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Haley and Derek have been dating for 6 years, but what happens to Haley when Derek breaks up with her in a very rude way?

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



One day there was a couple, and every night they both said “I love you"! Until one day the boy said “I LOVED you" The girl asked him “what do u mean?” The boy said “I don't love you anymore…” The girl argued “I don't understand!!” The boy yelled “I DON'T LOVE YOU!!!” The girl then said “But we've been together since we were 10!! We’re 16!!” The boy then said “WELL THAT SUCKS!! BTW, This is over!” The girl then put her phone down and started crying. He broke her heart that night and she will never forget! Later that night he went to her house to apologize and her parents were crying on the porch outside. “What’s wrong?” the boy asked. The parents then answered with anger “She died because of you!!” “WHAT!?!?” he yelled. “She hung and cut herself!” The girl left a note that read “Dear mom and dad, I’m sorry if this hurts you... Just know it’s not your fault. It was someone else’s. Let Jasmine come in and have whatever she wants. Derek is the one that made me want to do this. One night he texted me saying “I loved you” and it killed me on the inside and I had nothing to live for....goodbye..” “Oh..” the boy then said. At her funeral that day the boy showed up and was ready to give a speech of what he liked about her. He said “She was a sweet girl who was always happy I’m sorry I did this to be honest I was dared to break up with her, I wanted to tell her it was a dare but I couldn’t... I was told not to… I’m sorry…I didn’t know she would’ve taken it this far!” ”MY BABY GIRL DIED BECAUSE OF A DARE?!?!?!” Derek stood up and said to the mother of Haley “I wanted to tell her that is why I came over that night.. But when I came it was too late..”  After the funeral everyone went home and cried. A few days later, Jasmine met Haley’s parents to collect her stuff, Jasmine took her band merch, jewelry, computer, phone, iPod, and other stuff. A week later Derek moved on to another girl named, Casey. Casey always hated Haley and she was the one that dared Derek to say that to Haley. Casey knew Haley absolutely LOVED Derek, but she did too. SHE knew Haley would’ve taken it this far, yet she still told Derek to do the dare. She was at the point where she wanted Haley to die. She manipulated Derek into saying that, but Derek did not want to say that to Haley. Once Haley’s father heard Derek moved on so fast, he was on the hunt! He wanted Derek to die. The next day on the news, there was a news report that said “16 year old boy was found this morning, on the road with tire marks. We are uncertain what type of car it is. If there are any witnesses to this please confess.” Casey’s father’s house ended up having a security camera at his house, and he ended up telling the police. The next week, Haley’s dad was on the news, the news reporter says “Man put in jail from running over 16 year old boy, a week ago.” Haley’s mom was crying really hard, when she saw this. “That explains why he never came home.” Haley’s aunt said. She was there to comfort Haley’s mom because of all the drama. Casey was crying at her father’s house because of the death of Derek. Casey then said that “I want to move to Texas, because New York because it’s filled with drama and too many people.” “OK!!!” Casey’s father then said. The next month, Casey and her father moved to San Antonio, Texas from New York, they got everything, and left. They had to drive all the way across the country, to get to Texas. It took them 3 days, because they kept stopping, to shop, eat, go to the bathroom, and swim. Once they moved into their new house, they unpacked everything. Then they started to get in the car, when they heard a scream. They went to check what happened because they also saw police lights. When they went over there to where they saw the lights, the also saw caution tape. They asked what happened and the police said there was a murder. Casey and her father immediately decided to pack everything up AGAIN and move to Paris, Texas. Paris was a safe city and nothing really ever happened. One day Derek’s mom decided to welcome her new neighbors.. Little did she know she already knew them. That day she baked muffins, walked over there, and rang the doorbell to the huge house. Casey answered and was completely stunned when she saw who was standing at the door. “DAD!!!”, she yelled. “Yesssss?” he then said. “Your crush is here!!” Casey said to her father. “Oh My!! Hello? What are you doing here??” “Well, I thought I might come and meet the new neighbors, turns out I’ve already met them.” she says as she giggles. “Turns out your crush is crushing….” Casey says, ruining everything. “CASEY I DO NOT LIKE HER!!” he yelled. “Sorry dad. Sorry lady.” “Her name is..Wait I’m sorry I must’ve forgot your name. Tell me again?” Casey’s dad says, blushing. “It’s Rachel. Easy to forget..” She says as she giggles some more. “You should probably leave, Rachel!!” Casey told her, “Because I don’t like you!!”. “CASEY!! BE NICE!!” her father yelled at her. “It’s fine, I should go now.”Rachel said. “Ok! Nice seeing you again.” He then said. After she walked away, he closed the door, and screamed “CASEY!!!!”. “Yes?” she answered rolling her eyes. “How dare you actually say that. Yes it may be true but you don’t need to say it.” He paused..”Are you the reason for Haley’s death??” “Yes……” she then answered shyly. “Why did you do it?? I mean, well, I knew you always hated her, but that doesn’t mean that you need to kill her!!!!” “I’m sorry , but I really liked Derek and she stole him from me, then Derek died so there was not really much to stay in New York for, anymore…” “oh… I’m sorry, I should have known..” he replied softly. “It’s fine.” she then said. “WELL THEN!!! That’s all for now, you can go unpack everything.”He burst out. “Ok!” Casey replied. While up in her room she heard the front door shut, “dad, DAD?” she said, very curiously. She walked down the stairway and looked around, finally she went outside to see her dad talking to Rachel. Then as she started to walk back in, her father walked into Rachel’s house. He came back home, five minutes later, talking to Derek’s twin sister, Piper. Piper  and Casey had always gotten along well, until Piper and her mom moved to Texas to get away from Derek and his father. Once Piper looked at Casey, she ran up to her, giving her a big hug, almost crying with joy. “CASEY!!! OMG I’M SUPER EXCITED TO SEE YOU AGAIN IT’S BEEN SO LONG!!” “Five years.” Casey told her, hugging back. “I’ve missed you!!” Casey said to Piper. “I’ve missed you too!” Piper then replied. They walked into Casey’s room, once Piper saw the boxes she started unpacking Casey’s things. Casey started to help her, she put her mirror on the back of her door, put her entertainment center on the wall opposite of the windowed wall. She then put the TV in the entertainment center, put the books on the shelf, and put some clothes in the drawers. Piper took all of Casey’s makeup and put them in the bathroom. While Piper was putting all of Casey’s shirts and dresses in her closet, Casey was putting all of her hair accessories in her bathroom, sat down, and did her own hair and makeup. That night, while Casey and Piper were having a sleepover, Casey got a creepy text from an unknown number, it said “You look good with makeup on!” Casey replied saying “I think you have the wrong number..” The unknown number texted back saying “Nope! I’m talking to Casey Lorington”. Casey and Piper were shocked and scared. “Umm….Who is this??” Casey replied. “Your secret admirer.” Casey and Piper looked at each other and at the same time said “UMMMMMMM”. They were really freaked out. At this time her dad left her and Piper home alone, he went a neighborhood barbeque. She knew the safe code, so she went to the safe, put in the code, and grabbed a gun. Casey texted her dad saying “Going out to eat be back later.” Her dad replied saying “Ok!”. The two girls went out into the city, and were looking around, on one street they kept hearing footsteps behind them, they thought they were alone on the street, because there was no one around, when they turned around they saw a dark hooded figure. Casey grabbed the gun and pointed it to the figure. The figure pulled out his phone and started typing things, Casey got another text, it said “Please don’t shoot me. The only way I saw you with your makeup on is because you were in front of your window.. Btw I’m your neighbor!” When she looked up, he had taken his hood off and was smiling. He had dirty blonde hair, freckles, bright blue eyes, and dimples. She thought he was cute, she put the gun up and texted him back “Fine. I won’t. What’s your name?? You already know mine.” He looked up after reading the text. “My name is Brandon.” “Cool name!! Well anyway my dad is probably worried, I should get going.” Casey said to Brandon. “Well! Bye then.” Brandon said. Casey and Piper started to walk home, Brandon yelled at them “WAIT UP!!! Can I walk with you? I am your neighbor anyway.” “Sure!” Piper answered Brandon. Brandon thanked them. The whole way home they talked about relationships and how they were all single. When they reached Brandon’s house, he asked to talk to Casey in private. Piper moved away to give them privacy. Piper kept watch to make sure Brandon didn’t do anything to Casey. Brandon asked Casey out while they were alone, and of course she said yes! When they were done talking, Casey and Brandon went over to Piper and he said goodbye to them both. Casey and Piper went home and stayed in Casey’s room. Casey told Piper about what he told and asked her, once Piper heard she started giggling. ”What?” Casey asked. “There’s been a rumor that his dad went to prison, so don’t ask about his parents.” Piper answered. “Well then, I won’t.” Casey said back to Piper. Piper responded with an ok. They stayed up until 6:00 AM, until they fell asleep. After like, two hours of sleep, they woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. When they went downstairs to eat, Rachel was there, and her dad wasn’t. “Where’s my dad” Casey asked Rachel. “He had to go do something in the city, he’ll be back later.” Casey said ok, and sat down to eat, wondering what her dad was doing in the city. When her dad came back, it was dinner time. When he walked through the girls asked what he had been doing. He answered with “I was with some of my guy friends.” The girls answered at the same time with an “Ok!” They both giggled. They went back into Casey’s room and watched a movie. When it was time for Piper to go home, she packed her stuff and said her goodbyes. Piper gave Casey a hug and said “See ya later!” At Piper’s house, when she got home, she saw a note on the fridge from her mom that said “I will be gone for a while, and you must take care of the house. Sorry.” Piper tried texting her mom, and it did not go through. She tried calling, and it went straight to voicemail. She tried both again, and they did the same thing, not delivering and voicemail. She called Casey and told her “Hey my mom left, probably for a work trip. She always is gone for those, but she usually tells me, maybe this was a last minute, unplanned trip?” Casey replied saying “Oh that’s not good, maybe someone got sick last minute, and had to cancel.” “Maybe. I’m guessing that’s what happened. Because all she did was leave a note. Ok well, I’m going to go,” Piper answered. “Ok,” Casey responded. After Piper hung up, Casey and her dad left to go to a restaurant.

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