The Boy Of Honey

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this story talks about a young girl who has had enough of the town bully annoying everyone, so they hatch a plan!

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



there was once a girl called Anna, she loved her little village, except one thing.

There was a boy in her village called Vladimir, he was a big bully, he used to bully everyone, the old people, kids at school and even Anna.

No one had the courage to finally defeat Vladimir, but one day Anna and the town's people had had enough, so they hatched a plan: First, they needed a bunch of honey, then a lot of feathers, then snails and worms, and then heaps of water.

The beekeepers took a little amount of honey and donated it to Anna and the village's people, the town's people, instead of throwing away the chicken feathers, they put them in a huge container, the farmers, instead of killing the worms and snails, they put them in a huge vivarium full of dirt, for the worms, and vegetables for the snails, then a lot of the village's inhabitants went to the river to collect and store the water. They had everything they wanted.

The town's people knew that Vladimir, every day, went to the waterfall to clean himself, so with the help of a ladder, they all climbed on top of the defensive walls of the village.

As soon as Vladimir went out of the village to the waterfall, Anna dropped all the water buckets, then the honey, then the feathers and last but not least the worms and snails.

Vladimir was so surprised at this event that he went away crying, shouting threats and profanities that cannot be repeated, and was never found to this day, the legend says that a dragon ate him,  but as far as he was immature the dragon died, and when the skin rotted away, he died of hunger, imprisoned in the bones of the torso.

The End

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