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A man's desire to go forward in time to acquire a cloning machine so he can clone the woman he loves, goes on a mission to go to a time when his love is going to marry someone else and messes
everything up.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017





Part 1


What i was looking at was unbelievable. Right before me was the most powerful scale system ever made, it was perfect in every way, its gleaming metal, it’s magnificent gears, the smell of ancient metals, i was transfixed by it. The sheer volume made me nervous beyond belief. I used to feel very alone and scared, lost in a way when I was around something that could scale. Now I only look on in amazement and astonishment, i wanted to be a part of this scale, it was so much bigger and had more stations than any other.


Sheila looked at me and stated, i can smell you. She turned to look at the scale, and then turned her head over her body like she knew where i was, she was a little off. I was standing a little bit to the left of where she thought i was. She smelled again, and shifted herself again, now right in front of me.


She giggled, and laughed, she tried to talk to me again, are you here to scale or you just admiring it? She asked. I was silent for a moment and she stumbled a little over her next words, it is you, isn't it? I stated, yes, and am here to …...who are your friends? I asked. She said they were from the school house, that they were curious as to what lies beyond the canyon and mountains, and that she leads them closer to the scales, as they get more accustomed to them being there, they get less nervous. The children had stopped playing and were staring at us.


So you going to scale? She asked.. My mind drifted back to a time when i was younger, and did not know anything about the damn scales. I was young and naive, and wanted a lot out of life that my patience would not allow me to wait for. I bled a lot, lost a lot of faith, burnt things, and cried. I always swore that if i could scale the proper way, i could make things right for myself, but as long as i have been scaling, it is mostly a dream of artificial comfort and scary, very alone places. As it lays before the canyon and mountains, glistening in the sun, i remember back to the days when i would sit down and listen to Sheila teach me all about it's glorifying properties, and i would listen to every word that she would say, and i was always crying. Why i would cry so much was alarming to me, but she understood, she was used to it, she said it is what happens when you are in the presence of ultimate brilliance and love, your emotions do not know how to react.


She said it was a kind of release, your body and brain realizing what it is capable of, and the emotions of knowing that you spent so much time of your life not knowing it could have been doing so much more. I have to go find her, i stated, i have to go find her, like before.


Sheila had told me all about time, and that it was all based on scales, there were endless amounts of scales that weigh things in an infinite number, and if you out ballance a scale, you can switch parallels, like,you could even go back in time, change things, and the scales might right themselves before you come back, so that the dimensional rift does not affect anything else but little things.


Sheila looked disappointed, you are going to be gone a long time? No, i stated. I am going to bring back a clone machine and clone her, it is the only way. Sheila smiled. It is a plan she had wanted to come up with a long time ago, but one that i was weary of. But now, too much time had passed, and i was excited to see her again, so i was going to go against my better judgement and go forward in time, a time when they have perfected clone machining, and bring it back with me to the present time so i could clone a copy of her, and then have to  clone a thousand copies, from that surely one would love me, Sheila laughed, maybe you need to make a million copies, your no prize. The kids playing with Sheila, listening intently, laughed and started to play, pushing each other and running around. Birds were swooping around.


Somewhere there was a wedding party that was in the process of conducting a wedding rehearsal, when something went terribly wrong. I went back in time to stop the bride from saying yes at the rehearsal. I thought it was the real wedding day. Everything was going great until I discovered that it was just the rehearsal and panicked, ran back on the scales too fast and ended up hurting a lot of people. Blood was everywhere, and it left a lot of people scared out of their minds, they do not know about the scales. All they saw was a man come up to them in the church, who was accidentally brought through time when i had jumped on the scales too quickly, and he stated something that only interdimensional beings know.


Why the people started to bleed and run and be scared we might never know, but i knew i had messed up, and the bride i was after was about to get married, so i wanted to hurry up. And man was the groom pissed. He hates me. But fuck him, he isn't shit.  


The bride is very patient with me, or should i say resilient, i love her and she knows it, but she is going to marry this other guy, so in other words those bloody church people are her fault. I some how love her more for that. Maybe i do need to make a million copies of her, my brain is getting more hard to understand every day.


Sheila went off to play with her friends who were heading to the school yard, and i could smell the smoke from chimneys.


The bride looked at the groom and told him the wedding is off, they need to plan another date and get a new wedding party together in a future time. People were still screaming and helping each other up off the ground. People were calling for ambulances, fire truck sirens could be seen off in the horizon. The groom was still on the ground trying to comfort a lady, and then when the ambulance driver came to take over, he rose and looked at the bride and she was smiling.


He is coming back you know. Oh, i know she said, i know he is. He looked angry and confused, you want this to happen, don't you, he said gesturing at all the wounded people. She looked around and flatly stated that she cannot stop him, he is his own man.


But you enjoy this, you like to see this carnage! He asked her anxiously. She stated that something must have gone horribly wrong. She went outside with the sirens blazing in the snow and wind, and sat down and sat for hours, thinking of things. Barely moving, just thinking.


What is he going to do next, she thought. What is he going to do……………..


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