Self Control

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Controlling your entire life by yourself is completely possible. No one said it would be easy, but I never knew it could be this hard...until I had no choice but to find out.

Submitted: November 07, 2017

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Submitted: November 07, 2017



Have you ever felt less than you are, or maybe someone you care about thinks you're less than you are, making you feel the same way about yourself? Well, whatever happened, believe it or not, you are the reason you feel this way. You choose to react to outer curcumstances. You control EVERYTHING in your life. The only things you can't control is death, weather, and other people unless they let you, and if you still choose to, you may need to take a step back and figure out what's missing inside of you, because someone who controls someone else has deeper problems than they may be willing to face. 

You can control where you go, who you are around, what you do, what you lose, what you recover, what you learn, what you ignore, and much more. In my opinion, controlling how you react to the world around you is the most important. You need to come to the realization that life does not happen to you. Things do not happen to you. Nothing can affect you if you choose not to let it, which I must admit, is easier said than done.. You are a tiny organism on this planet that is made up of trillions of organisms that are all just simply existing. We have a thing called the ego which may sometimes make our survival instincts greater, but it also makes us vulnerable and occasionally emotionally pathetic. 

Everything that you have said "happened" to you, you can trace back to some way you let it happen. If someone says you are less than you are, remember to tell yourself that they are wrong. You are whoever and whatever you want to be, but you can't dwell on the past or you'll never grow. The only opinion of you that matters is yours, because in the end you may be married and have a family...who knows, but you will be in your casket alone. Those of you that were born twins are fortunate enough that you didn't have to come into this world alone, but most of us did, and at one point or another, you will find yourself alone, and it's your responsibility to be okay with that. Human beings above the age of thirteen are able to sustain life without any other human being. You are lonely because you let yourself feel that way.

I feel a negative emotion at this present moment. I feel helpless, but I tell myself that I can always help myself, I just have to have enough courage to try. I feel lonely, but then I look around. I have a big, comfortable bed, warm blankets, a teddy bear to hold, a fluffy pillow, food in my stomach, a roof over my head, even a mini computer to play with. i have running water, a full refrigerator, paper, pencils, clothes, shoes.....what more can a person really need? Companionship may feel like a need but that's only because you have not yet learned how to fully be in love and comfortable with yourself. If you try to fill that void inside of you with someone else's heart, you may lose them, and you won't learn how to love yourself. Remember this, if anything.....You are the only you there is and will ever be. Cherish that. Cherish you. Be more appreciative of the little things you constantly take for granted and watch it change how you feel and what you think you might be missing.

When it comes to life's outer circumstances, you get what you give. If you think its going to be a bad day, you will notice every little bad thing. Wake up knowing it will be a good day, and yes little bad things may happen that you notice, but you have a much better chance of seeing all the good going on around you. There is a bright side to everything. Just charge right at life with hope, caution, and a positive outlook, and how life turns around. You are in complete control. Think about it.

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