Putrid Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wanted to find a unique way to appeal to the senses as opposed to just sight and sound. This story was written to tell a horror story as I would see it.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



Putrid Death

It was six weeks after my dad had won the lottery, I had always thought that buying a lottery ticket every week was a waste of money. He had been doing in for 20 years, but I guess 4,000 dollars of lottery tickets was worth the 151 Million that he got after the government took its “fair” share. The last few weeks had been strange, my dad quit his job, and I stopped looking for one, we started packing up our three bedroom apartment in east Denver and prepared to move into a mansion of sorts in Grand Junction. I didn’t really mind the move, I had only lived in Denver for around four months, and Denver East High School hadn’t yielded any friends that I would miss, or even think about to be honest.  That was not the case for my sister Hillary, she had met “the love of her young life” and despised having to move away from him. The kid seemed like a tool to me, but then again my sister had pretty low standards. Call her pretty here, bat an eyelash there, and she was in the palm of your hand.

Back to what I was saying, we had only moved there with our dad when our mother had remarried and found a new family to love. She said that it didn’t mean that she loved us any less, but only that there just wasn’t enough room for five kids. I didn’t believe a word of it. The whole speech sounded eerily similar to when I was almost four and Hillary was born.

I walked past Hillary’s room and saw her crying into her iphone screen while a boy cried on the other end. I laughed and kept walking, if a boy that she has known for less than two months really is the “love of her life” then her life wasn’t going to be very good.

I walked downstairs and saw my dad carrying boxes outside to the truck. Once I decided to help, we were able to get the rest of the boxes loaded up. When I walked back inside there was a box sitting on the counter with my name written on it. I opened the package to find the actual love of my young life. Before me sat a white gold, with an emerald face Submariner Rolex, valued at 41,000 dollars. My jaw dropped and I flung it around my wrist as fast as I possibly could. I stared down at it shining on my wrist, it made me look classy, even regal, I thought with a grin spreading across my face.

“It looks good on you Roy, is that the one you pointed to on the airport ad a few months ago?” my dad asked from across the kitchen.

“The exact one! I was kidding when I said I wanted it! Thank you dad, for real thank you so much, its awesome.” I replied enthusiastically

“That will sure catch some eyes at your new school eh pal?”

“It sure will dad, it sure will.”

“Can you go tell the weeping willow upstairs that it’s time to go? We want to have our beds set up by dark and it’s almost a four hour drive.”

“Sure thing,” I said turning to walk up the stairs, as I walked I could hear the slow steady ticking of my new treasure watch, it made me feel as though something was about to happen, but that was as silly thought. I opened Hillary’s door and barged in, she immediately turned and screamed

“Get out get out get out!!”  

“We need to leave, you can handle not seeing his face for the next couple hours”

“You don’t know what love is like! A few hours feels like an eternity!”

“Alright princess, let’s go, eternity awaits,” I said sarcastically. She said a quick good bye and marched out of the room and stomped down the stairs. I followed her down the steps and all the way outside, where as soon as she took one step outside she screamed, “Shotgun!” and ran spastically to the front seat.

“She can have it” I reflected to myself, as I opened the rear passenger preparing to enjoy laying down in the completely open back seat.…

I awoke to the sound of my dad’s large suburban screeching to a halt. I looked out the window and my gaze fell upon the largest house I had ever seen. When my dad said that he had bought a mansion, this is not what I had pictured at all. I pictured a pretty big house but this, this had to be at least 18,000 square feet. I opened the door and stepped slowy out. I yawned and stretched my legs while examining the house from the end of the drive way. After closer inspection I could tell that the building itself was ancient. I knew by the presence of faded stones lining the house and by the intricate paint designs chipping off the outer walls. “This is straight out of a horror movie” I thought to myself.

“Hey let’s check it out!” My dad bellowed from the top of the driveway. Hillary and I looked at each other and ran up to meet him at the front door. He unlocked the door with a big old fashioned key. When he shut the door behind us the massive door knocker banged against the door and the sounds echoed throughout the house.

“No one better knock on the door while we are trying to sleep” my dad said chuckling, and we all laughed together for a second. The walls inside the house were painted gray, which was peculiar. It looked good, I just had only seen cream or white painted walls. The large hall had a staircase at the center of it, and halfway up it split into two separate staircases going in opposite directions. There were hallways on both sides of the staircase that went on seemingly for miles. Elegant red carpet lined the floor, except for the hallways, which had deep matte black hardwood flooring. Matte black flooring seemed like an odd choice to me as well but I didn’t think much of it, because before the lottery we couldn’t afford hardwood flooring. We walked up the stairs and explored every nook and cranny, from the master bedroom which was massive, easily the size of all of our old rooms combined to, to the oddly numerous broom closets.

“This place must collect dust like no other. Must be the reason for all these damn closets” commented my dad. Neither of us responded. We noticed something that was definitely out of the ordinary, each room was sound proof. I noticed this when I closed the door to my new room. As soon as the door shut, I could hear nothing by my own breathing, the beating of my heart, and the ticking of my rolex.This made me feel uneasy, it was peaceful, almost too peaceful.

I opened the door and yelled “Hey guys, are your rooms soundproof!?” I got no response, and considering that Hil’s room was right next to mine, the silence answered my question. I re entered my room but I kept the door just a crack, so that the eerie silence wouldn’t drive me crazy. I had just chosen a place for my bed when I heard my sister talking on the phone in the hallway.

“Hil! There's no time, we need to unpack our beds!” Her signature scoff resounded in the hallway.

“Your brother is right Hil, tell Mr. Dreamy you'll call him back after your bed is set up” my dad said walking out of the master bedroom.

“What is the point of having millions of dollars if we still have to carry our own things?!”

“The point certainly isn’t to become spoiled brats who can’t lift a finger” he answered sternly, “and besides, the movers are coming tomorrow to unload the rest of our stuff, but we need a place to sleep tonight don't we?”  

“Fine,” she responded sassily. She knew that he was right, but admitting that she was wrong wasn’t really her strong suit.

It took around twenty minutes for us to carry our beds upstairs and get them all set up. We did Hil’s bed last just to mess with her. By the end of it she was pretty aggravated, oh well that’s what she gets for being a brat.

Even after napping in the car on the way here, I was still exhausted, I laid down thinking I would just take a quick nap… I awoke and immediately looked down at my watch, four hours had passed and it was already 10:30. I looked outside and saw nothing but the all enveloping darkness. I couldn't see any street lamps or any light of any kind. This made me feel very alone. Having napped, I was full of energy. I hate when that happens. My sleep schedule always gets messed up when I take naps. I need to remind myself tomorrow not to take one to set it back on track. I got up and decided to take another look around the house. I opened my door and a rush of new air rushed in. It made me realize how stagnant and stale the air in my room was. I guess soundproofing every room and making them airtight has more negatives than just the obvious creepiness. I walked out into the hallway and did my best to keep my footsteps quiet. Then I remembered that it didn’t matter because of the sound proof rooms. I laughed at myself and then walked down the hall just as loud as I normally would. I was about to turn and walked down the steps when I heard what sounded like footsteps above me. I ignored it and turned again to walk downstairs but I heard it again. I walked to where I thought the sound was originating from but I didn’t hear anything. I looked up and saw a square panel. This was an entrance to one of probably thirty attics that this mansion had. I pulled on the string and the panel folded down and the fold up staircase half came down but got stuck about two feet above the ground. I yanked it down and climbed up. I shined my phone flashlight and discovered that the house didn’t have many attics at all, only one. All of the entrances led to one singular conjoined attic. I looked around for what had made the noise but I saw nothing. I did see a perfectly straight line drawn in the dust going off in the distance. I followed the line and it led me too a brown leather book. I picked it up and tried to open it but I couldn't, there were leather straps sealing it shut. The cover read “Sicut scriptum est: sic erit” which meant absolutely nothing to me, probably spanish or something. I was determined to cut this book open and read it.


Sicut scriptum est: sic erit- As Written So It Shall be

Just to keep of track of where I was, I tracked my footprints in the dust back to the panel that I had entered through. I climbed down and made my way to the kitchen. Lost in curiosity I had completely forgotten that nothing was unpacked from the truck, that meant there were no knives, no scissors, nothing that I could use to cut the this book open. Normally, I would give up and try again another time, but my intrigue towards this book was growing rapidly. It seemed to be calling out to me and I could no longer stand it. I needed to get this book open right now. I began chewing the first strap ferociously, What am I doing? I couldn’t wait until tomorrow? This is disgusting. Despite the dry, dusty, ancient leather attacking my taste buds I continued with the same vigor.

“What are you doing?!” Hil questioned from the door to the kitchen. I snapped back into reality.

“Uh I don’t know what came over me…” I trailed off

“I know you slept through dinner, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat a book you weirdo.”

“I wasn-”

“Left overs are in the fridge, it's your favorite!”

“Meat Lovers with mushrooms?”

“Mhmmm. We saved you three pieces so dig in, unless that book is as tasty as it looks.”

“Haha not at all, pizza it is.” We both chuckled. I grabbed the pizza from the fridge, seeing it made me realize just how hungry I was. My stomach was growling in anticipation as I walked over to Hil and sat down on the floor to eat. She sat down next to me. I guess she wasn’t tired either.

“Did you notice the sound proof rooms?” I asked, mouth full of pizza

“Yea, kinda creepy to be honest.”

“I felt isolated, kinda cut off from the world.”

“It sure makes it easy to nap though.”

“That’s true,” I laughed “and at least now I don’t have to hear you and David crying on the phone all day.”

“Like I said earlier, you don’t know what love is like. You don’t get it.”

“Hil you’re thirteen, you don’t know what love is like.” This set her off, she stormed off, stomping up the steps up to her room where she then slammed the door. In our old apartment this would have resulted in my dad waking up and dishing out a lecture about how he needs his sleep because he had work early in the morning. Here, nothing happened. Even if he did wake up who cares? What did he have going on in the morning? So much was different now. I finished eating my pizza while reflecting on my life when my thoughts arrived at the book. Why did I need to open it so bad? What is wrong with me? You’re just tired, yeah tired that’s all. I left the kitchen and walked up to my room. I shut the door and lied down in my bed. I let the silence surround me, again I felt uneasy, so I went and opened the door just a crack. This uneasiness drifted away and I fell asleep again.

Footsteps echoing around the house woke me up. It was the movers. It was Sunday so being woken up before ten wasn’t my favorite thing, but being woken up early because of too much noise is better than sleeping in too late because of it being too quiet. I clambered out of bed and made my way down stairs. I smelled coffee and what I thought was donuts. I pleasantly realized that it was in fact donuts when I walked into the kitchen, there was box with a dozen assorted pastries on the counter. I also noticed that the Kitchen was almost all set up. The coffee pot had was full and had a note from my dad on it.

“Went off to run some errands. Hil make sure you eat!”

There were two coffee mugs set out, I grabbed one and filled it to the brim. Lucky thing that I take my coffee black, there’s no creamer so Hil won’t touch it, more for me.

I then grabbed three chocolate donuts. Walking out of the kitchen I remembered the book and turned around and grabbed scissors from the newly in place knife rack. Walking up the steps I talked to one of the movers.

“Hey, anything marked Roy you can just let yourself in and put it in my room, the door will be closed”

“Okay thanks mister”

My dad had labeled every door with a sticker that matched a sticker on some of our belongings. My dad is a pretty smart guy I sipped at my coffee and then set it down on the floor. I sat on my bed and while eating my sweet flaky treats, I picked the book up from where I left it. The cover alone intrigued me, it had the foreign words at the top and then below it had on black line and on white line parallel to each other probably two inches apart. Again I was lost in curiosity, I put my donut down and grabbed the scissors, anticipation growing inside of me I cut the book open. There was a rush of air which didn’t make sense because my door was shut. I imagined that for sure. The first page was blank, the second page had one word on it “Torture”, the third page was when it started to look like an actual book. Reading the first full page of text I quickly realized that it was handwritten. Somebody hand wrote over 200 pages, sheesh who has time for that. The next thing that I realized was that I was going to enjoy reading this book. It took the perspective of a rich scientist who was conducting experiments in his basement laboratory on convicted criminals. He was aiming to separate the corrupted “Criminal brain” as he called it from the “innocent vessel” and then gain control of the “vessel”. Even though I didn’t understand all of the long scientific words that the pages were filled with I flipped through them with a vigor towards reading that I hadn’t possessed for a long time. When he started describing the experiments themselves I began to feel sick. His first subject was Richard Nyeli, a convicted serial murderer/rapist, who enjoyed mutilating his victims after her had his way with them. The scientist used various methods of torture to “have the soul loosen its grip on the vessel, and become ready for extraction”. He began with burning the body with hot prods, and then continued to cut off his pinky fingers and toes with a pair of dull scissors which made the pain all the more excruciating, he explicitly detailed the screams and cries of agony that Richard had released. Richard was the lowest of the low, but not even he deserved this. This section was hard for me to read, I closed the book and set it down. I had completely forgotten about my coffee, It’s probably cold now. Looking around I also noticed that more furniture was in my room. When had the movers come in? Did I really not notice?

I decided not to let my inattentiveness bother me, I ate my last donut and took my cold coffee down to the kitchen to heat it up again. Hil was down in the kitchen eating, I walked past her and put my my mug in the microwave and turned it on.

“Good morning Hil” I said trying to sound cheery. There was no reply. Great the silent treatment. One credit to Hillary was that she was quite the expert at the silent treatment, she once ignored me for three entire days without as so much of a glance. I had better apologize now, better to get it over with now.

“Look, I’m sorry, you're right, I don’t know what love is like.” No reply again, I tried again.

“I'm sorry for making fun of you, I’ll stay out of your business from now on I promise”

“You better, I don’t know why it bothers you so much anyways”

If I tell the truth and just say that it is annoying and immature she will go off again, i have to be careful here.

“Maybe I’m just jealous that you found someone and that I’ve never even had a girlfriend”

“You are jealous of me!?!”

“I uh-”

“Hey everyone! Roy is jealous of his thirteen year old sister!” Only the movers and I were there so she was talking to nobody when she yelled.

“Roy is jealous! Roy is Jealous!” she chanted while dancing around the kitchen. Even though it wasn’t true I would rather her be mock me her ignore me.   

Her chanting was interrupted by the beeping of the microwave timer going off, I took my mug out and sipped at it.

“I’ll be right back.” I left the kitchen to go get the book. When I walked into my room I noticed that there was even more furniture. I also noticed that the book was open to the page that I had stopped on. Thats weird, I didn’t leave it open, did I? Maybe the movers opened it on accident when they moved it to set my night stand down, just a coincidence. I grabbed it and returned to the kitchen.

“Hil, look what I found in the attic last night,” I said holding the book up.

“What were you doing in the attic in the middle of the night?”

“I thought that I heard footsteps up there, but that’s not the point. Why do you think this was there?”

“It’s probably such a bad book that the last reader wanted to put it somewhere that no one would find it,” she said with a heavy sarcastic tone.

“It was even sealed shut.”

“Even more proof that you shouldn’t be reading it,” she laughed.

“You don’t think it’s the least bit strange?”

“Who cares Roy, it’s a book, let me know if you find any mysterious diamond earrings.”

“Hah will do” I left the kitchen and returned to my room.

I opened the book again and began to read. There was more about Richard, when the the torture was over, he was dead. Dr. Woli had just killed a man. He described burning the dead body in a furnace, “the burning flesh left a putrid odor in the lab for at least three hours” He went right on to describe the failures of several other torture methods to separate the soul from the body. I thought the first the first method was disgusting, there was an entire page dedicated to what the human body looks like when all of the skin has been peeled from it layer by layer. I had a feeling that my stomach couldn’t handle if the method became even more intense so I decided to skip ahead and see if there was another section. About sixty or so pages later there was a page with only one word in the middle of it. “ Success” Sixty pages of failed experiments? Thats gotta be at least nine dead subjects. I really hope that this book is fiction. I decided to find out for sure. I googled “Dr. Woli” and immediately my inquiry about whether or not these events had actually occurred was answered. The first result was an online article titled “Deranged scientist sentenced to life for the disappearance of eleven people.” Chills ran down my body. Disappearance? It should read “The murder of eleven people.” What is this book, why was it here? I read further down into the article and found that he was put into a mental institute, it didn’t specify why. So if this book is about actual events, what does he mean by success? There’s no way in hell that he took a soul out of it’s body. He did. He used the perfect combination of burning the the body, and what he called “Laser immersion therapy” on the subjects brain. This “therapy involved drilling holes in the cranium and attaching tubes straight into the brain stem. Then he stimulated the brain with electric shocks and essentially forced the impulses out of the brain and into an airtight container that had a complicated version of a battery inside of it. This seemed impossible to me, I was pretty sure that he just killed this one too. The next paragraph proved me wrong. “The vessel’s eyes remained open and he breathed just as the living did. Watching my instruments, no stimulus was recorded in the brain. No information was being integrated, received or sent out, yet he was still alive. I had finally succeeded.”  I continued to read. “I heard a loud sound from inside of the class container. It was the Consciousness storage unit, it had exploded and the area of the container was filled with a white gas like substance. When I could no longer see through the other side of the glass it suddenly condensed into a small sphere at the center of the container.”

What was this gas? This is weird as hell. At this point I needed a break from the creepy, seemingly impossible book. So I decided to take a break. I opened Netflix on my phone, “Your device isn’t connected to the internet” read on the screen. Crap, no wifi. That needs to change. Ill let Dad know later. I went to settings and change Netflix to allow streaming on cellular data. I watched Bill Madison, it was a classic and I needed to laugh right now, the book had me pretty down. I was about to start Happy Gilmore when my dad opened my door with a big grin on his face.

“Roy guess what!” he said trying to hide his obvious excitement


“You gotta guess!”

“Dad c’mon, just tell me,” I said starting to get annoyed. There’s literally a million things that could've happened, how was I supposed to guess

Remember our conversation a couple weeks ago about me investing some money?”

“In that gold company yea?”

“That's the one!”

“So what about it?”

“It just made us fifty million dollars!”

“You're kidding me!?”

“No jokes here son, I bought ten million shares at $4.08 a share and I sold all of them today at $9.15, look at your dad the investment genius” he smiled smugly

“Wow Dad I’m impressed”

“Yea, Kathy is coming over to celebrate!” with that he closed the door

Great, Kathy is coming. Kathy was my dad’s gold digging girlfriend. Can you guess where they met? At the bank. At the bank that my dad happened to be cashing his Big Check issued by the lottery. She decided to approach him out of nowhere for no particular reason. It had nothing to do with the Channel Seven News team that was covering the entire process. My dad was too stupid to realize it, but why else would a woman whose ten years younger than him make the first move?  I mean don’t get me wrong, my dad has the whole salt and pepper “Sexyness” going on but not enough to land a girl like her.  I know that all she sees in him is a walking credit card. She's pretty much the definition of a bimbo, nothing to offer except a nice body and a pretty face, her attention span was worse than that of a squirrel and as far as her overall intelligence level, the squirrel had her beat for sure. I was not looking forward to hearing her fake laugh at everything my dad says. I was glad that Hillary shared my hatred for her. It was always a good time making fun of her right under her nose, so that was one thing to look forward to.

I walked down stairs to see my dad setting the dinner table. I smelled what I thought was lasagna but it turned out to be a fancy casserole. Why does he always cook for her? He never cooks for us.

“Smells good dad,” I said trying to be nice

“Thanks Roy, it’s Alfredo Casserole. I think youll like it”  

Seconds later there was a ring at the doorbell. My dad looked at himself in the oven reflection, straightened his shirt and went to open the, which I now realized was massive, front door. The door swung open and the scent of her expensive perfume filled the air.

“Hi sweety!” she nasally exclaimed.

“Hi hon it's good to see you,” said my dad using his cool guy voice.

“Hi Kathy,” I greeted, doing a poor job of hiding my distaste.

“Hey Ray!” she responded faking a smile

Wow, she thinks my name is Ray. We have met at least twenty times, who the hell names their kid Ray anyways.

“It’s Roy,” I informed her coldly. She didn’t even hear me, she was too busy taking her fur coat off. Payed for with whose money you might ask? Sure as hell not hers. Hil walked down the stairs and sat down at the dinner table, not even sparing a glance towards Kathy.

“Roy help me with the food. Honey you make yourself at home, I’ll give you the full tour after dinner is over.”

In the kitchen my dad opened the oven and the room filled with steam. This brought my thoughts to the mysterious gas that I had read about earlier today. I couldn’t think about anything else. I helped my dad set out the meal and quickly ate my plate.

“I don't feel too hot, I think I'm gonna go to bed.” I said, wanting to find out more about the book.

“Uh well alright son, get some rest,” said my dad. Kathy didn’t even notice, she was dealing with a hair malfunction. Hil shot me a look of pure hatred, as if to say “How dare you leave me alone with them.” I ignored it and carried my plate to the sink and went upstairs to read.

I opened the book to where I had left off and began reading. He talked more about the gas and how it seemed to be alive, but he still wasn't sure of exactly what it was.

“Now that the vessel has been separated from the corrupt soul, we can begin experimenting on how to control the innocent vessel.”

He continued on to explain the many failures of trying to control the body, using electrical stimulation, brain wave fluctuation and basic commands. The rotting flesh that had been burned in the separation smelled so bad that the Doctor had to wear a gas mask while performing his experiments. He described the smell as “Putrid death”

He described the look of the grotesque body, “Charred skin, scarred face, lifeless eyes, bald head, gaping mouth with blackened teeth,” He sounds about as inhuman as a human could possibly be. It was around 9:30 now and tomorrow was  my first day at Grand Junction High School so I didn’t want to be too tired. So I put the book down, brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

* * * *

I woke up at 1:30 in the morning choking on the most disgusting smell I had ever smelled. I could not breath, the air was thick with the odor of what smelled like over cooked meat. As I suffocated I fell of of my bed and onto the floor, right next to the book. It was open, on the exact page that I had stopped on. I slammed it shut and slowly the smell faded away. Hillary!! Oh she was gonna get it this time, this was too far.

I stomped out of my room and flung open her door, I was amazed to find her sound asleep in her bed. I could always tell when she was faking and this time seemed legit. I backed slowly out of her room and returned to my bed. How is this possible. Did I imagine that? No, my imagination didn’t throw me out of bed. I'm just tired, I gotta get some sleep. I climbed back in bed and fell into a restless sleep

* * * *

“Hey Roy how was your first day?” my dad asked from the kitchen when I walked into the house.

“About the same as most first days, I got some weird looks but I think I'll do fine. I think I like my teachers so far.”

“Glad to hear it, Hil will be home around 330. Kathy is coming over for dinner and staying the night tonight, so try to be home.”

“You got it. Oh and Dad, this house needs wifi.”

“Already on it son, the guy setting it up right now actually. I'm going to go shower and get ready, can you give him a check before he leaves?”

“Yea sure,” with that I went up to my room. When I walked in the book was open and on top of my bed. Is this damn book alive? I know I left it on the ground. It was on the page after where I had left off. It was titled “Failure” I turned the page and it read

“I returned to laboratory this afternoon to find the glass case destroyed. The gas had escaped and was nowhere to be found. The beast was sitting on the floor,  shards of glass embedded in his knuckles. I wonder what compelled him to destroy the case. There was no sign of the gas, so as far I was concerned the corrupt soul was gone forever. This meant that the chance of returning the body back to normal seemed very unlikely. I felt this a just time to put down this vessel and try again with a fresher one. I strapped the beast into his harness and attached the metal spires to him. I turned on the electricity and began the process of killing the vessel. It became enraged, the electricity seemed to have no affect on it. I doubled the voltage, the beast became even more angry, he tore free from his restraints and charged towards me. I pressed the emergency override button and the explosive planted in his neck exploded, dropping him to the floor and spraying me with blood. To my surprise he stood up, and began to limp towards me. I rushed up the stairs and sealed the laboratory. The blast should have killed it, any normal human being would have been blown to pieces. What had I created? Could it not be killed? I attempted many times to kill the beast. Whether by bullet, impalement, flames, nothing worked. I decided to turn to a very controversial practice. Black Magic. I had heard rumors about a woman who specialized in this so called “Magic”. I contacted her and told her about my problem. She said that she could seal the monstrosity inside of an inanimate object. I filled the lab with anesthesia, the vessel was out cold, we waited for the gas to disperse and we entered to perform the ritual.  She explained to me the rules, backward and filled with trickery, just as one would expect of black magic. The main rule was “No hint must be given to as to what object the beast is sealed inside of.” This meant that the beast could be released without warning by anyone. This was a risk that I was willing to take to rid myself of this immortal beast.”

An uneasy feeling was starting to grow inside of me. I was beginning to realise that I had released this evil. I turned the page to see if there was anything about resealing the beast once it had escaped, but the page was torn out, in fact, the next three pages were all torn out. I started to panic when I remembered that I still had to pay the wifi guy. I wrote out a check and went to give it to him. He was in the hallway and he had an ipad in hand. I handed him the check.

“Alright you guys are all set, except I couldn’t get the signal to reach the basement.”

“Basement? We don’t have a basement.”

“Yeah you do, on my initial scan I found a large empty space beneath this floor, I couldn’t find a door, but it’s definitely down there.”

“Hmm alright, well thanks.”

“Yeah, thank you, call anytime if a problem occurs.”

“Will do.” he walked out the door.

A basement. We have a basement. Why didn’t I know that we had a basement.

Hil walked in the house and didn’t even acknowledge me. She probably had a bad first day of school. I decided not to mess with her. I walked down into the den and started stomping around, listening for anything that sounded hollow. Before I could move into a different room I heard the doorbell ring. It was Kathy, coming to stay the night. I knew what “Staying the Night” entailed, but I had no time to think about that now. I answered the door.

“Hi Ron!”

“Its Roy,” Ron, what the hell, thats not even close. “My dad will be down in a bit” I said walking away.

I kept stamping around the house, praying that I would find a hollow spot. Still no luck. My dad came downstairs dressed in a button up with a tie. I have not seen my dad in a tie in years. He greeted Kathy with a kiss and a hug. Then he proceeded to the kitchen and pulled a roast out of the oven. I helped set the table and ate quickly. I need everyone to go to bed so that I can be find that damned hollow spot without being heard. When everyone had finished eating, I picked up all of the dishes and washed them, attempting to cut down on the time that everyone would be in the rooms. Luckily it worked.

“Thanks Roy, alright kids, well we are going to watch a movie in my room. Sleep well kids.” he said trying not to giggle as they walked upstairs.

“Today sucked, I'm going to bed.” Hil said glumly. I didn’t even say goodnight, my focus immediately shifted to finding the damn basement. I walked into the breakfast nook and began stomping again. I heard a hollow echo come from underneath where I had stomped. Finally, now I have to find a way down there. I searched around on the floor for any panels that could be removed, there weren’t any. I couldn’t think of any other way so I went and got a sledge hammer from the garage. I figured that since we were rich we could afford some damage to the floor, and I began pounding away at the hardwood. It took a lot of effort but the hardwood was giving way and suddenly it fell through into a dark basement. I shined my phone flashlight into the darkness and saw nothing. I remembered my old rope ladder that was in the garage, I attached it to the wall and lowered it into the sea of black. As soon as I was a rung down into the pit I smelled it. I smelled the infamous “putrid death” and started choking. I continued down the ladder all the while coughing up a lung. I reached the ground and began desperately searching for a gas mask. I found one that looked ancient but I strapped it to my head as fast as I could. I had never appreciated clean air as much as I did at that moment. I looked around, I saw dust coated machines, empty vials, and then finally a light switch. I flicked on the light and the lab became illuminated. It was massive. How did my dad not know about this when he bought the house.

There were blueprints spread about on desks throughout the lab but no journal pages. I heard a rustling at the far end of the lab. What I saw next sent fear into my heart faster than the speed of light. The beast was standing across the lab, only he was not as the doctor had described him. He stood at around eight feet tall, his skin was dark gray and his black veins could be seen through his skin, his eyes were glossed over by a layer of pure red and his gaping mouth showed rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth. I couldn't help but let out a whimper. It turned and let out a low rumbling growl. I sprinted to the latter and began scramble up it.

Swish stomp, swish stomp, swish stomp, I heard it’s dragging footsteps growing closer and closer to the ladder. Just as I reached the top I felt the ladder be torn from the wall and back down into the lab. I held onto the edge of the hole in the hardwood for dear life. I pulled myself up and layed on the floor exhausted and terrified. Now what am I gonna do? I sprinted upstairs and opened my dad's door.

“Roy what the hell are you doing, we are trying to watch a movie!”

“Yea im sure thats all you're “trying” to do, but Dad we need to leave right now. There’s a monster in the house!”

“Roy it's an old spooky house but there's no monster.”

“Dad im wearing a gas mask, im covered in dust and sweat, this isn’t the house scaring me. Come look for yourself.”

I led him to the hole in the floor, and had him peer into it with me, Kathy followed behind like a puppy dog. I was expecting to see the beast pacing the floor of the lab but there was no sign of him.

“Roy all i'm seeing here is that you destroyed our breakfast nook and found the the doctor's lab.”

“You knew about the lab?!”


“And you know what happened here?”

“The murders? Yea I know about them, why do you think this place was such a steal?”

Trying to control my rage, I look into the lab again, I noticed a gaping hole in the side of it.

Oh my god, it could be anywhere.  As if on cue it crashed through the front door. Kathy and my Dad began gasping for breath, I threw the gas mask on, grabbed both of them and dragged them out of the room. I pulled them into the guest room and shut the door. I smell subsided immediately, perk of having air tight rooms.

“What was that thing?!” Kathy asked shaking with fear.

“A failed experiment that happened right downstairs, I need to find out how to seal it back into the book.”

“Book? What book? Roy what are you talking about?” My dad asked.

“I found a book in the attic the first night we were here. When I read it I broke a magical seal on that beast. The book is missing pages, I think if I find them, I can put an end to it.”

“It’s gone, I don’t hear anything. I'm leaving!” Kathy stood up and made for the door rapidly.

“Wait no!” I screamed lunging for her, but it was too late, she had opened the door and had taken a step into the hall. Almost immediately she was wrenched into the air. I could hear the ferocious crunching sound of the monster feeding on her. I grabbed my dad and sprinted out of the room and up the stairs. The monster would've grabbed us too but he was too preoccupied with devouring his pray. The color drained from my dad’s face when he saw Kathy’s limp body in the creature's massive hands. I pulled my dad into my room and shut the door.

“Alright Dad, it doesn't know where we are, as long as we are in one of the roo-”

“She’s dead, gone, she’s dead,” my dad absent mindedly responded

“Dad look at me!” I grabbed his hand and he focused, “We need to stop this thing. We can grieve later.”

“Uh, okay, yea. What do we need to do?”

“I need to find the missing pages and hope that it tells me how to reseal this thing.”

“And what if it doesn’t? Roy what then?”

“Then I guess we run far and fast. I have a feeling that the pages are in the basement, but I'll never find them with this thing following me. I need you to distract it, for as long as you can.”

“How do you expect me to do that?”

“When you're in the rooms, he can't see or smell you. So run in and out of the rooms and make noise to get his attention.”

“I'll try son, I’ll try” he said hugging me.

I grabbed the book and opened the door slowly. I peered out. I heard nothing and didn’t smell anything either. The coast was clear. I slowly made my way downstairs and into the breakfast nook, all the while hearing my dad stomp and yell upstairs. I heard him start choking, the distraction was working. I came to the hole in the ground and tried to think of a way that I could get down. There was no other option, I had to lower myself in survive the fall. Hands on the edge of the pit, I let go. I landed harshly on my left leg, it was clearly broken. The bone was sticking out of my lower leg and blood was spraying out like a fountain.  The pain radiated throughout my whole body, I wasn’t even that I could move. I knew I needed to act fast, so I looked around for anywhere that paper might be stored. I saw a wooden desk in the corner and slowly crawled towards it, trying to keep my left leg as still as possible. When I arrived at the desk I pull all of the drawers out. I began rummaging through its contents until I found what I was looking for. Three journal pages. After reading them I had a sense of hope. They described how to perform the ritual. I needed to have the book open to a blank page, in the middle of a circle of human blood. With my leg still bleeding profusely, getting the human blood was the easy part. It also told me what words to say, they were in a foreign language but I think I could pronounce them. It also told me that while reciting the words, I if was wasn’t a being with magical power of my own, then I must keep my hands on the book to draw power from it. I drew the circle of blood, while doing so I started to smell its putrid odor, he was coming. I turned to the last page, I noticed that the leather cover had something carved into the inner layer of the back. “Ignis signaculum” There was no time to dwell on what this meant.  The smell intensified, so I put the gas mask back on. I placed my hands on the side of the book and waited until I knew where the beast was. Without warning I was struck by something that had flown across the room. It knocked my backwards causing me to contort my leg. Intense pain overwhelmed my body, I nearly passed out. I glanced in front of me to see what had hit me, it was a leg, a human leg. I looked in the direction of which it had came and I saw him. He was standing at the makeshift entrance to the lab that he made earlier, he seemed taller now, broader too. Blood poured out of his gaping mouth and his teeth showed an intense red color, dragging behind him was Kathy, have eaten, entrails dragging behind her like a long dress. I began to crawl towards the book as fast as the pain would allow, I placed my hands on the book once more and began to read.

“Noh, durah, jui se destunam, durah, durah, durah, neun din golar”  

Nothing happened.

Swish stomp, swish stomp, swish stomp. He was getting closer by the second. I tried again only this time I wa screaming, “Noh, durah, jui se destunam, durah, durah, durah, neun din golar!!” still nothing. I was defeated, I laid back and stared straight up at the ceiling. Swish stomp, swish stomp. My death grew closer with every dragging footstep. I could hear the blood splattering onto the floor, he was close. I closed my eyes and awaited a similar fate to Kathy’s. The beast lunged towards me, I felt his cold dead hands wrap around my arms, I was lifted into the air. I felt pressure building in my shoulders. He was tearing my arms off. I shook violently to no avail.Just when I thought one of my arms was going give, the beast stepped forward onto to the open book and I hit the ground again. I passed out from the pain in my leg.

* * * *  

I was extremely thankful to be leaving the hospital. Even though I needed to go, I hated being there. They casted my leg, and put my dislocated shoulder back in place. With a cast on my leg and a splint on my shoulder I wasn’t going to be very mobile for a while. When we got home it was freezing. My dad helped me out of the car. It was around 6 am now. I sat down on the couch in the living room and my dad lit the fire.

“Alright Roy, I’ve gotta head down to the police station, i've got some explaining to do”

“Good luck Dad, call me when you can.”

“Will do. Goodnight son”

He turned and left. Looking around for a pillow, I saw the book on the table next to the couch. Anger swelled up inside of me at the sight. Although the monster had met his fate by stepping onto the book and becoming resaled. I couldn’t bear to have this cursed book inside of my house anymore. So I tossed it into the fire. Watching it burn gave me great pleasure, and I went to sleep happy.

* * * *  

I awoke, choking on the smell of putrid death.

* * * *

Ignis signaculum- Fire breaks all seals


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