The Mind

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If you have 10 minutes too yourself, and are willing to read for the sole purpose of reading; I urge you to review my work. Be open, and allow the story to compel you in whichever manner you feel
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Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



The Mind


As I sat there in his office, feeling the glare of his chocolate eyes that never met mine, I realized something. It was in that moment that I saw him for who he truly was. Not simply what I perceived him to be, but because in that moment I saw myself. To look so far inward I knew, that there could be nothing left to see, and with nothing left to see one finds out there is everything to know.

 He sat back in his chair, behind the oak desk and repeated the questions in which he asked so many times before. Are you ready? Can you do this? Do you want to do this? The only three questions I had ever feared until now. I answered quickly, with a swift yes. He abruptly threw his hands on the table and I recognized the crease of a smile of which only few have seen. I took one last glance around the office, admiring the beauty of art I was honored to be in the presence of. Old relics that one may find in a museum, or still yet to be discovered, buried beneath the Earth’s hard crust. Yes, he exclaimed, it brings me joy to hear you speak those words. As he finished the sentence I finished my drink. He then spoke softly as the scenery began to change. And through the faintest whisper I heard the words “The mind is the basis of life. It is where our very thought process derives from and it is the sole part of the body that hasn’t limitations, only illusions.”


I didn’t see him for many nights after we spoke, but I knew if I kept my mouth closed he would hear my voice calling out to him. It took six days and on that night I lay in despair, unknowingly awaiting the future. Almost asleep I heard a roar of thunder followed by a light crackle of lightning. As thoughts of this world escaped my head, I drempt of another. I awoke nine hours later, yet not in the place where I fell asleep. I was in the back of a car, black exterior, leather seats, and heavily tinted windows to the point at which I couldn’t quite make out what was outside. The drive wasn’t long, but it felt like one second shy of eternity (just because I didn’t know precisely where I was going, just who I was seeing) but before I could look at my watch to see the time we had already arrived. A woman opened my door and as I stepped out, I notice there was yet another door to open. That which was right in front of me. I slowly yet eagerly walked to the door and before I had the opportunity, the door was opened. He welcomed me inside asking how my days have been. I responded by asking a question regarding the last time we spoke. I wanted to know why I was not able to see him sooner. So I spoke, “Why have you not come to see me”?  He replied as if giving fatherly advice, “My Son,  you are thinking when you are not thinking. Or when you are thinking and there is another thought process occurring in your mind at the same time. There are other thoughts inside of your head in addition to your conscience. When one focuses on a subject and another thought creeps into your mind, from an unknown place, almost inherently coming to the forefront. Uncontrollable thoughts that you believed you would never think. Unknowingly inside of your head waiting for the imperfect time to arrive. As if they are fixed thoughts and they are coming in addition to your controllable thought process. Fixed thoughts in time, and when you arrive in that moment of time, whether you want to or not, those thoughts you will think.”

“There may be an infinite amount of these thoughts.”

“How is this related to my question?” I asked impatiently.

“My Boy” he replied “It is in these thoughts that I am with you. You were never alone, you just had to be at your most willing for me to creep into your mind”.

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