Warrior's Tale

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The tale of a warrior that is about to die

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



“The leaves move slowly while I’m about to die. This peaceful I feel now; does not compare with anything I’ve felt before… So, this is how death feels like?”

The words of a great warrior who had fought on countless battles.

Since she knew that this might be her last time, she decided to focus on a big tree that was standing in front of her. That tree had its leaves painted in red because the fall had arrived a few weeks ago.

“Red... I don’t like that color too much a lot of blood has been spilled for a few. I've seen that color so many times.”

That was true. She had fought for too long, waiting patiently for the end of the war however, that never happened. Every time she won a war, another one was coming and she was asked to help in the frontline.

Ten years had passed since the first war started. Ten years since the first time she took a life for the sake of her country.

Remembering all those things made her to do an expressionless face.

Blood was coming from her mouth, her body started to hurt and trembled, the blood loss was starting to affect her, making her to hallucinate, nonetheless, she refused to succumb to the temptation of closing her eyes because she still wanted to remember a little more.

“Ahh” she took a deep breath and starting to talk to herself.

“I wonder what are the others doing? I hope they would have escaped successfully. I tried to distract them enough time.”

Since she knew that the battle she was fighting for would be lost, she decided to give her allies time enough to escape from the battlefield.

She alone faced an army capable of destroying a whole country however, even when I say she had fought alone, I was lying. There was someone with her all the time, until she took her last breath. Her best friend, her inseparable weapon -light saber-. That sword was blessed by a God in order for her to have a divine power that would not have matched by anyone nor anything.

With that said, she bravely fought against her foes, dealing considerable damage until she couldn’t take it anymore, her body was screaming to stop because of the pain was unbearable, her movements were starting to slow down and her sight was fading away, but even so, she kept fighting until an arrow broke through her chest, making her to wobble. In that moment an enemy soldier slipped his sword through her stomach causing her a death wound. She managed to dodge the second impact, but the damage was already done. Knowing that, she used light saber's power to create a powerful radiance that blinded everyone in the battlefield. She took that chance to escape; she knew that she had hold them back enough time.

While she was remembering all of that, thirty minutes had passed since she came to the big tree, where she lied down. She was looking at the sky while the taste of steel was flooding her mouth. More blood was coming out from the inside of her.

She grasped her stomach to check out her wound. A big cut was crossing the whole stomach; It was too deep to treat it and also her chest was bursting in pain as well. The arrow that broke through her contained a powerful venom that was eroding her meat.

“Damn, I wish I would have enjoyed my life a little longer,” she said

“I hope those bastards don’t find me here, at least I want to have a peaceful death.”

 Saying those words, she started to close her eyes, her sword was starting to lose its brightness as well because they were connected through their souls.

“Sorry my friend… I can’t last anymore. I think my time has arrived”

“Don’t worry my dear, we will wait for you in the afterlife, in the hall of heroes, where a hero like you must remain. You have fulfilled your duty, now you can rest forever.” Light Saber said.

“I, at least, want to know if my friends could escape safely"

“They did it” Saying that, the sword lost its brightness.

“I see,” she said.

With a smile in her face, she slowly closed her eyes and passed away.

The big tree where she held her last fight, was covered with corpses, a bloodshed had spread around her, her armor was covered by her blood and the smell was terrible. However, in her last moments she pictured herself as a beautiful maiden that was standing in the middle of a sunflowers field with a blue sky above her and a radiant sun spreading its brightness through her white dress.

This is the story of an unknown warrior who fought for an unknown country, and protected her friends until the very end. 

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