The War to End All Wars

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Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017




The War to End All Wars

Justin W.

Everyone thought the second world war would be the last major conflict; the war to end all wars. But as
nuclear weapons were created, this caused instability in the world. They were produced and stored,
ready to be used. Eventually, these weapons served their purpose and wreaked havoc in virtually every
place on Earth. It was never before seen warfare and all countries were engaged in this war. Every day,
thousands died, buildings exploded, diseases spread, and life worsened. And it was far from over.

The sky was gray with smog and the ground was dark with dirt and debris. Destroyed buildings and dead
trees appeared here and there. Had it always been like this? thought Tommy. Before the war, kids had
to be in school on a Tuesday. But what was the point of school at a time where war was most
important? Therefore, Tommy and his younger brother Ben were venturing outside. It was
recommended that people stay underground at all times in case a nuke were to strike, but the spirit of
adventure in young boys led Tommy and Ben to explore outdoors.

The boys lived in a city that was once the most attracting city in the world, New York City. Nowadays, it
was simply a mess of wrecked buildings, dirt, and dead trees. You know, the result of a couple nuclear
bombs. They had never known New York as a prosperous city because they were born after the war
started. Nor did they know what life was like before.

A couple of days ago, the boys’ mother had given them a skateboard to keep them busy while she was
at work (She worked in the food department in another bunker connected via tunnels and underground
walkways). Little did she know that the boys snuck out whenever she wasn’t home. Today, they were
taking turns on the skateboard but the roads were too bumpy for the skateboard to roll quickly.
Anyhow, the boys were enjoying themselves.

Long before the war, the most powerful countries mass produced nuclear weapons and stored them.
These countries created a pact and forbade the other countries to create and possess nuclear weapons.
Most countries were satisfied with this but some countries decided to develop their own nukes. These
countries united and formed a second “group”. The powerful countries kept warning this group to stop
or action would be taken. Nonetheless, they kept producing and storing these weapons until one day, a
nuke was dropped-and war was declared.

Presently, the boys sat down on the dirt to take a break.

“What’s the time?” asked Ben.
“Quarter to two,” responded Tommy checking his watch.
“Then we got half ‘n hour before we be headin’ home.”
Tommy kept quiet.
“When d’you think this war’s gonna end?” asked Ben.
“Who knows?” murmured Tommy, “Maybe never.”
“I sure hope it ends soon. Then we could come out and play whenever!”

Tommy got up with the skateboard in his hand and walked off.
“Where ya goin’?”
“Wait for me!” and Ben trotted behind him.

* * *

When their mother came home, her face showed that she had been crying. Even the boys could tell.
Their home was a single roomed bunker enclosed within four gray walls. A single light bulb was
suspended from the ceiling and it was the only light source for the room. In one corner lay the bed
where all three slept and there was a desk in the other corner. Between these two stood a large wooden
closet. On the wall to the left of the room, there was a square hole where the food, in sealed plastic
bags, would come out and drop on the metal platform beneath.

“What’s wrong, mother?” asked Ben as their mother slowly sat down on the bed.
“Starting from tomorrow, I will be staying home with you two.”
“Did you get fired?” asked Tommy.
“Everyone did, that is, everyone from the food department.”
“Yesterday night, a bomb hit the food storage compound.”
“Does that mean…”
“From now on,” she sobbed, “no one will be receiving any more food” and she broke into tears which
made Ben cry as well.
“No,” gasped Tommy and he ran into the public lavatory which was in a separate bunker.

They had told him that the war was going to end in the next year or two but now he realized that that
was merely a hope. The truth was obvious now. This war was only going to end when everyone died.
When there would be no more people. Tommy had always wondered how humans would become
extinct, kind of like what happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago. He never thought that the
true threat to humanity was man himself…

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