To the Underworld by Love

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Love is eternal. Love is unconditional but it demands something in return. It's confusing. But in the end, Love conquers all... certain of death.

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



Once upon a time, there's a Goddess that is expected to guard over the mortal world. She's just one of the many Gods and Goddesses that belongs to the council. But unlike any other Immortal in the council, she's undeniably unhappy of her current position in this world. She's jealous of the happiness and enjoyment the mortal human beings in the land below has the luxury to feel. And more than anything else, She envies the love that every human being are capable of. She felt powerless over these people's show of affection toward another of their kind. And so, she chose to watch over the boring stretch of seas and oceans instead. Watching out for the brave sailors and warding off or calling on vicious creatures or storms on these waters. There, She felt powerfull.

On a silent and extraordinarily calm afternoon when the Goddess is extremely bored out of her wits like any other time that she is, she absentmindedly started to flick her fingers to and fro forgetting about what her powers and abilities can do.

Looking down at the waters below that she is committed to watch over at the same time she had flicked her delicate fingers she saw a lone raft in the middle of the sea. The once calm sea now has become a mess of folded waters ready to destroy everything that will ever come to its way.

Thinking that it has been too late, she did nothing but watch. She can never undo now what has happened to the man. She cant help but be stunned by what she did. She never wanted what had happened and she takes full responsibility. The Goddess intended to retrieve the body and atleast put them ashore for the people to find him. But as she approaches the man she was astounded. She saw and admired, for the first time, a man. She's captivated by the perfectly carved edges of his jawline. She was mesmerized by how his long eyelashes flutters and dance in the water.

She adored the strongly built body of the mortal. She has never seen anyone like him. And at that exact moment, she knew. She has fallen in love with a mortal. She retrieved his body the gentlest she could. She carried him up to be faced to the council.

She begged and kneeled in front of them all for his life. Until one of the Gods that are present in the council pitied her and agreed to give her man another chance to live. He agreed to let her chase him in the depths and shadows of the underworld but if and only if she would agree to bargain her immortality. "A life for a life" that's how nature works.

She had envied the humans of the short but meaningful life they are able to live and that she has been given the chance, she won't turn down the offer, not mentioning the life she would be able to live with a love to hold on to.

Without a moment's hesitation, without a doubt, she agreed. However, she knows that retrieving a lost soul in the underworld is never easy. But, as much as she knows this, she is also certain that a love this strong can conquer even the greatest of all demons. And so she ran the darkness of the alleys of the world deep within. She had faced and destroyed everything that comes in her way. She knows she have to make it fast enough for her to reach him before he reach the doors of death himself. At that thought, everything seemed to stop for her. There she saw the man she's been looking for. Wearing the same clothes she saw him on her first and last glance on him.

Hollow eyes, mouth agaped and his skin drained with color there he stood blankly reaching the doors of death looming before him. As he took a step closer to reach the knob, the Goddess imprisoned him already in her tight embrace. Turned him around and planted a kiss full of love on his lips. She held him tighter and she just know she won't let him go. Her love was so strong that even death did not bother to disturb their affection. That the God who gave her the chance to retrieve him never regretted his decision. This startled the man from his trance and felt the lips of a woman on his. He doesn't know who this gorgeous lady is but sure knows her love is real, almost tangible. He's dead. That much he knew. And the love of this woman brought him back. With that, right then and there, he contemplated. How many woman would go through such lengths just to save him from certain death? He now owes her his life and somehow, that's more than everything to him. What thinking more does he need? And so, he let go of any walls holding him back. He let his feelings flow and astonished to discover the love he thought would never come to his life. He knows how to love and someone loves him back. He was overjoyed.

The love they share seemed to lighten up the whole darkness of the underworld that those monsters that attacked the Goddess before was warded off by their glow. And right there she knew (and he knew), she had fallen in love (he had fallen in love), she acquired a normal mortal life (he'll get to continue his normal life) , she'll get to feel hunger and fear (with a woman by his side), she'll be vulnerable and soon she'll die (as long as he lives.). The Goddess knows she'll never be able to see the entire world from up above again, but she's happy.

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