Evil Angels and Golden Devils: The art of the Take

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There are two types of people in this world Evil angels and Golden Devils.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



Reality is born through the blood of those that die

If a man is weaker than you then do not allow you heart to waiver if your ambition destroy his life

The world cannot live on if humanity lives in the comfort of a happy lie

However we will devolve into destruction if cannot master the art

If there is something you wish to have take it without a second thought

There is not reason for you not to have what you want unless you are not willing to work

If a  anyone stand in the path of you and your wants deny them the right to get there first

If one man must die for others then that is all his life is worth

If you wish to live in the world then you are only worth that for which you are willing to work

And evil angel is that which will give a fish to eat but will not show you how to catch one first

While a Golden devil will deny you food but teach you how to feed yourself through hard work

An apathetic humanity is one that will watch one another die

While a sympathetic society will drown from all the tears falling from their eyes

And Empathetic reality is one in which we will never let one another die but we will kill ourselves because the pain of another is something we ourselves will internalize.

Objectivity is nothing but an analytical state, you deny your emotions for a clarified arguments sake

Subjectivity is a state where emotions rule.

Ruling by emotions alone is to be rule like a fool

The art of the take is simply stating that which you want you should have

Take what you want by any means, if you work for it then it is what you deserve


The most powerful belief that any man can have is that he is entitled to what he wants.

The most powerful action is taking what he wants.


 An Evil Angel will take what he wants by any means, he is a cup that will never be filled. Nothing will stop him and why should it because he is an angel. He will do no wrong he will not destroy you but he will take from you if it is something that he wants or something he needs. If you follow him he will love you and shower upon you his anything so long as he does not need it. Yet if you do not look to him he will look to you with loveless eyes. If you follow him then all that is yours is his, if you love him then you do as he says. If you love him then you must worship him and he will keep you forever. All things are his



A Golden Devil will destroy you, he will smile and love  you from what you can see and then obliterate any who oppose him. He is a fire that grows and cannot be doused until there is nothing on this Earth that he can burn. he will take and he will have what he wants an if you love him he will devour your will and your life with his own. He will not be stopped until he or another dies in the process of his existence. If you are in his way then you are in danger. Those around him those who follow him will love him and worship him and he will throw them away if they are of no use. Stay out of the path of the Golden Devil for he loves no one and looks to no one and feels for no one and he takes from anyone and destroys all for what he wants is all that matters. All things are tools for his survival and his growth.



There are two types of people in the world

Evil angels and Golden Devils

Which one are you?


To be continued......



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