The Lady of The Lake

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A short glimpse into a forgotten world. (Based off of British legends and folklore)

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



The warm trickle of flowing water echoed all around, setting a scene of peace and tranquility. The smooth of the water's surface was calm and unbridled with life's grating toil. Slowly and peacefully, as if there was no hurry in the world, a picturesque wooden boat sailed down the river with only the slightest froth of movement to signify its quest. The legends speak of a young lady who has sailed these waters for a millennia, all nonsense and claptrap, or so I would have told you yesterday. This girl, well more of a woman really, had a sort of aura to her, otherworldly and ethereal. You may have blinked and missed it. The boat creaked; it was old and yet hauntingly beautiful and in that moment I could truly believe it had cruised these waterways for the last thousand years and would continue to for the next as well.

The woman, who sat daintily upon the stern was outwardly young, beautiful and naive but she wore a face as old as time itself, full of wisdom, experience and woe. Her eyes were softly shut and I could not fathom a guess as to what lay upon her mind. Her rickety boat was adorned with a tapestry, telling a thousand stories that no mortal man could remember and sorrow that would haunt us eternally.

The tranquillity was brutally crushed as a jagged rock was thrown into the water's now raging surface. Where previously serenity had been cast, a raging beast now writhed at the foreign contact. My neck snapped upwards to see a fat child stood at the water's edge tossing rock after rock in to the once peaceful water. I looked, horrified, over the lady of the lake to see her reaction undoubtedly scandalised at this intrusion and yet my eyes found nothing but trees swaying in the wind, calm as the river once was. I could have sworn I heard a woman's voice whisper to me, 'Thank You'.

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