The Book of Noell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Me Studio B

"I keep secrets"

Deception is how you play

There is no wrong only right

Running is the way you'll live from now on

But never stop unless you'll be the first one down


When people ask you answer

Never get too personal

Its money for work

It dosen't matter what kind

You are not special to them

You are wrong in their eyes

Remember each word like it's your life

Cause it might as well be


Forgiveness isn't a skill that you need

Its an optional choice that will probably get you killed

If the dead don't speak then you don't either

There's a saying it goes,

Those dying will remain dying unless someone sets them free

So don't


You're here to survive not make friends


Are meant to end as it says in the name

Your an adult right now so behave like one

In the adult world you do what you have to do to survive; even if others meet their end

If a knife gets in your hand use it to stab the person who gave it to you, even if it's your own mother

The weak will not be spared

The same goes for traitors, you die by the hand of vengence


Secrets are meant to be kept unless they'll keep you

Today if you die, you die without making a sound

Never forget you promised;

you gave your life, and it will remain that way forever


Submitted: November 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 NewNovember. All rights reserved.

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