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After finding love again, Katie Markis brings him home to meet her family in a time of need. After spending so much time searching for her family's approval she finally finds it in the blossoming
relationship with James.

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



Feeling the warm Minnesota August evening air on her face Katie sits on the porch swing of her mother’s farm house sipping on a glass of wine. It was so peaceful and beautiful out here that she didn’t want to leave but as summer was coming to an end, so was her visit. The nearly two weeks on the farm visiting her mother and grandparents had been just what she needed to recharge her spirit but was bitter sweet in knowing real life would soon restart. Her Grandpa wasn’t in the best of health and her mom had been struggling to keep the farm up while he was in and out of the hospital but with the added company of her boyfriend James, his twins, and their good friends Brooke and Josh, they were able to focus on the neglected areas of the farm getting things fixed up and ready for winter. The kids all loved being able to care for the animals, collecting eggs, getting milk from the cows, feeding the horses and most of all, the riding lessons Katie and her mom were giving them. Margaret, James’ fiery red-haired daughter, was a natural with the horses.


Walking up behind her, James lays his hands tenderly on her shoulders with a gentle squeeze.


Laying her hand on his she sighs, “Isn’t it beautiful out here?”


Leaning over her, he tenderly kisses her neck answering, “Yes, it is.” Sitting down next to her, he drapes his arm around her. “Thank you for inviting me,” he whispers.


Looking into his piercing blue eyes glistening in what was left of the sunset, she smiles, “I’m glad I got to show you how I grew up.”


Laying his cheek against her beep auburn hair he exhales deeply, “Are you ready to go home?”


“Not in the slightest,” she whispers as she nestles closer into him.


“Why don’t we stay?”


Feeling his heart pounding in her ear she asks, “What do you mean?”


“I mean, why don’t we move here?”


Picking her head up to focus on his face, Katie asks, “You would do that?”


Smiling while he continues to watch the sun disappear behind the trees on the horizon he answers, “Absolutely.”


Laying her head back down on his chest she whispers, “We have to go back, our lives are there.”


“I know…”


Sitting up quickly, Katie smiles big. “I almost forgot!”


Confused, he follows as she grabs his hand leading him into the darkness towards the sound of frogs and crickets singing their songs of summertime.


Stopping abruptly on the back of the small running stream where they had brought the kids to swim throughout their stay she looks up at the starry sky, eyes wide in awe like a child’s. “Just look at them all!”


Staring at how her long, wavy Auburn hair glistens in the moonlight he was falling even more in love with her. “Stunning.”


Looking at him with an innocent, childish glee she smiles, “I used to be able to lay out here all night and watch them.”


Unable to take his eyes off her star kissed skin he caresses her cheeks pulling himself closer with a tender kiss.


Feeling her entire body shake she grips his tan arms tighter as she pulls into his embrace.


Gently easing her to the ground, James starts to kiss her passionately.


It had been so long since she had been with a man. She quickly starts to undo his belt.


Slowly running his hand up her body, his fingers brush her skin sending chills through every inch of her.


Undoing the button on her pants, Katie starts to undo James buttons next as he pulls his shirt off quickly, continuing to kiss her passionately.


Suddenly he stops, his eyes staring deep into hers, his body still pressing into hers trembling.


“Don’t stop,” she gasps.


Stretching his neck back he groans as he pushes himself off to the side. Sitting there he starts, “We shouldn’t…”


“What?” she interrupts still out of breath.


“We should wait.”


Tossing her hands over her face in humiliation Katie realizes just how silly she must look laying there. “This isn’t happening,” she moans.


Laying down next to her, he props his head up on his hand. “Marry me?” he says with a breathtaking smile.


Pulling her hands from her face, she looks at him in shock, “What?”


Sifting through his pants pocket he pulls out a stunning emerald ring. Staring at it with a childish grin, he repeats, “Marry me.”


Her mind blank, she chokes out, “When?”


“Now, here,” he smiles brighter.


Laughing she says, “It doesn’t work that way.”


“We can get a judge to do it before we go home.”


Sitting up Katie shakes her head violently tossing her Auburn curls side to side, “You’re crazy.”


Sitting next to her, he tenderly kisses her exposed tan shoulder running his hand up her back. “I’m serious. With your family and our closest friends, it’s perfect.”


“You’re serious?”


“Dead serious, I don’t want to wait any longer.”


Shaking her head, she laughs, “It takes a minimum of a year to plan these things.”


“Not if it’s just a small, family, wedding.”


“I don’t know.”


“We can get married right here on the farm with your family here, the kids, Brooke and Josh are already here, it’s perfect.”


“What about your family?”


Laughing, he answers, “They knew it was a possibility that I’d suggest this.”


“You planned this?” she gasps.


Nodding, he admits, “Well, sorta but not really.”


“You’re sure?”


Smiling, he gets on one knee presenting the ring to her. “I know this was way off from the normal, but, honestly, what about our life is normal anyway? Katie Markis, will you be the most awesomest wife in the world to me and grow old with me,” he laughs.


“Yes,” she grins kissing him on the lips.




Rolling her eyes at him, she laughs, “Yes.”


Sliding the ring on her finger, he laughs, “Now what?”


Slapping him playfully, she scolds, “You’re going to get everything planned and coordinated.”


“What if I told you I already talked with your family, Brooke and Josh?” he says with a sly smile.


“What? When?”


“Well, I had planned to ask you on the porch but you went and drug me out here so I had to improvise,” he says holding his arms up in defeat.


“So, you were serious about waiting?”


Leaning in closer, he gently lays her down on the river bank holding her in his arms. “Unfortunately, yes.” Tracing the moonlight on her skin he smiles, “But we can still lie here in each other’s arms.”




The next morning Katie stumbles down the squeaky narrow farmhouse stairs from her childhood bedroom tired from the night before to the smell of breakfast cooking. Rounding the corner, she sees everyone sitting at the kitchen table, staring directly at her.


“What’s everyone doing?” she asks quickly tying to tame her unruly morning hair with her fingers.


“Celebrating,” Brooke squeals.


Cringing at the high pitch sound of the brunettes voice this early in the morning, Katie asks, “What for?”


James comes up behind her slowly, kissing her gently on the top of the head as he runs his fingers down her arm and holds up her left hand showing off the glimmering green stone perfectly accented by two diamonds to either side on the white gold band. “This,” he smiles.


Blushing, she grins ear to ear holding up the ring to see it in the daylight, “Oh yeah, this.”


“You best be running in to get a license this morning if you plan on getting married here,” her mom chimes in.


Clapping, Brooke says excitedly, “Yes, and dresses for all!”


“Except the men, we wear pants,” Josh pokes fun at his ditsy wife’s comment.


Grabbing a piece of Bacon from the plate, Katie grabs the coffee pot pouring the last of it into her cup. Today was a good day.


Sitting the kids down together in the living room, Katie feels anxious for what they are about to tell them. How would they react to the news that their little lives would be changing forever with a new father in their lives, new mother, siblings? Taking a deep breath, she looks at James with the apprehension eminent in her face. Were they really doing the right thing? She had only just broken off the engagement with Bryan a few months ago, and now she was telling them that she and James were not only getting married but that it would be tomorrow.


“We need to talk to you guys about something,” James winks with a big smile on his face.


As Bentley’s smile grows, the girls start to giggle and the twins look at each other with devilish grins. 


James points at the kids, queuing them for their part.


“Congratulations!” they yell out together.


Looking at James in shock, she asks, “They knew too?”


“I gave him permission,” Bentley says with a smile she hadn’t seen in quite some time.


Tears welling in her eyes, she leans in for a hug as they all pile into her. Her heart bursting at the seams, all her worries and doubts wash away.



Later that afternoon the farm is buzzing with people decorating and getting ready for the next day’s events. The license had been secured, a Pastor was coming out to officiate for them and the food preparation and decorating had begun. Everything was falling into place effortlessly.


That evening after getting the kids to sleep Katie puts the finishing touches on the decorations in the barn. With the August heat amplified inside the building, Katie’s in a tank top and shorts trying not to overheat as she puts the last of the decorations up. She had been going all day getting ready for this sudden decision. She was tired and sore but she was excited and looking forward to this new chapter in her life, their lives.


In the dim glow of the barn lighting she sees James leaning on the doorway, arms crossed, watching her intently.


“Whatcha doin’?” she laughs.


“I was just thinking about how I can’t wait for you to be my wife,” he says with a warm smile on his face as he walks over pulling her body close to his.


Laying her head on his chest, she says quietly, “And I can’t wait to be your wife.” Looking up into his eyes she sees the love and admiration he has for her, the same as the day they had first met. Running her finger down his shirt over his solid chest, she smiles.


Leaning in, he whispers, “You know what tonight is?”


Shaking her head, she answers, “No.”


“The eve of our wedding,” he huffs into her ear.


Feeling chills ignite through her body she stands on her tippy toes pressing into his kiss. Quietly she adds, “And we’re alone.”


Effortlessly, he lifts her at the waist placing her on the haybale behind them. Kissing her tenderly, he starts to tug on her shorts.


Stopping him, she looks deep into his eyes. “Are you sure?”


Nodding, James pulls his shirt off exposing his scared body.


Tracing his scars gently, Katie slowly follows them down to undo his belt.


Running his hands down her trim sides, he slides her shorts off slowly enjoying every minute of her agony.


The longing for a man at its absolute highest, Katie pulls him in, pulling him over her. She wasn’t going to let anything ruin this moment, the first precious moments between a husband and wife.



The next morning, Katie wakes up to music playing outside. She’d been up 'til 3:00 A.M. finishing up the final details for today. Looking out the window she sees the kids jumping on the trampoline and helping carry flowers from the garden for center pieces.


Quickly slipping on a t-shirt and shorts she hurries down stairs feeling like a kid at Christmas.


“Good morning, Gramps,” she smiles as she kisses the frail old man sitting in his rocking chair on the head.


With a caring smile, he gestures for her to sit next to him, “Come, sit.”


Humoring the old man, she plops into the chair next to him on the porch.


“I wasn’t in agreement with your marriage to Matt and I’m sorry that I let it get in the way all these years,” he confesses staring out at the kids enjoying the late August sun.


Looking at the man she had always known as strong and stoic with tears in his eyes, she starts, “That’s in the past now, Gramps…”


“I should have been there for you and your mom more,” He interrupts, “Maybe things would have been different.”


Seeing the regret in his eyes she comforts, “You’re here now, Gramps.” Continuing with a loving smile, she adds motioning to the kids playing, “Besides, I wouldn’t have this if things were different.”


“You are a Caulder through and through,” he laughs gently. With a sudden somber tone, he admits, “But I’m afraid I won’t be around much longer, kid.”


Looking at him confused, she repeats, “But you’re here now and that’s what matters.”


“How did you become so grown up?” he asks with his tired blue eyes shimmering with tears trying to escape.


Smiling, she lays her hand on his, “A wise old man used to tell me all about how tough life was when I would complain.”


“I did, didn’t I,” he laughs.


Nodding, she agrees, “You sure did.”


“I like this James,” he says smiling as he sees the tall, tan man walking to the barn carrying a hay bale in each hand with Delaney on his shoulders.


“I really love him, Gramps.”


“We just want to see you happy.”


“I am happier than I have ever been.”


Squeezing her hand tight he reminds with a reassuring smile, “You better go get ready for your big day.”


“I better do that,” she says as she pushes herself out of the rocker next to the old man.


“Auntie Katherine!” Sara squeals as she runs for the driveway.


Turning quickly her heart starts to beat faster. Seeing Katherine stepping out of the car that had just pulled in Katie stands there in shock. Waving to the woman she grins.


“Hey girlie,” Katherine says to Sara as she rustles her sandy brown curls walking towards Katie.


With a big hug Katie gushes, “What are you doing here?”


“Psh, I was in the neighborhood,” she jokes continuing, “I wouldn’t miss this day in a million years.”


With another squeeze she chokes out, “Thank you.”


After everything was just right, the girls all crowded in Katie’s childhood bedroom getting ready.


White sundresses for the girls with matching yellow bows pulling their hair back in half ponies to match the daisies in her bouquet, a white sundress for Katie’s something new with her wavy hair falling gently from the up ‘do she had pinned her hair into, her grandmothers pearls resting on her neck for her something borrowed, Turquoise earrings for her something blue and the Emerald ring James had given her fit the description magically of her something old having been his great grandmother’s ring.


Sitting up in the bedroom she hears a knock on the door. Getting up to open it she sees James on the other side. “What are you doing?” she whispers.


“I had to see you,” he grins.


Seeing James, Margaret yells, “No, it’s bad luck!” as she quickly pushes him out of the room and closes the door.


“What she said,” Katie laughs as she glances at the three little girls grinning at her.


“I will see you out there,” James chuckles as he heads down the stairs.


Giving her a big hug, Margaret says excitedly, “You look so pretty.”


Kneeling down Katie pulls all the little girls in tightly giving a kiss to each of them. Checking the clock, Katie asks the giggly little girls with her smile shining brightly, “Ready?”


Excitedly, the three little girls nod with giggles.


“Ok, let’s go,” she signals towards the door.


Katie trails behind the girls as they pile down the stairs to the kitchen.


Looking up at Katie, her mom tears up, gasping, “You look so beautiful.” She had dreamed of this day and had missed so much of her daughter’s life to this point she soaked in the precious moment.


“More beautifuler than the sunshine,” Delaney grins.


With a smile bigger than she had ever felt, she fights back the tears seeing her mom nearly crying, “I love you mom.” She was happily wrapped in a dream with those she loved most around her and she couldn’t be happier.


Holding out his hand quickly, Bentley says with a smile, “You look pretty.”


“You look so grown up,” Katie says as she grabs his hand with a warm smile. Her not so little anymore baby boy would be giving her away today.


Peeking in the front door, Katherine asks, “Everyone ready?”


“Ready,” Katie answers smiling at her dear friend.


With Bentley at her side they step through the front door onto the porch followed by the girls.


Katherine, Brooke and her mother walk into the barn to their respected first row seats next to James’ mother, Hattie, amongst their family and friends who had come out to celebrate the anticipated sudden wedding.


Walking into the barn, her eyes meet James’ where he is standing next to the Pastor with Max and Oliver at his side, waiting just for her in his jeans with a nicely pressed, white button up shirt. The boys all wearing matching khaki shorts and white Polo’s looking so handsome. As they make their way to James and the pastor, Katie can’t help but smile. She was about to make the biggest change in her life and she couldn’t be happier. At that moment in time, seeing him standing in front of her, everything else seemed to disappear. She knew she had found her true love, her happy ever after.


At James’ side, Bentley passes Katie to him before taking his spot next to Oliver and Max.


Taking Katie’s hands, he stares into her eyes tenderly. His eyes showing just how much he loves her, James mouths, “I love you.”


Feeling blessed with the new life they are about to start together, Katie mouths back with tears filling her eyes, “I love you too.”

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