Philosophy of Innocence

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Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



I was vegan for a year after what i saw from farms and the truth about it all.. but i stopped when i had an eating disorder and couldnt control my eating habbits when i would binge..... but thats not what this is about this is about trying to understand right from wrong in this world.....

When i stopped being vegan i started thinking about things more... why is it wrong? the animals suffer yes... but what is right and wrong..
If we are all animals and we are all capable according to science of being sentient beings then that means indeed killing animals is murder.... so is it wrong...
The animal kingdom is full of death the cycle of life depends on death... so does that mean killing is okay? and if killing is okay is killing humans okay? what is right and wrong?
We were all brought up on certain knowledge and beliefs..... but that is all it is.... belief..... no one knows truly what is right or wrong... in fact, is there a right and wrong? maybe to christians? is there a heaven and hell?

I still have a place in my heart for innocents... if i see a cat kill a mouse i will recognise this is part of life but still i will feel sad for the innocent valnerable creature....
Most of my friends have treated animals badly before.... drowning them in the past for no reason.... hunting for fun..... yet they are still my friends, my loved ones......
So i ask again, what is right and wrong....
When i hear of children being killed or animals being killed my heart aches.... innocent valnerable and in the hands of other creatures.....
we know we cant change human nature... because it is human nature....
So what is right and wrong.......

Indeed all of our belief in politics and otherwise is subjective.....
The inner workings of life is so subjective..... all animal nature is absurd.... we are ridiculous and complicated creatures...... maybe our belief made from comfort and stability, makes life worth arguing about.....

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