Heard Nothing, Found Nothing

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Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



Have you heard deafening sound of silence? Like a super sonic screaming directed in your ears. Dribbled by the wind, bouncing back and forth the walls To just end up being a massive catastrophic whirlwind that'd rip your head apart.

I am a paranoid psychopath. Who likes to torture myself through my mind. Everytime that you're not here with me drives me insane Each and every second of every day.

Maths are my best and so I see We're hyperbolas that faces opposite ways and never had the chance to meet; or We're two parallel lines pursuing that too steep straight path ahead I never had the chance to swerve Never had the chance to notice The one that's always been beside me through that journey.

People are people And people live in ways too mysterious and unpredictable Perhaps, we're two intersecting lines after all Who'll meet somewhere at one point Then go farther and farther from each other afterwards.

Nothing. Nothing is a willing comrade. Ready to stay. Ready to attack. Beware self. Beware. Beware in finding him as much as finding yourself. Don't lose me, don't lose him. Don't lose the world for something that is yet.

I don't know what to think anymore I don't want this feeling, please no more! I know this is just me and my anxietic monologue Trying to talk down the impossible.

Let the wind carry you to me. Please, let it be. But then, these two are yet to meet Which made me think; Have you heard that deafening silence? It means something And that something is nothing.

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