Dawn of Justice

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Two men fight to save the world, one man has to sacrafice...

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



It is 150 years later in the 22th century, in a modern city called “Ionia” there are two heroes who own super power. One of them is Sam, and he was born with natural abilities that he can fly, grow strong without food. The special thing about him is he’s fit and muscular that his super strength can move even a train! Sam doesn’t want to show everyone his hero identity, so he is hiding it by dressing up different clothes. For instance, when he becomes hero, he wears his hero suit, but in his normal life he dresses just like a normal person with a pair of glasses on so nobody can figure him out. Sam works as a journalist, and he writes newspaper for “The Ionia Times” . During working, he falls in love with a woman who is also a journalist. Her name is Diana, and she’s a beautiful lady. As a girl’s perspective, a guy need to be strong and Sam is getting the score on it. He has six pax and his two big arms show that he is training everyday. So they come together as a beautiful couple, and they also start dating.

Have you considered who is another man who also has a super power? And what kind of power does he have? In town, there’s a billionaire name is Michael and he inherits his parents’ industries after they had passed away. The industries are about investing in machine and selling many kinds of electrical products that bring his company many profits. The billionaire knows how to manage his business going well, because since he was 15 years old, he got invited to MIT university to study in electrical engineering. This fact shows that how smart he is and how successful has come to him. While working, Michael creates an armour suit that is made of a rare kind of metal and a pair of boots that has the power to fly. In fact,  his armour is very solid and protective that it can take as many bullets from the machine gun. Michael only uses his armour as self-defense or in purpose such as helping in war, so he hardly ever shows up in the suit.

At the time, there is a man who is a scientist and he’s having a plan to dominate the world. His goal is to dominate the city then expanding to dominate the world. After getting fired, this scientist begins to work on himself in his laboratory room. He has stolen the formula recipe that is forbidden to use from where he used to work at the industry. It takes the scientist 2 years to complete this big construction. After 2 years, his work has created a monster, and he named it “Doomsday”.  It is big and scary, and it is undefeated! It has the stone scabrous skin that can absorb bullets, whenever they are shooting at him he increases by size. The scientist now feels satisfy, he said, “Finally you have come with me to make my dream comes true”. Then he jumps into the monster and starts controlling it madly, he asked, “Are you ready? Let’s go for a walk!”

As Doomsday appeared, the situation is getting worse. It has destroyed many buildings down, fear many citizens and caused stuck traffics. The people are afraid of the sound when it’s roam “Arghh” and walking heavily on the street “Stomp.. Stomp…”  It’s action just like the T-rex from back to the primitive time. The city became chaotic now, the cops are there but they can’t do anything to control. Even the high security forces such as FBI and the military are giving up with this monster. It’s time for two heroes to show up and stabilize the matter. Sam suits up his uniform privately, then he quickly fly there. While going, he hears a parent is calling for help outside a burning building, the child is stuck inside the house and suffering. Sam bravely fly into the fire, he is looking for the kid. The gas smells poisonous as it’s running out of oxygen, he sees the boy is crying upstair, and the ceiling is closely to collapse. He immediately moves up fast as lightning and grabs the boy away from the fall ceiling. Sam rescues the child and let his family united again, the man said, “Thank you for saving my son!” Without hesitant, he has to go fight the monster. As Sam arrives in downtown where Doomsday is, the scientist greeting, “Hello young man, what are you doing here? Are you going to my party?” Sam replied, “For all the things you have caused, you will pay now!” He picks up the car near him and throws at the target. Monster catches the car like grabbing a football and breaks it down easily. Scientist now said, “It looks like you coming to break this party...ugh...then I will never let you to do so.” He controls Doomsday to fight back. Two rivals are fighting fiercely, but unfortunately Sam gets caught by the monster and it is holding him against the wall, it threatened, “Look at who is trying to save the citizens of Ionia… Haha and now get prepare to be sent to another world!” The monster is almost finishing Sam, but suddenly out of nowhere the mega knight comes and kicks the monster out stopping it’s action. It is Michael, and he apologizes, “Sorry, I’m late! Are you cool, Sam?” Sam looks up and he said, “It is now not important to waste anymore time, let’s join our forces to get this done.” He stands up next to Michael, and they begin fighting with Doomsday. The battle is now intense again and even more than ever. Two heroes feel fatigue, because the more this scary monster gets hit, the stronger it becomes. While fighting, Sam finds out the weakness of Doomsday is whenever Sam releases his energy, it becomes weaker and weaker. However this can also cause Sam to death, and he has given out his final decision. He said to Michael, “The only way to defeat this annoying creature is I have to sacrifice myself.” Michael replied, “Don’t even think that my friend, we can find out its other weaknesses.” Sam refused, “My life can exchange with many other innocent people’ lives. I had lived and lived enough, I will not regret what I do.” He added,”When I’m gone, you gonna replace my position as a hero of the people, be ready to help when they need you. If you can do so, not only me but the citizens would feel grateful. Now, I have to go because I’m almost there to the highland of father. Take care Mike.” Didn’t have a chance to say anything, Michael is just looking at Sam flying to Doomsday, releasing all of his energy. The light emits dazzling that makes everyone has to cover their eyes. Sam and Doomsday have vanished into the air...


A hero has gone bringing many emotional to people. They appreciate his contribution not just big but honestly come from his heart, so they build a statue of Sam made of copper and named it “The Statue of Mankind”. With Sam’s girlfriend, she never forgets and keep praying for him. Since the death of Sam, she decides to live without a man peacely after to show her loyal in love and her best self esteem.

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