Seven Things At Once-Short Story

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A story I wrote 16 years ago, never got around to completing it..till now

Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



 On a mildly cold day in a the late fall nearing the end of November
Monty Purdue dresses after a shower in a low budget Chicago hotelHe laces up his boots combs his hair shakes his head as he shakes off another hang over, from the booze he drunk last night,then blows his nose. Stepping outside his hotel door a slight breeze brushes across his face.

  The temperature is in low 40s. He steps on to a corner looking at the newspaper stand putting his hand in his pocket fumbling for change pulls out about 43 cents. He picks out a quarter with a dime puts them in the newspaper stand pulls out a Chicago Sun times. He Walks over to a coffee shop that lye's kitty corner to where he was standing. Walks into the restaurant flipping threw the news paper,he comes to the want adds. He discards the rest of the newspaper as he looks threw the want ads.

  He sits at the counter in coffee shop waitress asks,"are you ready?Monty looks up,and says," I'll have a cup of coffee" Waitress "is that it?" Monty,Yes mam. He spots an ad for a grill man. He asks the waitress for a pen;she hands him a pen. He circles the add then folds up the paper puts it in his shirt pocket.

  Waitress asks, "are yo ready to order?"He replies,Yes! "The breakfast special" waitress" How do you want the eggs?" Monty order."sunny side up" She then puts up the order.

  The food comes out. Monty then scarfs up the eggs and hash browns then slurps up the rest of his coffee. She hand him the bill. Its $2.95 he pulls out a five leaves it on the counter.,Then gets up and walks out of coffee shop heads back to his hotel.

 He standing in the lobby with the want ads. He walks over to the public phone,fumbles in his pocket for 50 cents,puts 50 cents in phone. Then Dials number from the want ad,A voice the other end of the phone line answers,"The Grill"Monty replies, i have an ad here that says, you have an opening for a grill cook?"The man answers,"Yes!Do you have experience?" Monty,"I have 7 years work experience in the Restaurant industry."The man on the other line answers."Well then can you come in tomorrow will put you to work ." Monty, "OK"

  He strolls back to his little dive shit hole room in his hotel,where the rent is $7 a day. He survives there by panhandling shaking a cup,to pay the rent. A flop and a slop. The slop he gets down the street at a christian place in uptown Chicago where you have to sit for awhile they preach then they serve dinner afterwards. The grill job he been hired for over the phone is in Forest Park,where he grew up.

  The next morning at dawn Monty's alarm clock goes off its 6:30 he quickly jumps out of bed grabs a towel and a bar of soap. Opens  the hotel door walks to the shower center where all the tenets shower. Washes his face looks in the mirror pulls out a razor then begins shaving. Older nasty men Huber around the shower room all carrying bad smelling odors wearing stained clothes they only may change once a week. He then takes a quick shower,changes his clothes heads out the flop house door, towards the CTA. Gets on the L then heads downtown Transfers at the Washington station walks through the tunnel to the blue line gets on it heads to Harlem ave. in Forest Park. There he catches a bus to Harlem and North ave,Its now 7:45 he has 10 minutes to get to the job he's been offered.

 Finally he gets to the grill,the grill is throwback to the 1950s.He opens the door then all of a sudden the whole scene changes He looks outside he sees 1950 Chevy's ,Studebaker's,Buick's. Cadillac's & every make that was made in the 1950s.Everybody siting inside around the grill is wearing 50s style clothing. Kitty corner outside the grill is the sears department store.

  He shakes the hand of the boss. The Boss says "welcome! Your hired."Gives him a grill hat white uniform points to the bathroom. Monty goes in and changes into his uniform. He comes out, And begins to flip burgers taking orders from the customers and he's enjoying himself for the first time in awhile. But begins wondering how he's been transferred from the year 2001 to the 1950s.A loud voice then calls him. It says,"Monty,you've been transferred to the 5th dimension from the 3rd dimension. Monty,How So? Then he steps outside of the grill everything goes back to 2001.The boss is talking to him."Monty!  you can come back Tuesday" Jerome is my name. I'll train you." Monty,'OK"


  On a rainy November day in late November on the Tuesday he's suppose to show for his grill job. He peaks out of his hotel window,Viewing a Chicago alleyway from his flop house. Thinking i got 2 hours to make it to the other side of town. He takes a drink from a Jim Beam 1 pint bourbon bottle,to finish off the liquor he drank up last night. He makes a sound,"Ahhhhh! after he polishes it off. He then walks outside his room and hotel into a drizzling rain. Heads to the CTA L Walks up the stairs catches the train headed south to downtown. He thinks silently to himself. Boy the world goes round and round all these people on this train have lives that are dictated to them by there jobs they have to go too. Not one of these assholes would ever give a dime to help me on my way to the west side Then a passenger bangs him slightly, dressed in a suit. He says, "Excuse me!"He's holding a briefcase. Monty thinks,He must have files in there for some law firm down town. Man life in the year 2001 sucks..I'll be glad to get back to that grill where i go back into time to the 50s.He thinks deeply. How is that possible?

 He gets to the grill,walks in and just like that hes transported back to the 50s again. Monty looks at a customer,customer says,Give me a cheese burger with everything. Monty smiles,"yes sir" His shift ends. Monty starts to get sad. Because he knows when he walks out that door he'll be back in his dismal world of 2001.

  Its the next day he walks out of his hotel theirs not a cloud in the sky. he's late for his job. He walks over to a public phone fumbles for some change. Then pulls out a quarter calls his boss. His boss answers. Hello! "This is Jerome" "This is Monty I'm gonna be late today I over slept."  Jerome," Not good Monty!But I will fill in till you get here.Monty arrives an hour late his boss is standing outside.

  Monty steps into the grill again feels an awful release of tension As he's goes back into time again. Everything is booming the place is hoping with life its the 1950s again. Monty thinks to him self ,life is so much better here then my miserable bum existence outside this place.

  In the morning Monty awakes. Theirs sound of sirens outside his hotel. The police are outside his door it seems someone has passed away next door to him the paramedics are there putting a body on a stretcher. Monty,Glad I'm still here,this life is tragic. Can't wait to get to that grill again.

  He  opens his refrigerator door he spots seven up and some Scotch he was working on the night before. Pours a glass of scotchmixing in the seven up,swallows it down. walks out his door into the streets he's back on the L again. He spots a very nice looking woman holding a baby in her arms. He winks at her the lady smiles. He thinks,Glad I don't have a child there be know way for me to take care of it here in 2001.

  He climbs on to the train heading to the grill again. He arrives at the grill. Frankie a regular is standing at the door. Frankie,"the help last night ditched the boss last night. The place is a disaster area.'Theirs dirty dishes every where.'Monty! There was a fight here last night they busted out some windows." Monty,Well i got the keys,let me open the place and see. He opens steps in he goes back into time again Frankie comes in behind him, He changes to into 1950 style clothing. Monty,"Hey Frankie! do you see where were at. We were both  in the 21st century now its the 1950s.Frankie,"I don't know what your talking about."He points to the calendar that reads November 1951. "This is the year and month were in." Frankie,"Pour me a coffee Monty" Monty dressed in his white uniform gets the coffee& pours Frankie the coffee.

  Bob the Greek steps into the grill. Monty,How you doing today?Monty,I feel great but i don't understand how i got here. Bob,what are you talking about. Well its raining outside and just a minute ago it was blue sky's. Monty! Pour me a cup of hot water. Monty obliges, pours the hot water. The rain is falling down outside a 50s Lincoln Continental pulls into the drive way as Monty looks outside the widow grill Sam walks into the place,He sits at the counter with Bob and Frankie. Sam says,"Hey Monty! Maybe you should go to Vegas or Reno do some gambling."

  Monty, I'm not a gambling man. All of a sudden there 20 customers in the place. Monty is taking there orders. He's flipping the burgers breaking eggs for the omelets putting in the toast, making milk shakes,pouring the coffee, setting up the counter with knives and forks, putting the french fries in the fryer. He gets all the orders out they all eat up, leaving the dirty plates. Monty rings the register up on them they all fork over the money for there bills they all leave good tips walk out of the grill back into there 1950s automobiles pulling out of the grill.

  Monty looks at Frankie,How do you like that for service?Frankie",I love watching you get those orders out" Monty,I don't know how or why I'm So good at this. It seems so natural for me to do seven things at once.Just then Monty is standing there. He looks outside the grill window and sees there's an accident on Harlem involving a 1950 Chevy by the sears store. He puts down his hat &apron on the counter.

  Being curious and suddenly feeling drawn to go outside and investigate. He walks out of the grill. all his 1950s customers  are staring at him as he opens the door of the grill. It suddenly turns into 2001.He sees the accident. But the car has changed into a 1990s Impala Chevrolet.

  He looks at a Walgreen's that's directly across the street. He then crosses the street thinking about i need a drink. I'll get some bourbon. He walks into the store goes to the refrigerator pulls out a 16 Oz. bottle of coke. Then walks over to the register and asks,"Can i get a 1/2pint of Jim Beam?" the store worker looks behind him and pulls a 1/2 pint off the shelf rings him up. Register man asks,Did you get every thing you needed? Monty says, Yes! except the price! the worker smiles and chuckles.

  Monty then steps outside takes the coke pours half of it out and pours the 1/2 pint in the coke. He proceeds over to the accident site.there's police and paramedics there flashing there lights. He looks into the Impala  and sees its him. drops his coke bottle with his bourbon and faints. He comes to in a hospital bed,He looks up and see's himself lying in the hospital bed opposite of where he is.

  He jumps up in fear,theirs a man standing there dressed in a white suit with white shoes,wearing a red tie with long hair and a beard looking a lot like Jesus Christ. He speaks,"Monty are you all right? You fell and had an accident. Monty asks,'whose the guy on the other hospital bed?"The bearded man says,Its you! In a parallel universe. In that universe you lived a life of a drunk. But in this one your sober. Welcome back!

  Then suddenly seven men dressed in Brown suits with white shirts black shoes and purple ties appear & all chime in and sing. You had great fall but now you are safe- Up here in the clouds in the 10th heaven- in this universe you will fore ever remain. Monty asks," What will happen to that drunk?" the bearded man answers ,He will be taken from the earth in the milky way galaxy and dropped off on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. Monty asks,Will he be alright?the Seven men answer Yes!But he will  have to learn a new lesson.

  Monty,Whats that?The first heaven is good,the one called the milky way the second heaven is better, the Andromeda galaxy. But the 10th heaven is the best. Monty asks,Where am i now?The bearded man answers,the parallel universe called the 11th.

  Then the the man with the white suit says, "We missed you, while you were gone. Glad your back!"Monty then asks,Is God here?the white suit man answers, yes!  You've been talking to him all a long. What is unseen is seen what is seen is unseen. Now your eyes are open, And the doors of perception are cleansed you can see everything just as it is,Infinite!

 Monty raises his voice,Really! the man in the white suit then says,Rise up and walk! Monty then, Rises and walks.



© Copyright 2018 James P. Bourke. All rights reserved.

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