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Now they know your name.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



The reason people like Supergirl, the TV series, so much is Teenage Witch Syndrome. Note the striking similarities in persona and physical appearance between Supergirl and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Supergirl has the look and mannerisms of youth (adolescent youth), a target audience to which she certainly appeals. Yet, who among us is not attracted by the intoxicating allure of youth? Youth represents the power of eternal life, such as The Fountain of Youth. Witches are thought of as immortal, as having the power of eternal youth or life.

Witches wear capes, like Margaret Hamilton does as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. Supergirl also wears a cape. A witch’s cape or Supergirl cape can, ironically, be seen as a subliminal allusion to angel wings, which is in turn an allusion to bird wings, which subliminally suggests the mysterious power of flight.

Witches fly through the air, symbolically on broomsticks. Similarly, Supergirl flies through the air, even if she doesn’t have a broomstick, though there are scenes where Supergirl actually has a broomstick in her hands, i.e., the subliminal messaging laden scene where Supergirl bops Mon-El (who is suspiciously lower than her as if in submission to the awesome power of the witch’s broom) on the nose with a broom. Witches have supernatural powers. Supergirl has supernatural powers.

During the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 in Massachusetts, some of the most notable accusers were adolescent girls who claimed they were being maliciously harmed by adults. Adolescents often perceive adults as villainous. Supergirl fights to save the world from villains.

Witches are associated with the pentagram or pentacle which is a circumscribed geometric symbol. Supergirl has a circumscribed geometric symbol on her chest. Witches can cast spells of love or heartbreak. Romantic drama is replete in Supergirl episodes.

This is a conspiracy in which a hidden faction exploits glamorized cultural motifs in order to implant subconscious suggestions in the minds of viewers. The entire process is largely based on test results derived from Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning (conditioned reflexes) experiments.

It is important to note that audio-visual stimuli such as the Supergirl TV series affects the body as well as the mind by using emotional triggers to stimulate the glands of the human endocrine system. Pavlov’s experiments went far beyond dropping food pellets at the sound of a bell.

“{After completing his graduate dissertation at the Imperial Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, Pavlov studied under cardiovascular physiologist Carl Ludwig in Leipzig, Germany, and gastrointestinal physiologist Rudolph Heidenhain in Breslau, Poland where he devised an operation in which he created an exteriorized “pouch” on a dog’s stomach and maintained nerve supply to study gastrointestinal secretions.(paraphrased from}”

The shadowy cabal operating behind the scenes employing mass media to manipulate the minds of the viewing public is not coming at us willy-nilly. Nor are they merely aiming at swaying public opinion. These modern-day spell-casters of potent contemporary witchcraft have the startling power to deeply and accurately control human biochemistry at the molecular level. TV shows and movies are deliberately engineered to directly affect pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, anxiety levels, dreaming during REM sleep, etc.

Most of the participants in movies and TV shows like Supergirl - producers, directors, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters, and so forth - are not aware of the hidden purpose which they serve. They merely imitate, and sometimes elaborate on, what has gone before. There are a select few, however, who pull the coercing strings. These are the dangerous ones who determine what shows or movies reach the public eye and which ones do not.

There literally are designated observers who scrupulously monitor every TV show and movie to ensure that the affect they are aiming at will be achieved, otherwise said TV series or movie will never reach the public. The same strict monitoring applies to music distribution, video games, commercial advertising, and even headline news. If it reaches the public, it has been strategically engineered for an explicit, and not necessarily beneficial, purpose. It is that real and it is that serious.

We would be hard-pressed to ferret out such sinister necromancers who meticulously and surreptitiously sculpt the fate of all humanity - or as many of the global populous as they can get to vulnerably expose themselves to the heinous brainwashing techniques.

It’s an occult ritual which invites participants from all ages, genders, and conditions. We are talking about an enigmatic regime which mercilessly targets all, regardless of nationality, religion, disability, or financial class.

In the Supergirl TV series, as in other TV shows and even feature films, camera angles are constantly shifting. If you hide behind a TV in a darkened room and watch the light from the TV reflecting on a viewer’s face, you will be amazed at the rapidity with which camera angles and scene changes take place. The reflected light radiating from the TV screen has a strobe effect. What do these tactically choreographed light pulses do to human brain chemistry? Light pulses directly influence synaptic activity and the production of neurotransmitters. This is a cult manifestation of rigorously commanding the entire human Central Nervous System en mass.

The plots of TV series like Supergirl do not elaborate as to reasons for the words and actions of the characters in the show. Explanations are not given in full - only vague allusions and hinted innuendo which are carefully semantically plotted to give the illusion of legitimacy.

We are wise to ask ourselves what could possibly be the purpose for this obsessive superficial screen flickering and brevity of attention span? The term “television” is a still water which runs very, very deep.

Supergirl is a prime example of the illicit potency of such diabolical propagandist campaigns. This is why Supergirl the TV series is so popular, because the clandestine faction lurking in the sociocultural gray areas of modern society are “making us an offer we can’t refuse.”

Of such nefarious covert subliminal attacks, I write informatively among the illuminating pages of the epic occult thriller Bloodstone and Broomcorn: Curse of the W.I.T.C.H.

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