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Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



zorros (foxes)

all the girls that hang around me

sending bad vibes throughout the city

feeling faceless, cold and dirty

long black hair, yeah she's pretty

her image gives me every reason

I'm telling you now it's gonna end soon

my thoughts are erratic just like your mood

pray for who I was last summer

a youthful glow and selfless hunger

so many writings about a girl

who doesn't even love me anymore

think I'm crazy, I miss it all

found more questions in buildings, México City and New York

hurts when they volunteer to leave

guess they don't really value me

wrote themselves out the script...

thought they'd be a permanent character

the story continues after the screen goes black

lots of sorrow, lots of anger

foxes in the garden

driving, darkened highway

give up my brain to see you

explaining everything with silence

see the bright sun over the central Valley

it's cold outside, we're wearing hoodies

move deeper into the water

just like when we were children

we know the sharks are out there

but we thought they'd never get us


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