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A story of a little girl who writes in first person point of view about the day she was born and what happened that day that changed her life.

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



My name is Lila,

I Was just a baby when it happened.


Mom and dad were so happy,

They lost hope after a year of them trying to have a baby.

Mom was beginning to think she couldn't conceive.


When they found out I was coming

Into their lives.

I became their miracle baby.

I was important to them.


Everything was in place when

The day came.

Mom’s water broke so she rushed

To the hospital.


She was in labor for many hours.

She pushed, and almost gave up

In the process.


She needed him,

But Daddy wasn’t there.

He was running late,

And rushed to the hospital.


She pushed and held on to

The nurse's hand, until I

Cried out.


She was happy, and relieved.

She put out her hands, eager to hold me.

Mom Smiled over me, and began to cry.


The moment was cut short when

She realized her husband wasn’t there.

Mom asked where her husband was.

She called him, and It went to voicemail.




A policeman walked in with bad news.

Daddy died on his way to see me.

He couldn't wait to meet his baby girl.

He failed to notice the signs on the road and crashed.

12 years later

. . . .

June 8, 1972.

I dream of him sometimes.

It started off with quick glimpses of his face

Then it progressed to us talking.

I never thought anything of it until one day.


I drew a picture of him and decided to show my mom.

She was angry with me, assuming I went through her things.


My mom wouldn’t let me see pictures of my dad.

I thought maybe she was trying to protect me from further pain, because I never got to meet him.

I never knew why.


She couldn’t believe what she saw.

Mom explained that it looked exactly like my dad.


“You have a gift”, she whispered.

She stared at the drawing, and began to cry.


I did get to meet my dad.

He was in my dreams.




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