RV/Alien Connection

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Some tourists have traveled much, much farther than others to see Roswell, or underground nuclear missile silos.

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



The first scary movie I remember seeing is Escape to Witch Mountain. This haunting film is the subliminal conduit by which the terrifying suspicion that “we are not alone” was first suggested to my wondering mind.

It was then and is now horrifying to me to consider that creatures disguised as humans with telepathic powers actually walk among us. The fear of witches is as debilitating as the fear that some people who appear to be witches are actually aliens from some far unknown distance out in space.

Watching those two creepy youths escaping to Witch Mountain to discover their true identities did something to my brain - a mind evolves in the macabre whilst watching that eerie plot revelation.

I always suspected that RVs are really UFOs. Many people find such recreational vehicles harmless and prosaic, merely a house on wheels, but when you take a moment to thoroughly consider the look, feel, function, and even the aura of an RV, the fact that they are a form of flying saucer becomes blatantly evident.

I know of at least two movies in which RVs are flown by aliens - Escape to Witch Mountain and Space Balls. There are a number of films which include direct links between aliens and RVs. Paul and Alien Abduction are a couple of examples of motion pictures overtly flaunting the fearsome reality of the eerily suspicious Alien/RV connection.

Escape to Witch Mountain addresses many blood-curdling facets of the occult. Telekinesis, augury of the celestial spheres, channeling spirits of the dead, secret societies, thaumaturgy, witchcraft, humans covertly observed at their unawares by entities not of this world - paranormal spookiness is replete within the film. I don’t see how anyone can view this terrorizing motion picture without coming away permanently altered psychologically and emotionally.

Witch Mountain, Stony Creek, Misty Valley - Escape to Witch Mountain is indeed a horror film to initiate a haunting awakening in the mind and soul of any reasonably observant viewer.

I can’t watch the movie now without having my good-luck pendant in hand. This nightmare film affected me so profoundly that I penned the occult novel Bloodstone and Broomcorn: Curse of the W.I.T.C.H. in order to analyze in comprehensive in-depth detail the flood of subliminal messages hidden in the insidious frames of the brainwashing diabolical plot of Escape to Witch Mountain.

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