound, and cleaned up most of the damage, but they had no clue what was happening to Riley. Nevertheless, she decided to keep going to El Salvador, shrugging the wound off.

”Well...she’s dead,” Penny said while driving. “We finally got her.” 

Riley rested her arm on the door. “Something doesn’t feel right. And it isn’t the wound, either.” Riley said.

Penny glanced over at Riley before looking back again. “Then what would it be?”

”Clementine said something about...Entertainment companies...bringing their creations to life, basically. Like us.” Riley muttered.

”They should have learned, after Mercer. What are they trying to do?” Penny asked.

”Hell if I know. She gave me a choice. To go with her. Bring everyone to life...and then conquer the world...” Riley explained.

Penny laid back. “Why didn’t you accept?” she asked.

Riley looked at Penny with some disbelief. “Would you have said yes?”

Penny stayed silent. 

Riley sighed, and looked outside. “I’m tired. I’m just tired. I’m tired of being controlled, mainly. That’s why I said no.”

Penny looked at Riley, and gave off a little sigh as well. “I am as well. But...nobody forced us to do anything. This is a journey we chose to take.” Penny said.

Riley nodded. “As soon as we came here, our mission was to kill Mercer. We did. And now, we’ve put this Big Man thing on our backs. If I had said yes to Clem, she would have killed him for us. We could have relaxed a bit.”

Penny tapped her fingers. “It’s not true, is it? You didn’t refuse because you were thought of the greater good.” 

Riley blinked. “I guess so. But I wasn’t lying when I said I was tired of control. I’m tired overall.” 

“I think we all are. We’ve killed Clementine now though, and the Big Man is the only target. Always has been. We just had to kill the guards first.” Penny said.

”Yeah...but I don’t think...I don’t think we should...yet.” Riley said.

Penny hit the brakes, causing Riley to yell in pain.

”Are you kidding? The longer we wait, the more work we’ll have ahead of us!” Penny exclaimed.

Riley winced, and looked at Penny. “I’m saying...we wait for backup. Wait for more...people like us. They’ll turn up, like Clem said. They can help us. Join the Virtuous Cross.” Riley explained.

Penny considered this. “But how long would we need to wait?” she asked.

”Not sure. Guess we’ll need to find out.” Riley suggested.

”How would we do that?” Penny asked.

Riley leaned forward. “I heard a the base...something about digital beings coming to’s not a machine that allows us to come here. It’s a being. A language, in fact. We just need to decode this language,” Riley said.

Penny shook her head in shock. “No. No, how in the goddamned HELL, are we gonna decode a language nobody knows?” she asked.

Riley chuckles. “No...somebody knows it. I spoke with the Intel guys...after Clementine’s info...I asked them about this language, after hearing people talk about it...they found the person who knows the language, but...they don’t know the name. Only the location.” Riley explained.

”Are you saying we go get that person, and bring them here, to decode a language?” Penny asked.

Riley nodded.

Penny sighed. “And this is, AT THE BEST OF A RUMOUR, the language required to...what, get more people like us?” 

Riley nodded again. “The machines were just to stabilise the whole thing. We’ll get to work on those.” 

Penny breathed shallowly. Then, she nodded slowly. “Fine. We’ll do this. But then...THEN we kill Big Man.” 

Riley smiled. “I knew you had it in you! Let’s get back to base.”


After some more driving, in the afternoon, they made it back. Everyone was in order, and saluted them on their arrival. 

“Boss! Boss! We have a problem!” A soldier called.

Penny approached him, while Riley called for medical attention, as the wound was still partially there.

”What is it?” Penny asked the soldier.

”We’re about to be attacked! Radar says it’s a full ground invasion...and it’s HUGE!” The soldier panicked.

”You know what to do...get the defences the local police and military...we’ll fight this.”

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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