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A woman's quest to find the source of her husbands suicide, which leads her to fight with the devil

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017





The sound of the evangelical leaders voice was coming through the doors of the church, and people were heading inside after running outside for a good while. It had been raining so the smell of wet wood was everywhere. They came in one by one, the pastor was behind the podium preaching about souls being saved.


Lisa calmly sat in the front row and cried. She was familiar with the sermons, but it was important to her on this night because her boyfriend was getting his soul saved. He was getting born again. He was a very big denier of the church, but this service tonight changed his life. It changed for Jesus, it changed for God. He was sitting on the floor with his hands out in front of him up to the sky, and talking to the angels around him, crying and thanking God for the vision of salvation he was receiving.


She wiped away more tears until someone grabbed her by her arm and gestured her to sit by her boyfriend. They were married two months later and had two kids together.


She dressed like a church girl, simple, but with flare. What that flare was exactly was nobody’s business, it was something that worked for her, and would work only for her. God for some reason wanted it that way.


When she smiled sometimes her lips looked like they were for kissing angels. Her eyes were full of caring and her heart full of gold. When she laughed the angels danced.


Her husband killed himself one autumn morning. It was in all the papers, he had shot himself in the head with a hunting rifle. Blood spattered all over their barn doors. She was in shock for a long time.


Her life turned from anger to revenge. It took her years to figure out who the real enemy is. She looked up at her kids one day while she was lying on the floor in a crying fit, and told them that the devil is real. And she is going to kick it out of our world. Her kids could see the sparkle return in her eyes, back to when everything was ok. It gave them a feeling of hope. She rose from the ground and started a life of missionary work that took her to the devil's playground.


Over the years she kicked some devil’s out of this world. Some would leave with a little fight, but others would take a lot of time. But this one…..this one ………...


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