As The Rain falls

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16 year old boy encounter a little girl abandoned and alone,little did he know that this ordinary girl has experienced things normal humans haven't. Her parents supposedly sold her soul to the
devil for fame and money. Now our protagonist Jamie is caught up in the middle of a battle for her soul as he try's to protect her from the monsters that lurk in the underworld.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



“Sorry Jamie, those guys were probably sent for my soul. Afterall I'm still on the top of satan's most wanted list.”

“It's alright, I have these powers to protect you after all. Which leads me to the question, what if they had went into you're room first? I wouldn't have known, you could have... died.”

“We don't know that Jamie, but maybe I should stay in your room from now on just incase.”

I nodded and then when we ran back home since it started to pour on us. When we got home everything was back to normal. The t.v was fine the window I cracked while fighting is fixed and even my bed sheets that got messed up are back to normal. As if this had never happened. “What!?”

“Jamie, what happened to everything? The windows, th-”

“I can see that, but what the hell is this?” I see a glowing white letter on my bed along with a golden ring and walk towards it. I pick up the letter and it only say three words “Gods do exist” as soon as I finish reading it the letter vanishes and I'm only left with the ring. “Becky should I put it on?”

“I don't know, it may be dangerous. Maybe I should put it on just incas-”

“NO!” I interrupted her and started putting on the ring. “As long as I'm here I won't let you get hurt.” She started blushing and just sat on my bed. I finished putting on the ring which was a perfect fit for me somehow. Nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds until a blinding light came out from the ring and I found myself in a different place. “This isn't my room where am I?” I was! Not regular space though this place felt, warm and I felt loved. The area around me was empty space with thousands of stars and now it changed into a random park. I’m in the middle of beautiful park, there's no people in sight and nothing but nature and birds.

“Welcome Jamie.”

A random woman's voice came from behind me and I quickly turned and got into a fighting stance.

“He,he,he, no need to be frightened I won't hurt you. I brought you here to talk.”

“You're beautiful.” I cover my mouth and just stare at her.

“He,he,he well thank you. Don't act surprised, this place makes you say what's on your mind after all. That's why I brought you here to talk.”

“Who are you?”

“Me, well to you I would be god. Though there are many of us, I'm just their queen.”

“What!? You're a girl, then everyone on earth is wrong.”

“He,he,he, yeah you could say that. Call me Taina by the way.”

Her laugh was beautiful just like her. She was as tall as me and radiated peace and love. She had a long white dress with white shoes and long grey hair. Her eyes were as blue and as deep as the sea which just left me completely mesmerized. Around her neck she had a necklace made of this blue glowing gem which was shining brightly along with her bow which had the same gem at the center.

“Well Jamie, the reason I brought you here is because I wanted to talk about You and Becky Fergestine. As you may know lucifer really wants her soul, which is odd. Normally by this time he could have gathered 20 times as many souls. This must be because Becky's soul is very..peculiar. She has something we god's call a golden soul.”

“What's so special about that?”

“Years ago before the great war between demons and angels began, 2 people or “Souls” stood in between both worlds and prevented this war from happening. These two people were Becky's parents.”

“How?! I thought they were worthless pieces of shits who abandoned their daughter for their own desires?”

“That was what her parents planted in her brain so she wouldn't want to learn more about them and her power. They were the ones preventing the clashing of both worlds, but her mother who possessed the golden soul and her father who was half demon and half angel had a daughter and a son a bit earlier but you should know who he is. The angels didn't want the child to be born because this would mean war. As soon as she would have been born her mother would have passed the golden soul onto her and would have had no means of keeping the demons at bay. Her father was able to keep the demon king from invading the human realm for an extra 13 years while becky grew up. He then sadly lost to the demon king's son who inherited the throne. He was said to be about 30 times stronger than the previous demon king.”

“All of this is crazy, but what exactly does the golden soul do?”

“Oh yeah sorry Jamie, the golden soul grants the host and the person of her choice unlimited power.”

That's insane!? What do you mean exactly though, unlimited power is great and all but.”

“Hmm, how can I put this. If you and Becky to be exact were to get into a tough situation she can activate her power and give you her energy. Thus making your power undepletable. You would never run out of power, along with that you would also increase in strength but only while you're in range of her soul.”

“So that's how it is.” what she said was crazy and this is all happening to fast but I knew she was telling the truth.”

“Jamie, you and Becky are our only hope in ending this war. With you and her uniting the world would be safe and the demons will be trapped in hell forever. Now I need to send your soul back otherwise you're really going to die. But remember, protect becky with your life. Even if you die she can still pair up with someone else for now. Goodbye Jamie.”

She then lifted her hand and along with another blinding light I found myself on my bed again. I sat up and felt weight on top of my left arm. Becky was sleeping next to me the whole time with what appeared to be red streaks on her face from tears. She held onto my arm even tighter when I tried to wake her up. “Becky, wake up. What’s wrong?” She opened her eyes then stood up almost instantly.


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