The World Can't End Here!!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017









A wastleland

That's the world Gar Nakrig lived in. The land was barren, nothing but a desert for miles. But he was used to it. After all, he'd been born here.

He searched for resources despite the melting heat of the sun. He searched for miles and miles and it's okay for him because he has no home to go back to. He didn't even remember who his parents are. He was alone. His search came to an abrupt end when he saw an oasis in the middle of this barren wasteland. He headed in there, hoping to find water or food. 

When he got deeper, he noticed that it was as empty as the desert. It didn't even had any animals. He came to a stop when he saw a water source, he knelt down and took a sip, at least the water was good. He grabbed his rusty canteen and took a lot since he needed it. He kept exploring, even if the oasis was as barren as the desert. It eventually became dark and he had to rest. He lay his body against a tree and closed his eyes.

He went to sleep when suddenly, there was a white flash that blinded him. He opened his eyes quickly and stood up. There was a white light glowing from afar and he thought to go check it out. 

As he neared the white light, he saw the shadow of a girl. He eventually arrived and there was a girl, her eyes told her that she was expecting him to come. She wore a smile as she approached him. He was cautious as she elegantly walked to him, but her smile told him that she wasn't going to hurt him. The girl stopped before him, her black hair followed soon. Gar didn't know what to do, her face was something he'd never seen before. She was beautiful, unlike what Gar has seen, and she was expecting him.

"I have been expecting you" she said as she poked Gar's chest

"Why?" he asked. The girl giggled as she goes back to her original position.

"Because I know you can save this world!" she stated, raising her arms in the air.

"Why me? I'm just a nobody. It's better off you pick one of the fire users, I'm just a scavenger" he said, looking down as he approached the girl.

"You're not a nobody! You're, in fact, the son of Adalbert Nakgrig! The great fire king who'd once brought this world to peace!" the girl said, grabbing Gar's chin to face her.

"I don't believe it" Gar said, glaring into the girl's young, innocent eyes.

"I have been in this world before. I know why this happened and how to fix it" she said, but it looks like Gar is not interested in listening. She sighed as she raised her hand.

"This world's core is fire itself! It is fueled by the royal family of Nakgrig. But one day someone was able to freeze it" she said, showing Gar visions of the past. "It was your father's most trusted friend, Baal, that froze the core, bringing us to the world of today." she continued, showing Gar a hooded man with the power of ice, freezing the giant, burning core. "Many have tried to melt it, but only the fire of the royal family can do it. Baal killed everyone in the royal blood, except one." she then went to show his father sending him off with a horse. She then showed Baal brutally killing his father. "You possess the royal family flame, the Blue flame!" she said, showing him his father wielding the Blue flame at the palm of his hand.

"Why do you insist that I am this man's son?" Gar asked, clenching his fists.

"Because it's true! I can prove it to you!" she said, showing him yet another vision of his father. 

"You shall be known as Gar of the Nakgrig family! You shall carry on my legacy when I die for you possess the Blue flame!"

Gar widened his eyes as he remembered everything. "It is true!". He looked at his hand and a spark of the Blue flame lit up from his hand. The girl smiled, now that Gar knew of his heritage. 

"I remember, now! Baal, my family, everything!" Gar said, clenching his fists. The girl giggled now that he knew.

"Then are you ready to listen?" the girl asked, Gar nodded.

"I can unlock the fire inside you! But controlling it is for you to handle. Give me your hands" she said. Gar gave both of his hands to the girl. He felt his cold hands suddenly getting warm.  The girl let go and the Blue flame bursted out of Gar's hand.

He gasped in awe as his hands could now summon fire at will. He looked at the girl who was giggling at Gar. The girl helped Gar close his hands so that the fire will be put out. He opened his hands once again and this time, the fire was out.

"You just need to control it" the girl said. Gar nodded and closed his hands again. His eyes now showing a goal to restore the world.

"How can I restore the world?" he asked, finally realizing his heritage.

"Go to the core of the world! It is found at the Crulan Kingdom; inside the Nakgrig castle" the girl said, opening a portal behind her "Now go! Save this once glorious world" she said approaching the portal.

"I never got your name!" Gar yelled as the girl giggled and entered the portal.

"It's Dawn! Now go!" Dawn said before the portal closes and Gar is once again alone in the world.

He opened his hand again and a small Blue flame appeared. He smiled and closed his hands so that the fire can be put out. He walked away from the oasis to finally start his journey. He made his way to Crulan kingdom by foot. While walking, he heard the sound of a motor coming in. He turned around and quickly hurdled to the right. He was so fast you can only see him hurdle in slow-motion. As he landed to the ground and looked at his opponent, he glared at four raiders riding motorcycles each with two machine gun barrels placed at the handlebar.

He got up and the motorcyles roared as a way of intimidation; as a signal for Gar to run. They charged forward, firing their machine guns at him. He dodged the fire bullets coming out of the barrels and immediately fired back with his Blue flame. He fired balls of fire but it only hits one motorcycle, causing it to explode. The raiders fought back, firing their machine guns again. It was faster this time and Gar couldn't dodge them fast enough. His clothes got hit, leaving burned marks.

He tried another attempt at using the Blue flame. This time, instead of firing or throwing it, he kept it on his fists and let it surround his entire hand. He jumped and punched one of the raiders approaching him, making his face melt and his skull was the only thing left from his head. He kicked him afterwards and he used this time to hijack the motorcycle, escaping the raiders. 

He didn't went far, though. The raiders were tailing behind him. They got near him and started bashing on the rusty mortorcycle. In a state of panic, his Blue flame activated and enveloped him and the motorcycle. The raiders slowed down as their motorcycles got melted by the immense heat of the Blue flame. The flame shield then disappeared and Gar continued on his journey. He stops at a gas station to refuel.

He placed the nozzle to the fuel tank and waits till it refuels. Just then, a kid wearing nothing but rags got kicked out of the ugly diner the gas station had. The crazy looking cook had a knife at his hand, causing Gar to make a move. As the cook prepared to chop the girl, Gar stepped in.

"Out of the way, wastelander! This kid stole mah' meat from me!" He said, moving his body to the left to see the helpless girl. "It's bad enough that meat is already at an all time low, now someone gon' stole my last one" he continued his rant but it doesn't seem to move Gar.

"But is violence the only way she can repay you?" Gar asked, glaring at him. The cook flinched and backed off a little. His glare stayed and the chef was forced to put the knife down. 

"Oh, alright!" He said, declaring defeat. He went back in the diner, furiously.

Gar smiled and approached the young girl. "Hey there!" he greeted, holding his hand out for her to grab. She was cautious, hesitating to grab Gar's hand. 

"Don't worry, you'll be safe with me" he said, still holding his hand out for the girl to grab and help her get up. She slowly grabbed it and Gar pulled her up. He gestured his hand to follow him to the motorcycle. The girl hesitates as Gar rode it.

"You want to join me?" He asked, still keeping his smile. The girl hesitated to join him. "I'll make sure that when you join me, you won't be having trouble with food anymore" he promised. The girl slowly walked to the motorcycle, eventually riding it. Gar smiled and started the engine. They left the gas station and continued their journey to the Crulan Kingdom.

The girl held tightly to Gar, because of the speed of the motorcycle. "What's your name?" Gar asked. The girl looked perplexed at Gar's question. It looks like she doesn't have a name.

The girl was shy "I... I... don't have one" she said, looking at the barren wasteland instead of Gar's face. 

Gar smiled "Let's give you a name!" he suggests, the girl smiles.


Just then, the ground shook and a faint drum sound can be heard. It made it harder to drive due to the movement of the earth. He got out and grabbed the girl and hid in a boulder as the shaking got more violent and the sound of drums got louder and louder. Gar now knew that it must be a large vehicle approaching them. Gar peeked out of the boulder and was shocked. A massive vehicle the shape of a brick stopped in front of hem. Gar led the girl away as he saw the massive cannons swaying side to side. It had stopped as a ramp drops down on it's front. Gar then stopped his movement and glared at the massive vehicle. Raiders left the ramp, searching for something. 

One of them noticed the motorcycle that Gar stole and the raider team approached it with caution. Gar prepared for a fight, clenching his fist and letting the Blue flame envelope his hands.

One of the raiders yelled "Search the area!" at his men. They spread out and looked around, their guns aimed and ready. Gar scowled as they approached the boulder. One of the raiders noticed him which caused him to jump and punch the raider, melting his face. The raiders fired at him but he quickly backed off to dodge the bullets. Gar then rolled back over and grabbed the raider's gun.

"Let see if this will work!" Gar said as he pointed the gun to the raiders. He pulled the trigger and transfered his flame inside of it. The power was too much that Gar couldn't keep the gun straight. The raiders looked at each other and back to Gar. They shot him at the knee.

Gar fell to his knees, the raiders then approached him. He looked at the girl and whispered for her to run. The girl shook her head and pointed to where the raiders are. He turned his head around and was met with a boot. Gar got knocked out to the ground and the raiders pointed their guns at him.

The girl was shaking. She got scared thinking that she'll get captured by the raiders. Her fright awoke something in her, the Blue flame. In a state of panic, she cried and the Blue flame began to expand. The raiders all fell back and Gar had to limp out of there. Her flame was darker than Gar. He wondered if this was because of her emotions or something else. The flame reached him but didn't burn him. Gar was perplexed, he wondered if the Blue flame can't hurt family members.

The leader of the raiders, a dwarf, noticed the Blue flame and began cheering. He hurried downstairs to approach them. Gar, now knowing that he can't be hurt by the flame, used this power to approach the girl and calm her down. He hugged the girl. "Calm down!" he said after the Blue flame melted the raider team. The girl calmed down and the Blue flame disappeared.

Once the dwarf got outside of his vehicle, he was shocked to see his men get melted by the Blue flame. He gave a jolly cheer as he approached the two.

"Oy! Arr' ya by any chance Adalbert Nakgrig's son?" the dwarf asked. Gar glared at him and rushed forward. His fists were covered in the Blue flame as he goes for a punch. The dwarf caught it with his own hand. Gar was suprised to see the dwarf's hand. It was covered in a purple flame. 

"Purple?" Gar asked, the dwarf nodded.

"Aye! Purple is the color of tae dwarves" he explianed as Gar dropped his hand and dwarf followed afterwards. "What's ye name, boy?" he asked.

"Gar, Gar Nakgrig" Gar introduced, looking back at the girl with a smile. "Hey, you seem to know who I am, do you know who she is?" Gar whispered.

"Alas kid, I do not know tae young lass' name" the dwarf replied, eyes closed and head shaking. "But I do know tat she's yer sister" the dwarf said with a smile.

"A sister?" Gar asked, perplexed. "Huh, guess Dawn didn't tell me something" he said to himself quietly.

 "Who?" the dwarf asked. Gar shook his head and patted the dwarf. 

"So, what's your name and why did you halt your attack on us?" Gar asked, a smile on his face. He didn't know why but he felt like he can trust this dwarf, even if her just tried to kill them with his men.

"My name's Ukrouc Redbeard, Gar. I halted me men because I remember yer father's last wishes befor' 'e died" Ukrouc introduced, holding his hand out, Gar shook it gladly. 

"What was his last wish?" Gar asked. Again, Dawn didn't tell him anything. 

"His last wishes to me were to help ye in recoverin' the world and train ye to master tae Blue flame" Ukrouc replied. Gar started to think what else Dawn hadn't told him yet that he needed to know.

"Okay, so we're now with you guys?" Gar asked innocently making Ukrouc laugh. 

"Aye lad! Now follow me inside!" Ukrouc said, patting Gar's shoulder and walking back to the massive vehicle.

"Hey, Blaze, let's go!" Gar called the girl and named her 'Blaze'. 

"B-Blaze?" She asked, confused by the name she was given.

"Yeah, because of how powerful the Blue flame is inside of you" Gar said, smiling. Blaze ran up to him and wrapped her arms around Gar's as they walk to the massive vehicle.

The raiders brought down a massive ramp in front of the vehicle. How big? Almost the entire front.Raiders awaited at the ramp, their weapons down. Gar followed Ukrouc inside. The raiders glared and scowled at him, they probably knew that he killed some of them.

As he walk the stinky garage, he'd notice a few vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, gliders? There were gliders? He was surprised, what use are gliders to these guys? He didn't bother to ask, knowig that these guys didn't trust him. 

They walked around a few more, noticing a lot of rooms and a lot of raiders. Gar turned his head around and saw that they're actually following them. The raiders looked like a combination of dwarves and humans. Gar looked at their weapons, a bunch of rusty pistols and rifles and swords. Gar then turned back to see more raiders glaring at him. Once they've past them, they walked behind them. 


They followed Ukrouc to a rusty metal door. He opened it and the loud chatter of the raiders then followed. From what Gar could tell, it was the bar of the vehicle. The loud chatter, the beer, the drunk men, it felt like the bar these raiders would go to. There was a pedestal there and Ukrouc stood up there. He coughed, grabbing the raiders' attention.

"Aight, so we've found the son of Adalbert Nakgrig!" Ukrouc yelled. The cheers from the raiders soon followed. Gar was confuse though, isn't the Blue flame enough to prove to them that he's a Nakgrig. "And he's right here!" Ukrouc yelled, grabbing Gar's hand and pulling him so that both of them are standing on the pedestal. The raiders began to cheer and praise him. Gar then gestures his hand to Ukcrous, he wanted to give a speech. Ukrouc then slienced the crowd and they listened to his speech.

"I'm thrilled with the crowd but why did it take for Ukrouc to convince you guys that I'm a Nakgrig?" Gar asked, seeing sad faces afterwards. He turned around to see Ukrouc's reaction and he was the same as the rest of the raiders.

"My boy, the Blue flame is taboo in the world! It has become a radge weapon coz ay Baal. He possesses tae Blue flame and has pass it on to murderers. All for tae cause of purgin' this world of evil" Ukrouc replied. Gar gasped, what else did Dawn not tell him"But, now that yer 'ere, we can kill tae basterd and save the world!". Gar saw in Ukrouc's eyes that he's putting all his faith in him, he can't back down now. 

He smiled and turn to face the raiders. It felt different now, he thought these people would hate him but they're actually waiting for him.

"Alright! I may be the son of Adalbert and I may have the Blue flame, but that doesn't mean I can beat Baal alone! I need helpd in fighting this, in returning the world back to it's original state! I need your help to rekindle the fire that Baal froze! Baal said that he's killing us for the sake of purging the world but do you really believe that?!" Gar asked


"NO!" the crowd yelled.


"So what do we do?" he asked.


"Kill that son of a bitch!" the crowl yelled again. 


"That's right!" Gar yelled. The crowd then yelled inaudible screaming afterwards. Gar, Blaze, and Ukrouc smiled, there may actually hope in doing this.

"We only want her" he said in a stern voice. 

"Like hell ye with give 'er!" Ukrouc yelled, charging to him with his Purple flame. It then took the form of a warhammer as it slammed 


So, while they traveled to the Crulan kingdom which would take three months, Ukrous, Gar, and Blaze all were at the rooftop; fighting each other. 


Ukrouc was more agressive and powerful than the two. He was more experienced and so he has more control of his flame. Gar noticed that Ukrouc's Purple flame can take the forms of hard-like weapons. Just then, it took the form of a warhammer, sending Gar flying to the ground. 

Blaze then attacked, throwing fireballs at Ukrouc. She would then have the blue flame envelope her fists and punch Ukrouc. He looked disappointed though, shaking his head and sighing as he dodged Blaze's attacks. 

"Yer only usin' tae basic element of a flame" Ukrouc said, disappointed. Gar sat up and looked at him. 

"Only the basics? What do you mean?" he asked, calling for a halt in fighting. Gar then stood up and brushed the dirt.

"What I mean is tat ye dornt use tae full power of tae Blue flame" Ukrouc replied. Gar still looked confused. "Aight, so tis is what I mean" Ukrouc said, showing him his Purple flame and how it envelopes his fist. 

"Tis is the most basic way te use tae flame" he lectured, Gar nodding as it turned into a sword. "Tis is how ye use tae full  potential. Ye make it transform into a weapon" he continued. Gar started opening and closing his hands, summoning his flame. "Imagine that yer weildin' a weapon" he lectured. 

Gar did what he was told and sure enough, his flame took the form of a sword. He smiled and charged at Gar. The two dueled in the rooftop. Blaze smiled as she tried to do the same thing. She was able to form a dagger. She readied herself to attack but then, a tall figure stood before her.

 He was blond and had blue armor. His face was clean, something unfamiliar to them. He suddenly grabbed Blaze. She let out a scream, alerting Gar, Ukrouc, and the other raiders. 


They began to surround him. The man wasn't intimidated, he smirked and summoned a bastard sword. His flame was like that of Blaze, a darker Blue flame. Gar, growled preparing to attack. Ukrouc then backed him off.

"Let us handle this, lad" he said, charging forward with his warhammer. The raiders then fied their rifles at him. The man wasn't even scathed. He glared and Ukrouc and faced him. As Ukrouc jumped, he raised his sword. He blocked Ukrouc's attack without even flinching. 

Gar then scowled at him before summoning two pistols in his hands. Pistols felt more comfortable for him. He ran towards the man while firing his pistols. Distracted by Ukrouc, the bullets hit his armor and instantly melted his armor. He fell to his knees as Gar neared him. Suddenly, 5 more of these armored men appeared. They formed a Blue flame barrier that surrounded the inured one. 

"Blaze!" Gar yelled, summoning a scythe to cut it the barrier. The barrier didn't break, and the blue armored men left, taking Blaze with them.

Gar fell down on his knees and and punched the ground. Ukrouc approached him with a sad look on his face. "Lad, we have three months to go and we need you to train. That's yer sister so she'll probably be okay" Ukrouc said. Gar knew that he needed to go after them, and their probably the ones that Ukrouc told him. The ones with the Blue flame that Baal gave. But could it also mean that Blaze is one of them? He didn't want to think like that and so he sighed and stood up. 


"Let's get training then"


Three months later.


They've arrived at the Crulan Kingdom. It looked like the oasis Gar went to. It was grassy but it wasn't full of life, the buildings were ruined. "We're here" Gar said, he was standing at the very edge of the vehicle. He looked at the castle, it was built on the side of a mountain. It was ruined as well

"Guardin' that place are the other six weilders of tae Blue flame" Ukrouc said, looking at the ruined kingdom as well. "Tis is it lad! Tae core is hidden underneath the castle" Ukrouc explained. "Baal doesn't have an army, only those six, so you'll only need me to accompany ye" Ukrouc continued. Gar smiled and nodded. He jumped down from the edged and summoned a pair of blue wings. 

Ukrouc laughs as he jumped off the edge as well. He didn't spawn any wings. Rather, he was carried by Gar as they enter the castle. The first of the 6 weilders was in front of them. The battle took place at the royal hallway. Pillars and windows were littered everywhere. Some were ruined, some still standing. 

Ukrouc and Gar scowled at the red haired woman. She summoned a blue staff and twisted it around. She then charged forward. Gar smirked and Blocked her incoming attack with a scimitar. Ukrouc then summoned a sword and pierced it through the woman's chest, killing her. 

"Three months of training paid off huh" Gar said, Ukrouc slowly nodded. They then walked more. Gar was far better now, he got a better grasped at the Blue flame so beating the remaining 5 was easy. They've arrived at the throne room and Blaze stood there. 

The throne was massive, too massive. Like it's hiding something. Gar and Ukrouc walked up to Blaze and gave her a hug. But Ukrouc was a little skeptical though, why is she out here in the open? He looked around until the throne suddenly shook and turned sideways. It opened a passage for them to enter.

They all looked at each other and nodded. They then entered the passage. There, they saw a massive red core frozen in ice. They looked around and found that Baal was nowhere to be seen. 

"Where is he?" Gar asked, looking around. 

"Right here" Blaze suddenly said. Blasting ice to Gar's back. Gar fell and Ukrouc charged at Baal to attack. She laughed as she blasted ice on him as well.

"Did you really think there's a chance that you'll still have a familiy member left? No! Because I killed them all!" she exclaimed, transofrming into a man. He was a white haired, pale man with blue eyes. "I spared your life because I need you. You'll be the reason the world will end" he continued, slowly angering Gar.

Gar stood up and summoned a sword and swung to Baal. Baal smiled and summoned an ice sword. He wasn't surprised that the sword melted, he was expecting it.  Baal then toyed with Gar. He walked backwards to the core, summoning ice swords to block Gar's relentless attacks. Gar swung his sword one moretime and Baal, instead of summoning another sword, he dodged to the side and let Gar stab the core. 

The core let out a whine as steam came out. Baal then laughed, seeing Gar choked on the steam that came out. "This is what I want I meant by I need you!" he said. "The steam that will come out will kill the world's inhabitants and the rebuilding will commence" he continued.

"What... do you mean?" Gar asked.

"Rebuilding the world as I see fit. Once all the humans and other races die, new ones will grow from the land and they will slowly take over. And I... will rule over them!" Baal explained. Now Gar knew he needed to stop him. But how? His flame will only cause more pain. Maybe that's what Dawn meant by saving the world. She never said anything about killing Baal, she said to only melt it. He stood up and walked to the core, Baal not stopping him. 

"Dawn never said about stopping you nor did she say that I need to kill you. Only save the world!" Gar declared, melting the core. "It's my mission to melt this wcore and save the world, so I'll do what I must!" he yelled. The steam then came out and started leaving the room. After all the ice had melted and the core was restored to it's firey nature, Gar fell to the ground, dead. 


The other races soon followed, chking on the steam and lying dead on the floor until Baal was the only one left alive. But how is he still alive.

"I can't believe he killed himself all for the reason of 'saving the world'. It's dumb but hey! He helped me rebuild the world'' Baal said to himself as he laughed manically. Gar had completed his mission, or did he?


This is about 4,642 words. It's not my best but oh well. :)





© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.

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